Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Here are some more pics- you can see my upstairs work station. What a mess. Note the old school VHS tapes...I love my fireplace...

I drew the dragon a few years ago....

The sunsets are shot from the west window or roof- the windows by the table are on the east side.
See the tic tac toe pattern in the sky? Aircraft regularly play childrens games in the sky over my house...or maybe something else is going on (chemtrails? particle seeding to block excess sunlight?)

Monday, March 30, 2009

The 19th Amendment must be repealed- or at least modified for nationwide elections.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Number of Olympic gold medals won by the US: 930, 78 for winter sports....

Number of Olympic gold medals won by Mexico: 12.

Number of Olympic gold medals won by Canada: 96

population of US : 305,000,000

population of Mexico: 110,000,000

population of Canada: 33,600,000
I dreamed I was back in south America....in the jungle, alone (?)....Suddenly, I saw two grizzly bears- they began to charge me...I ran..."What in the world are two grizzly bears doing in the middle of the Amazon jungle???This can't be..."Aaggghhhh!! I jumped in a river to escape....I tried to swim, but the current was too strong. Eventually, I washed up by a shoreline that was elevated, I could not climb up onto the bank, but I found some roots to cling to...I was wearing a thick winter coat..."What in the world am I doing with this big coat on? , Its over 100 degrees, I'm sweating to death.." I felt feverish, I think I had malaria.. I clung to those roots for dear life... I was soaking wet in an Eskimo suit, as grizzly bears 7,000 miles from their normal habitat started to lumber to toward me while I was trapped in the water by the bank ....aaaggghhhhh!!!!!

I woke with a start...I felt my forehead- it was hot.

Never mix red wine with National Geographic specials.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

'Overindulgence..' makes one temporarily 'forget'...We often pile one diversion on top of the other, in an attempt to forget ourselves. If we could STOP...and listen to the 'hunger'.. what internal silent screams would we hear?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cancer and its treatment

"The war on cancer is largely a fraud"
-Dr. Linus Pauling, two time winner of the Nobel prize

Cancer is a set of diseases that is the result of the runaway reproduction of cells - these cells live longer than normal cells, are poorly spaced out, and are usually abnormally shaped. As cell division goes out of control, masses, or tumors, form, which feed off of the host (to derive nourishment from the host, cancer often forms its own blood vessels, a process called angiogenesis). As tumors spread, or metastasize, to other organs via the lymph glands and the blood stream, the victim losses nutrition. Tumors eventually crowd out the bodies organs, impairing vital functions (brain cancer triggers seizures, pancreatic cancer chokes off the bile duct and causes jaundice, etc). Eventually the terminal case -patient dies.

Cancer used to be rare. Around 1900 in the US, only about 3% of the population ever died from cancer- today, approximately 30% of all deaths in the US are caused by cancer and its treatment. About 600,000 Americans succumb to this disease every year-the result of bad diets, increased poisons in our ecosystem and food chain, and changes in our life-expectancy.

Cancer seems to be triggered by a toxic overload or stress within the bodies system, which activates a genetic predisposition inside the nucleus of the cell (DNA), thus commanding cells to reproduce at an abnormally high rate.

Some signs of cancer: inexplicable pain, rapid weight loss, hoarseness, a discolored mole or wart, blood in the feces or urine, fever...

Food laden down with pesticides, industrial pollutants, and viruses, bacteria or other parasites... are thought to be the main initial triggers for cell disruption and immune suppression. ('Healthy' people occasionally produce cancerous cells, but an active immune system effectively eliminates these rogue cells and the individual ever gets sick).

Practitioners of medical orthodoxy (the biomedical, or allopathic model) generally use the "cut, burn, and poison" approach to fight cancer. The goal is to kill the cancerous cells, without harming too many of the healthy ones... these methods are generally very painful, expensive, and unsuccessful. Surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy usually can only help you in the early stage of cancer; once the disease spreads or invades other organs (stages3-4), ones chances for recovery dwindle. Orthodox treatments are debilitating; sometimes they are carcinogenic in them-self. The overall success rate for medical orthodoxy is only about 2-5% (some cancers do respond to bio-medical methods, especially if they are detected early-progress has been made against colon and testicular cancer, as well as some childhood leukemias). Immunotherapy is another orthodox treatment- chemicals are used to enhance the patients immune response against the disease. Occasionally drugs like Alpha-Interferon can beat cancer into submission.

A bone marrow transplant costs over $150,000; usually the patient dies anyway, after gaining a few extra months of agonizing "life."

The cancer industry cheats on how it defines success- their five year survival model is flawed- if a patient lives past the five year mark, they usually become part of the statistically healed-even if they die from cancer one day past the five year limit.

Chemotherapy began with experiments on mustard gas during World War One... after the 1940's, mustard gas was subsequently pushed as a core therapy (Memorial Sloan Kettering hospital in New York was the leading cancer research center during this time; Unfortunately, MSK hospital has interlocking directorates with the tobacco and the synthetic chemical/pharmaceutical cartels, connections which drives research along certain channels. Before chemo, X-rays and radium were popular and ineffectual MSK-pushed weapons against cancer (1930's).
Often, chemotherapy is what kills the patient, and not the disease.

At least one survey indicates that 75% of all physicians would never take chemo or radiation for any reason, because they know that these treatments are generally worthless and very painful.

"As a chemist trained to interpret data, it is incomprehensible to me that physicians can ignore clear evidence that chemotherapy does much, much more harm than good."
- Alan Nixon, PhD., past president of the American Chemical Society

After spending billions of dollars over a fifty year period, and achieving only a mere 2-5% cure rate, the orthodox cancer establishment-the American Medical Association, American Cancer Society, the FDA, et al,...has failed...necessitating the use of different treatment modalities.

Here, I would like to commend the allopathic model for its many overall successes-great achievements have occurred over the last century, alleviating much human injury and illness. Anesthesia, open heart surgery,block organ transplants..., minimally invasive surgery...the modern emergency room...diagnostic procedures such as blood typing, X-rays, CT scans, Magnetic Resonance Imagery (MRI)... the ongoing antibiotic and vaccine revolutions...Genetic studies and their applications, lasers, nanotech (mechanical engineering on the molecular scale) and robotics... hopefully will propel us into a new age of optimum health and longevity.

Why do otherwise normal cells turn cancerous and run amok?

Otto Warburg, a German scientist working in the 1920-30's, observed that a normal cell and a cancer cell differed according to their respiration. Cancer cells abhor oxygen, and crave glucose-they ferment. Normal cells metabolize through aerobic respiration.
Cancer cells eat glucose from the hosts protein stores, starving the patient (cachexia).
Warburg declared "Cancer has only one prime cause. It's the replacement of normal oxygen respiration of the bodies cells by anaerobic [ oxygen-deficient] cell respiration." Warburgs discovery earned him a Nobel prize. (Heart tumors are extremely rare-supportive evidence for Dr. Warburgs ideas, since hearts are oxygen abundant).

Our bodies internal environment seems to malfunction is some way, causing cells to abnormally reproduce- an unusually low blood pH seems to be a factor in most cancers. An acidic blood pH seems to cause the cells metabolism to shift to anaerobic-fermentation; allowing abnormal cell division to begin...
High pH cesium therapy is an interesting treatment which raises the pH of the patients blood to 8.0 or higher-very alkaline. This allows the pancreatic enzymes trypsin and chymotrypsin to become activated-these enzymes seem to have a role in 'eating' cancerous cells ( it is easier and cheaper to create a high pH level in the blood, than to inject or ingest pancreatic enzymes directly).
To raise ones pH to create the necessary anti-cancer internal environment, cesium chloride is combined with a strict hi alkaline nutritional regimen.
When tumors begin to break up, discarded cell waste debris can overload the liver-there have been reports of patients dying of organ failure, just as they were being healed of their cancer ( this is called 'toxemia').

A clinical study performed in 1981 at Life Science Universal Medical Clinic at Rockville, Maryland, overseen by Dr. H.E. Sartori, involved fifty patients who were considered to be hopeless cases about to die from their grave condition. Cesium chloride and a special diet were administered to these patients, and an amazing 50% recovered. All pain disappeared in all the patients three days after starting treatment. Autopsies performed on the patients who died revealed the presence of shrinking tumors-they succumbed because they were too far gone to recover under any circumstances. In cases where the original site of the tumor was a mystery (these victims rarely recover) half were still alive a year later (Howenstine). Cesium Chloride can cause swelling and inflammation as it kills off cancer cells...Ursolic acid (sage extract) can reduce this side effect. Only liquid ionic cesium chloride should be used, topically, and in conjunction with the solvent DMSO.

In 1902, a Dr. John Beard proposed that cancer had a special relationship to the bodies healing process.
Under the microscope, Beard noticed that cancer cells closely resemble the trophoblast cells that line the placenta during pregnancy. During a woman's pregnancy, hormones are released that signal the trophoblast cells to divide rapidly,eventually becoming the placenta. These fast dividing cells stop growing on the exact day the embryo's pancreas starts to function. Apparently,pancreatic enzymes control trophoblast cell growth.

Now lets examine what happens when someone becomes seriously injured-trophoblast cells form and trigger the formation of other hormones which stimulates the repair of the body...when you are healthy, this cascading hormonal process stops when healing begins. A benign tumor is evidence of this normal healing mechanism-but a malignant tumor is the result of the process needlessly continuing. Pancreatic enzymes seem to halt the run-away growth process...In this way, cancer can be seen as a false placenta/pregnancy, or a chronic metabolic or even a nutritional disorder (analogy- scurvy is caused by a lack of vitamin C, and cancer is caused by a lack of pancreatic enzymes, due to a out of control healing process that mimics pregnancy or early developmental growth). Ann Harbor,Michigan University studies seem to confirm this theory (Moss,Philips, Howenstine, Fonorow).

Others have turned Dr. Beards theories into therapies- Dr. William Donald Kelly had been giving porcine pancreatic enzymes, vitamins, herbs, and a strict diet, to his patients...these protocols were meant to create an ideal internal environment that might reduce any tendency by the patient toward developing abnormal cell divisions...Higher medical authorities sent a Dr. Nickolas Gonzalez to investigate Dr. Kelly, in an attempt to shut Kelly's operation down. But when Dr. Gonzalez saw the data and the recovering patients, he became a believer, and eventually joined forces with Dr. Kelly. Today, in Germany, it is almost routine for physicians to give their cancer patients pancreatic enzymes-good results have been achieved with this anti-tumor methodology (Null,Goldberg,Howenstine, Fonorow).

Ernst Krebs Jr. was already a famed researcher when he began to speculate in the 1940's that Laetrile might be able to arrest cancerous cell divisions (the 'Krebs cycle' in biology is named after Dr. Krebs).
Laetrile is a chemical derived from apricot pits or kernels (Laetrile is also called amygdalin, or vitamin B17). There are two poisons in laetrile-cyanide and benzaldehyde; the human bodies enzyme rhodanese neutralizes these two poisons in ordinary tissue, while the poisons attack the apparently unprotected cancer cells (Moss,Howenstine).
In the 1970's, Dr. Kanematsu Sugiura worked at Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital, where he was one of the worlds leading cancer specialists, or oncologists- while working at MSK, he saw evidence that laetrile worked, so he tried it on his own patients. The results were good, but Dr. Sugiura's use of laetrile drew the ire of MSK authorities- Attempting to deter Dr. Sugiura, they showed him studies which tried to show the ineffectiveness of laetrile- Dr. Sugiura knew these studies were flawed. (Laetrile therapy takes several weeks to work, and can lower blood pressure and thin the blood. As with any treatment, use caution and perform your own extensive research before using any anti-cancer method).

The medical establishment often cheats with statistics-when testing a rival, alternate substance, they will use only the sickest patients, who would not be able to recover no matter what. Sometimes the establishment will offer a clinical trial with an experimental substance to be used on a mouse leukemia first- but the new drug is already known to sometimes work on people, but never on mice. The FDA will insist on the test trial, and the drug flunks.
In trials, the correct dose is not used, or the drug is given the wrong time of day, or the diet of the test subject is questionable, or the drug use is abruptly halted, etc.

Eventually, an Assistant Director of the Department of Affairs at MSK- Doctor Ralph Moss- became convinced that laetrile was effective against cancer. He organized a news conference and blew the whistle on MSK and their cover-up of the efficacy of unorthodox cancer treatment modalities. Dr. Moss was fired the next day, but he went on to become a well known crusader against the toxic methods of the corporate medical cancer cartel, and a champion of many alternate cancer therapies (Philips, Moss)

In New York, Dr. Gold pioneered the use of a modified industrial chemical called Hydrazine Sulfate for the treatment of cancer. Hydrazine Sulfate seems to be able to interfere with the cancers ability to convert lactic acid into glucose in the liver. Since cancer derives energy through fermentation, sugar is its food. By blocking cancer glucose consumption,patients were able to gain weight, and live longer.
A team of visiting Soviet scienists came to America in the late 1970's, and examined Hydrazine Sulfate for themselves. They became convinced that the chemical worked, so today Hydrazine Sulfate is routinely used in Russia to treat cancer, and is credited with prolonging life. Unfortunately, the drug is not used in its country of origin. Our cancer cartel prevents a relatively inexpensive and effective palliative from reaching the public (Howenstine, Moss,Goldberg).

Nutritional approaches for the combat of cancer are legion- one adherent of a primarily nutritional approach to the disease was Dr. Max Gerson. He thought cancer fed off of certain components in our diet; his patients were put on a very strict therapeutic regimen, to starve tumors into submission. Most meat and sodium was forbidden; fresh organic fruit and vegetable drinks were administered twelve times a day...occasionally, enemas were given, as this was thought to allow the liver and bowels to function better. Dr. Gerson believed that these methods were the best way to stimulate the bodies natural healing process. His methods-begun in the 1940's- were mired in controversy and resisted by the orthodox medical establishment, probably because his results were at least as good as theirs.

In 1951,Dr. Johanna Budwig-a PhD. and eventual six-time nominee for the Nobel prize-discovered that the blood of victims of cancer was deficient in two ingredients that were normally present in abundance in a healthy persons blood-phosphatides and lipoproteins. The lack of these components coincided with the presence a sickly greenish yellow substance in the cell. in place of the usual healthy red oxygen carrying hemoglobin that belonged there.
Dr. Budwig found that if she added phosphatides and lipoproteins to her patients, they lost their anemia, gained weight, and most recovered. She also found a way to add these two critical blood ingredients by using two delicious healthy foods- organic flax seed oil and cottage cheese. These two foods need to be eaten together, since one enables the other to produce the needed dietetic chemicals. Thousands of people claim to have been saved by using Dr. Johanna Budwig's anti-cancer protocols.

The celebrated Dr. Linus Pauling claimed that massive doses of vitamin C could extend the lives of cancer victims. He thought that the growth of tumors could be slowed down by deactivating an enzyme that cancer cells emit- malignin. This enzyme enables cancer to 'eat' a patients healthy tissue.
Dr. Pauling believed that large doses of vitamin C could render malignin inert, thus giving the suffering patient more time or life.

Many natural substances are said to be effective in the battle against cancer- Essiac tea is a popular herbal decoction... promoted by a Canadian nurse named Rene Caisse (the tea's name is her name spelled backwards). The recipe for this tea was supposedly revealed to Miss Caisse by an Ojibwa Indian friend of hers (sometime in the 1920's). Essiac primarily contains: slippery elm, sheep sorrel, Indian/Turkey rhubarb, and burdock root. (Beware of imitation formulas).

"Essiac cures cancer period." - Dr. Charles Brush, President Kennedy's personal physician.

Beginning in the 1940's,Dr. Virginia Livingston-Wheeler's research convinced her that cancer was caused by bacteria in the blood ('protids'). When the body is healthy, these microbes are benign-but when our blood becomes too acidic, these germs mutate into killers. She proposed a regimen that included a specially made personalized vaccine, herbs, a vitamin mineral cocktail, enzymes, and a diet that banned chicken eggs, among other things. This 'immune-supportive' therapy allegedly cured many of her patients.

Cancer starts when cells are offered the 'opportunity' to wildly reproduce...Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) declares that the bodies environment is all important... energy must be balanced, to maintain health, to enhance ones immune system, depriving cells the opportunity to malfunction... In TCM, Maitake mushrooms, sophora/kushan...along with other support herbs (astragalus, et al) are used to fight cancer, in an attempt to restore the patient's blood-environment to its proper energetic state (its 'Chi'), to make the immune system healthy again.

A curious patent filed by Steven Kaali on August 18,1992.. holds some promise: The patent is for a device that subjects ones blood to an electrical field, which purges ones blood and makes its contents free from any microbial infestation. Voltage attenuates viruses and other germs within the body's fluids-HIV, all parasites and fungus's... are neutralized by application of electric forces- yet ones useful blood components remain unharmed. (United States Patent 5,139,684).

Blood electrification sounds like it is tangentially related to "Ozone therapy." Ozone is a gas- when the blood is infused with ozone, it is believed by some doctors that this rids the body of viruses and cancer. Ozone therapy, although oxidative and unproven, is used Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Austria, Cuba, and a few other countries, but its use is restricted in the United States.

Cancer has four stages- if you are in stage one or two, a five day beet/carrot/celery/apple juice fast is recommended , to help cleanse the system of pollutants so the immune system can regain its balance and health so it can fight the disease. Black walnut hulls and red clover can help flush out toxins.

If you have just been diagnosed with cancer, and are already in stage three or four, you probably should not fast. Prolonged fasting can have serious negative health consequences; study about fasting from reputable sources. If death is imminent, Cesium chloride protocols must be used right away.

Dichloroacetate is a drug that kills rat cancer cells in vitro. Testing continues; it is not readily available for cancer patients.

'Cansema' is often used for skin cancer- its principal ingredients are bloodroot, zinc, and chaparral. Use with extreme caution, since bloodroot can burn or scar the skin, but many people claim to have been healed with Cansema and swear by it. (caveat emptor) It's prepared as a 'black salve.'

'Sutherlandia frutescens' is a native South African herb that has been used for centuries by shamanic healers...this plant is said to fight cancer, AIDS, and several other conditions-technically, its an 'adaptogen,' it is an immune -system enhancing tonic. Clinical trials are underway in the Europe; this herb seems to be able to destroy certain laboratory cultured cancer cell lines... (Nov.30,2001,BBC).

Certain vegetables, mostly the cruciferous types, not only can prevent cancer, but might be able to cure it- broccoli, tomatoes, onions, turnips, mustard greens, cauliflower, brussels sprouts...all assist the cancer victim. Fresh vegetables might even cure the body of the disease.

Caution: no alternative remedy claims to cure cancer even 60% of the time.

Since I'm not a physician, I cannot make recommendations. This essay is meant for informational purposes, and is not intended to take the place of a health care professional.Use alternative cancer therapies at your own risk. Consult your trusted doctor.

Most doctors and the medical establishment seem to be blind to these safer and arguably more effective alternative treatments for cancer. The Western biomedical system is controlled by money,which directs research back toward optimum profitability; this process clouds perceptions. Experts collude with certain organizations to prevent safer, cheaper drugs from reaching the market. A slavish loyalty to authority and greed prevents one from seeing physical evidence in a correct light.
Scientists tend to ignore first person testimony,or anecdotal evidence, as having any value. This way, truth can be controlled-procedure and warped statistics can then be used to produce the correct result that medical -corporate employers want, which allows the approved poisons to continue to kill. (FDA approved pharmaceutical drugs result in over 100,000 deaths in America every year).
Dr. Herbert Ley was Commissioner of the FDA for about one year (1968-9). After resigning in disgust, he said "The thing that bugs me is that the people think the FDA is protecting them. It isn't. What the FDA is doing and what the public thinks it's doing are as different as day and night."
In 2005, the head of the FDA- Lester Crawford-plead guilty in criminal court to a conflict of interest felony charge-he had been promoting the pharmaceutical cartels profitability over that of the public safety.

Hundreds of millions of dollars are pumped through the system,maybe a pill is produced after ten-twelve years later- the cancer industry announces a major breakthroughs against cancer; but in the end, no real change in the cancer rate or its survival is made.
Sometimes the reported advance turns into a horror story-Tamoxifen is a drug prescribed to prevent breast cancer in otherwise healthy women. But the clinical trials were rigged, as exposed in the Chicago Tribune. Tamoxifen is carcinogenic itself, increasing the risk of uterine cancer in the women who take, hile not doing anything to help prevent breast cancer (New York Times, May 16,1999...Philips).

President Nixon declared a national "War on cancer" in 1971...yet after much time and money later, there has been no real overall improvement in against this disease.
There is a lot of evidence that the 'war' has been phoney all along-less than 1% of all money raised for cancer research has been spent on studying ways to prevent the spread or metastasizing of cancers in the body. Also, less than 1% of money raised has been spent to determine the amount of carcinogens in ordinary household products...and very little has been spent on ways to try to influence people to eat healthier. If research was focused in these areas, the cancer rate would fall precipitously. Investigative journalists have found out that 95% of money raised by the American Cancer Society is used for salaries and overhead (Howenstine,Philips).

The Hippocratic oath"...do no harm..." seems to be regularly violated...either by omission, or deliberate commissio..., to reinforce the financial medical system.

This sad state of affairs goes on while several courageous doctors attempt to treat victims with methods that actually hold promise,yet these iconoclasts are mercilessly harassed by big pharma and their sycophantic minions. Hopefully enough people will learn about these other options and will demand permanent changes that will allow medical freedom of choice.

Just as early 17th century Jesuit priests infamously refused to peer into Galileo's telescope to see for themselves the evidence that their Aristotelean/Christian world view was incorrect, many of todays specialists refuse to critically examine the evidence showing that safer, non-toxic and cheaper and better ways (compared to what is now generally used ) to treat cancer are available right now.
Hopefully superior protocols will triumph, and put an end to the butchery and defeat of current practice. The system needs to allow a fair hearing for alternative cancer treatments, so maybe then the corporate empire of pain, death, and dollars...will collapse.

Fonorow,Owen R. The Cure for Cancer: Theory,History and Treatment

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I will make corrections, additions, re-writes, etc., as time allows. In general, I consider the cancer issue or mystery solved and closed.

Monday, March 16, 2009

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Six months before the break-up of the Soviet Union, the Russian mob held a grand meeting. The get together allowed mobsters to strategize as to how they were going to carve up the tottering empire.

Kremlin analysts predict the break-up of the United States- next year, we will dissolve into several warring factions, we will collapse as a nation beneath the weight of our astonomical debt.

In anticipation of this sad event , the Russians will soon position strategic bombers in Cuba and Venezeula. They want a piece of the pie.

Soviet citizens awoke one morning in 1991 and discovered that their bank deposits were empty, their pensions vanished forever. This will happen here very soon.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Last week, Senator Bernie Sanders (Socialist or Ind., Vermont) testily grilled Fed Reserve Chairman Bernake over where the nearly $2 trillion of bailout money/loans has gone. Bernake refused to answer.

Rep Kucinich (Dem. OH.) and Rep. Ron Paul (Rep. TX.) both sponsor legislation to audit or dismantle the Federal Reserve system-

The Fed needs to go- since 1913, they have manufactured artificial boom-bust business cycles, and they induce recessions ( to quell inflation?)...The Federal Reserve even could have prevented the 1930's Great Depression, but refused to do so. They have created a system based upon debt- they are evil. (Read "The Creature from Jekyl Island")

It would have been much better for the economy -if instead of bailouts thrown down ratholes, if instead of that, every responsible adult in America had been given a voucher for $10,000, stipulated to be spent on American made products.

Reverend Dave

Today I officially became an ordained minister- my "cloth" derives from the Universal Life Church Monastery- I suddenly felt a calling and went online and found a church that would ordain me on the spot, for free.
The ULC has been around since about 1959, and has many notable personages listed as being legally ordained ministers- Mel Blanc (the voice actor for the Warner Brothers Bugs Bunny cartoons, etc.) Hugh Hefner, George Harrison, Wolfman Jack, Glenn Beck....

This church is purported to be a legal church entity whose ministers can baptize and officiate over burials and marriages. A few states have ruled that ULC ministers cannot conduct marriages, but maybe the courts will reverse themselves one day.

My thoughts are so steeped in religious ideation, I felt I deserved to be recognized as an official Reverend, even if the organization is very basic and they cavalierly offer ordinations to the merely curious, as well as to the spiritually intrepid.
We are all Gods children and have his/her love, we are all already called and ordained but just dont know it yet- until you go to the ULC site and fill out the ULC ordination forms...

Next, I want to become an Imam or Mullah.
Note to myself: about a week ago, the news tape running along the bottom of the TV screen said about a dozen bodies had been discovered just outside Alber-quirky, NM. The story was then killed- drawing out my curiosity. I must research this event.

Also: spring has sprung- the blooms are out; this happened on or about March 8.

I record this here to compare to next year, to see how any possible climate disruptions might be moving the start of spring along the calendar.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How to panhandle a quarter

Once you spot your helpful citizen, go up to him with four quarters in your hand. "Can I exchange my quarters for a dollar?"

Make the transaction or switch. He/she gives you a dollar bill, and you give your four quarters to your new friend.

Then, you ask "Hey can you spare a quarter?"

You have already made contact, engaged the person, and you made a legit exchange, a honest transaction; you have established trust. And your new friend knows that you know he has four quarters, making it impossible to truthfully tell you that he doesn't have any change.


"There will never be a 22nd. century...this is the most important message. The rest is just chatter."
- Mehmet Ali Agca.

...Attempted to assassinate Pope John Paul II on May 13 1981. Though seriously wounded, the Pope recovered and eventually met Agca in his cell two years later and forgave him. They conversed for a long while and exchanged gifts at their parting.

Agca was pardoned by Italian justice, and was relocated to Turkey, to serve out an old sentence there for the murder of a left-wing journalist in 1979 (He escaped from prison in 1979 with the substantial aid of unknown others)

For a year just before the attempt on the Pope's life, Agca travelled to several countries, using several different aliases and passports. Who helped Agca, and why? The web is very tangled, and too long for me to go into just now...The alleged Bulgarian Communist connection seems to be a red herring.

"I, Jesus Christ"...Agca's book, released by his attorney.


My understanding of the stem cell issue leads me to the tentative conclusion that the original ban was irrational; lifting the ban is appropriate... its good the new President is more attuned to objective scientific inquiry.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Dr. Trani did to Richmond what the Goths refused to do to Rome.
I don't know whats going on in Obama's head-first he re-declares war on the Taliban, then he tells the world we are losing the war, and now he says he wants to negotiate a peace with moderate Taliban chiefs. First, don't tell your enemy he is winning, and then ask him to come to the peace table. This allows the enemy to negotiate from a position of strength.

Second, offering to negotiate with the Taliban is kinda like Rossevelt and Churchill offering to negotiate with the Nazi's- when the Nazi's were winning (before early 1942)...

Roosevelt never considered giving up...But Obama wants to throw in the towel.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Obama initially placed several Clintonian old- hands in positions of power; signifying that he would not be aggressive in rooting out the rot in the financial system ( Bush Sr. officials from the early 1990's were stunned at how well the Clinton's perfected their own rob -and- loot schemes)...Now, the FDIC announces that they are broke- inviting a run on the banks...The Treasury-IRS head (Geithner) is a tax cheat, and leaves the top 15 positions below him unfilled- five months after the election...

Obama announces a bold health care scheme, while the economy is in free fall....here we have multiple pieces of evidence of deliberate economic sabotoge. Obama represents a near-seem-less continuity from Bush to today. Insulting Britain with tacky behavior doesn't help matters (Obama sent back the bust of Churchill we got after 9-11...Michelle O. gave Prime Minister Brown's sons models of the helicopter that carries Obama around...Barack gave the Prime Minister a box set of DVD's- The Wizard of Oz, Psycho, It's a Wonderful Life, E.T., Raging Bull, a few others... British newspapers are howling...Maybe Barack should have given Brown shares of Citibank stock?)

What the junta wants: riots in the streets, so they can put dissidents away in already built detention centers. If you lazy bums out there can pull yourself away from porn and other trivial pursuits long enough, Google "operation cable splicer" and "operation market garden."

Obama ignores the Constitution with his scheme to redraw Congressional districts via a takeover of the Census...his plan to register, then confiscate, most handguns, with HR 45 and other machinations...

He has broken all his campaign promises- he said there would be no lobbyists or earmarks under his rule...

The Obama's have engaged in a non-stop dance party for months; conga lines, lobster tails,concerts, 90 dollar a pound steaks,Grecian columns, etc....already they are being investigated for excessive partying with public funds; while homeless tent cities begin to crop up across our economically ravaged land...

A blog I just found that you might like - "little country lost"

Monday, March 02, 2009

Sept.11, 2001: allegedly, "Osama Bin Laden" attacked the US.

Osama Bin Laden.

Look at the word- OSAMA..( a tall brown skinned Muslim)

Now look at the Presidents name: OBAMA...(a tall brown skinned erstwhile (?) foreigner with Muslim roots)

Llook at the way campaign bumper stickers looked-"OBAMA-BIDEN"

OSAMA-BIn LaDEN ....just change a few letters from two last names, and you the name of our alleged attacker.

Does anyone else find this very odd?

Sunday, March 01, 2009

How to win the lottery: the amount of possible number combinations in a drawing is very large, yet still finite. If the cash prize becomes very high- one could hypothetically purchase all or most of the combinations,for one dollar per pick, win, and still come out ahead. A group from Australia did just that a few years ago- the prize was over 200 million bucks; the Australians bought about 80% of all the tickets, spending millions; they won....they still took a chance-they could not buy all the possible combinations because others beat them to these other purchases...
Isaac Newton was asked once how he was able to come up with his theory of gravitation. He said "By thinking about it all the time."

In the year 2525....

The loss of a " great books" orientation among the young (and old) -
without foundational knowledge, how can anyone really understand the world? The great thinkers of the past gave us great books/ ideas, which changed the world. No one reads these books anymore-

John Locke, Stuart Mill, a misinterpreted Nietzsche, the 20th century relativists Isiah Berlin and Rorty.....their thought overtook academia after World War two... resulting in the loss of the struggle between good and evil- which was replaced with idle pursuits along the pain/pleasure calculus-
Freud, Weber, and others... molded the second half of the past century until a revolt against racism and the Vietnam War produced Derrida and Deconstruction theory. Youth embraced a fake rebellion which derided the achievement of "dead white men..." Pop music causes young people to imagine that they are rebels, yet their musical idols themselves mindlessly obey their managers, producers, and other capitalist bosses.

Incidentally,"dead white men" designed, invented and built* : most electrical power appliances and lighting, automobiles, the internet,vaccines, plastics, modern surgical techniques, modern indoor plumbing/flush toilets , computers, washing machines, clothes dryers, double- entry bookkeeping, air conditioners, central heating, submarines,helicopters, life vests,telephones, elevators, steam engines, airplanes, parachutes, baseball, block printing presses*,antibiotics, satellites, radio and stereos, electric guitars, cameras,the film industry, VCR's and DVD players*, television, microscopes, telescopes, MRI',roads, ball point pens, The Homeric Odyssey*, Shakespeare's plays, the bicycle,due process and our Bill of Rights ,the Golden Gate bridge, parliamentary procedure*, constitutions, democracy, soap, violins and fiddles, the arch, showers, our modern calendar, locks and keys, cement and concrete, numeric zero*, and probably the agricultural plough.

Smithian/Lockean ideology fed the modern relativist current- the idea that elightened self- interest could produce a merchantile paradise....crashed in a heap in 1929. Basic capitalism could never bring the majority an enlightened prosperity, due mainly to its trend toward monopoly and inherent exploitive nature.

The loss of absolute concepts of right and wrong-the loss of the primacy of the thought of Plato, Aristotle, the Hebrew Bible...has created a nihilistic void within people, a void from which they think they can extricate themself if they embrace inauthentic politics, plastic cash, and newfangled technology. We salute myths- the almighty dollar, the self-made man...

Individuals are losing touch with humanity- ATM's deprive one of face-to face contact...so do pre-paid automatic toll booths (dumb tags)...online shopping...machines check out our groceries. The human factor has been reduced- where is all of this dehumanization heading?
What is especially frightening is that the younger generation, born into this increasingly dehumanized world- this is all they know, they think it's normative... they dont remember the days before endless gadgets and how simpler things were.

Weimar Germany experienced this same void in the 1920's- look what happened to them in the 30-40's.

I know sometimes I sound like a fuddy reactionary cracker-if you knew me in person you would know that this is not the case- far from it. I am just trying to put some balance in the equation-the excessive bending over backwards to accommodate the social justice movements have vulgarized and distorted the past.
The double standard must end. If a black compiles a list of black achievements, he is generally applauded for showing pride in his heritage. If a white makes a list of white accomplishments, he is easily labeled a racist. If I were black I would spit in the eye of anyone who patronized me. "Kissing ass" makes the kissee look down on the kisser. Most blacks despise most white liberals.

Do you want to know why the Soviet Union failed? They were more disciplined they we were, they were tougher, they were just as smart....they failed because they did not have faith.