Saturday, January 14, 2012

" The Jewish interpretation of the world followed upon the Christian, just as the Christian one followed Roman and Greek culture. so now Jewish analysis, images, definitions of art, science, sociology, literature, politics, the information media, dominate. Marx and Freud are the pillars that mark the road from East to West. Neither are imaginable without Jewishness. Their systems are defined by it. The Axis USA-Israel guarantees the parameters. That is the way people think now, the way they feel, act and disseminate information. We live in the Jewish epoch of European cultural history. And we can only wait, at the pinnacle of our technological power, for our last judgment at the edge of the apocalypse. So that's the way it looks, for all of us, suffocating in unprecedented technological prosperity, without spirit, without meaning. Those who want to have good careers go along with Jews and leftists [and] the race of superior men [rasse der herrenmenschen] has been seduced, the land of poets and thinkers has become the fat booty of corruption, of business, of lazy comfort."

Famed German director Hans-Jurgen Syberberg


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