Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I have already shown you how to successfully treat cancer-use sodium bicarbonate, hemp oil, DCA, laetrile, cesium chloride, Essiac..... and a bunch of other herbs.

Now I will show you how to end the worlds dependency upon fossil fuels....(stay tuned).

Areas of concentration: Stirling cycle /solar hybrid systems.

Recent breakthroughs in solar technology- in production of components, miniaturization, storage, power output etc.

Electrolysis of water to break it into its two parts, to use hydrogen for fuel. There seems to be way to do this without expending uneconomical energy-

Magnet motors

bio fuels.

In the water fuel cell category, we have Andrija Purahrich, Karanev, Stanley Meyer, Browns gas......With magnetism, we have Howard Johnson's motor, the Putt energy conversion system, Troy Reed, and a few more...
So there will be tow main thrusts- electrolysis and magnetism.

The Purahrich system was devised around 1970 and later was possibly partly copied by Stan Meyer. This apparatus involved some sort of combination of low frequency alternating current and/or high voltage/ low amperage...Water is two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen...energy is needed to split the constituent parts in half= usual methods require more energy in than you get out- Purahrich and Meyers claim to be able to split water into useful hydrogen using less energy in than out, then you can use the hydrogen gas to power a car or whatnot. This is free energy, if true.


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