Monday, August 01, 2011

The Resurrection of Corneliu Codreanu

Human life is a 'sinful' political war; we can transcend this state of affairs by our efforts, our work towards achieving a national renewal. Only the nation-state can give us life and meaning; alone, we are nothing. When we merge with international cartels, we become less than nothing. A culture and a people are intertwined...We can get there-a national renewal- by sacrificing ourselves, we commit acts which condemn us to hell, acts which are necessary for national salvation... thus thwarting the design of the centralizing globalists. Nationalistic patriotism is cleansing. Only by uniting can we win- truth is a great weapon, but without unity and organization, we will lose.

A cause of the rise of German nationalism after WW2 was a so-called myth- the legend of being "stabbed -in -the back." This is what the 1920's patriots pointed to- the new civilian government in Germany ( May-1918 on) deprived the nation of victory, they stabbed the army in the back. The fact that the Wiemar government was mostly run by Jews was the icing on the cake.

Behind almost every Bolshevik, every commissar, every "cosmopolitan liberal"- there lurked a Jew. The Jews have been persecuted for centuries- not because of blind prejudice or their seemingly innate tendency towards money swindling, but they have been persecuted mainly due to their propensity to corrupt. They act to corrupt the nations they inhabit- they do this through ideological assault. They create or embrace feminism, communism, extreme capitalism, and they are anti family (except for themselves). They pollute culture with crass materialism, porn, and denial of God. This is why they are persecuted.

The German army supposedly was never defeated on the field, but this isn't so (Second battle of Marne, other reversals). But it can be argued that these defeats were the result of the insufficiency of the new civilian government.

The real betrayal: Zionist Jews wanted a homeland in Palestine. Up to October 1916, many German Jews served their country with distinction. Then suddenly, there was a switch- a deal had been brokered- organized Jewry would support the allies, if, the allies would give them or let them buy tracts of land in Palestine. This deal came to be known as the Balfour Declaration. Most German Jews thus threw their weight behind the allied effort to defeat Germany, the Jews became traitors, they "stabbed Germany in the back."

The contradiction of the multicultural Left: They say everyone is the same, the traditionalists have no ground to stand upon, the thought of Derrida and Marcuse show that there is no absolute truth or any solid or rational "narratives" to cling to, but then they say that there is an absolute truth after all- their brand of "diversity"-Leftism. Their nihilism is selective and self serving.

Feminism and porn have caused a marked decline in the reproductive rate of whites. White women joined the work force in droves, and neglected to raise families at the same rate of other groups.
Porn has caused many men to neglect normal skirt chasing, their natural impulses have been blunted...Sexual liberation increased promiscuity overall, including adultery, and thus destabilized the marriage union, which in turn makes people more lonely, and alone.

Homosexuality is to be condemned, because by definition homosexuals are impotent next to the opposite gender- this eventually equals the death of the group, as there can be no natural union which leads to reproduction and the continuance of the group.

Modernity encourages the negative trend, since homosexuals are involved with a close replica of their own body/self, i.e., the same sex, and this is just narcissism.

The individuals quest for union implies being involved with the "other," which is considered to be a person who is not a means to an end but this person ought to possess intrinsic value in and of themselves. "

Our unitary primordial self once cleaved in half eons ago- this is why we seek the "other," our other half. In homosexual relations, the 'other' is absent, and there can be no normal union which produces offspring, progency which are necessary for the race to move forward towards its destiny. Artificial means exist to circumvent this state of affairs, but so far, these means remain 'artificial.'

Behind these trends, you find organized Jewry.

Antisemitism means a person is in favor of codified discrimination against Jews, that one feels ones own group is better than the Jews and the Jews need to be corralled. This is not my position-I distinguish between organized Jewry which is Talmudic in nature and ideologically oriented towards Zionism. The real leader of the Jews- the Rothschild family- could not care less about Jews, Jews are to be disposed of soon in a coming world war three. In this scenario, I support the Jews.

Only about 10% of Jews are conscious of the conspiracy- most of the rest are dupes of Lord Rothchild, the family that owns and controls most of the world. Death to the Rothchild banking crime syndicate!
( The main Rothchild agents -are- George Soros and Rupert Murdoch, the Rockefeller and Warburg families here in the USA, and the Israeli Likud party apparachiks. Occassionally these players may seem to hold opposing political views, but this is just apparent. Scratch the surface, and you find naked bankster globalism).

Antiemitism is a trick- the oligarchs want nothing more than to foster 'antisemitism.' Jews love it- it gives them an enemy to fight and lets them raise money. A blanket condemnation of Jews is a trap.

Jews financed Hitler- the idea was to ensnare Germany in a war on her eastern flank, then Britian would move in and take over the region, after Germany (and Russia) were exhausted. Britain instigated WW2. So the Jews finance their own destruction, the leading oligarchs simply do not care- the greates enemy of the Jews are the Jews at the top.

Death to Red Shield!


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