Friday, June 29, 2007

Juries (and judges) hand down the wrong verdict about 20% of the time; the error usually favors incarceration.
The invading Anglo-Saxons gave Britain the concept of rule by consent.

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CIA members with families won't allow their children to watch TV.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Tens of thousands of blacks fought FOR the Confederacy.
"Sacred cows make the best hamburger"

-Mark Twain
Socialism harms by causing people to want to gain from a collective purse, instead of self-developing their full potential.

Capitalism cripples people due to its excessive competition ( at the level of the individual) and monopoly ( at the top). Often the avenues toward goals are blocked, yet we are given ambitions and told we are nothing if we don't reach them.
Congress has an incumbent return rate of about 97% (higher than the old Soviet Politburo).

Monday, June 18, 2007

Lee Kuan Yew was Prime Minister of Singapore from 1959-1990. During this time he transformed the nation from a struggling backward state into a dynamic, prosperous, educated country, encouraging hard work,thrift, and discipline. The Malay attitude was replaced with the Chinese one( these ethnic groups possess differing 'Maximizing postulates')

Singapore was small, with few natural resources. Lee 'coordinated ' the interaction of labor, management, and government. Foreign investment was encouraged, industrialization rapidly expanded, finished goods became the main export- in Asia, only Japan has a higher per capita income.

Lee is authoritarian- he sues his political opponents into bankruptcy; he has eliminated trial by Jury. English is the official language of the workplace.

Singapore practices eugenics- college educated women are given monetary incentives to have children, while uneducated women are given grants for homes if they are sterilized after having one or two children.

Lee gave Singapore prosperity and conformity.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Make politicians live in the worst neighborhood in town.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Researchers have developed a mutant microbe/algae that can produce usable amounts of hydrogen, these creatures can also digest large amounts carbon dioxide (Wired, 02.23.06)

Friday, June 08, 2007


Usually, if you decapitate an organizations leadership, the movement will die, or at least recede. This was the Romans idea when they (allegedly) carried out the execution of Jesus in about 30 AD. The disciples were afterwards demoralized, yet something seemed to happen that energized the tiny, scattered band of believers, enough to cause them (save one) to go on to eventual martyrdom. In this instance the execution of the leader failed, the movement flourished- enough so that by 64 AD (34 years later) enough Christians existed to become a handy scapegoat for the burning of Rome.
What happened that turned a rag-tag bunch of frightened and hiding followers into an inspired vanguard?
Isaac Newton supported the Arian doctrine- Jesus was a subordinate of God, the trinity was denied. Newton thought the commandment 'Thou shall have no Gods before me' was evidence against trinitarianism.
Current credit card company behavior would have been considered illegal in the 1950's (Loan-sharking laws were later repealed by Congressmen who were funded (owned) by credit companies.
The U.S. has paved over for highways and car-usage the equivalent of all the arable land in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Walmart: evil parasitic spreading virus disguised as a 'business'-Walmart receives money from the government (local and otherwise) to set up shop and destroy nearby competition by selling almost-slave labor produced products from the developing world,esp. China and India. The money initially given to Walmart is often needed for community services such as special ed teachers, police, and fire and rescue personnel.
Walmart deliberately keeps its stores understaffed, often making employees work extra hours for free. Walmart keeps most of its employees part-time instead of full-time, thus reducing benefits. Wages are so low most workers end up on welfare, which is the stated goal of the company. If a worker ends up with 41 or 42 hours on the clock for a week, managers often will erase evidence of this, rolling back the hours to under 40, to avoid overtime. Walmart is constantly in trouble with the law over labor,safety, and environmental issues. The heirs to the family fortune are collectively worth over 50 billion dollars, and if they were to shed about 10 billion of that amount, every Walmart employee on Earth could have health care benefits, vacation time, and decent wages.
Walmart knows violent crime is rampant in their parking lots, they also know that if they were to patrol them in buggies or golf cart-type vehicles, crime would fall to almost zero-yet they refuse to do so, and hundreds of muggings, rapes, and murders in their parking lots has been the result. But they keep about 200 cameras trained on the shopping customer and employee while inside the store- once you make your purchase and exit the building, they could care less about you.
A secret society in 1920's Germany thought it was in contact with Aliens from the star system of Algol. These occultists later joined the Nazis and developed a program to construct interstellar ships,
The Nation of Islam believes UFO's from other planets are at the ready to obliterate the white race.
In 1960, the US and the Russians picked up the radar signature of a massive spacecraft locking itself into Polar orbit above the earth- each country knew that itself and the other could not have possibly placed such a large satellite into orbit using the rockets then available. This unknown object was named 'Black Knight' and has never been explained.
The sci-fi writer Philip K. Dick became convinced that he was in telepathic contact with this entity, and wrote books about his subsequent 'revelations.' (P.D.K. is the author of 'Blade Runner').

The Black Knight remains above us in the sky.
President Kennedy-Johnson stole the 1960 election.( This was a very close race-massive vote irregularities were reported throughout Texas-Johnsons home state- and in Cook county, Illinois, where Democratic Chicago Mayor Daley ran a corrupt political machine. West Virginia may have figured into this scandal as well.

President Johnson was probably a manic-depressive whose mood swings often prevented him from working for days at a time. He also would frequently expose/flash himself to reporters and diplomats...
The right amount of Nutmeg is a potent (and harmful) hallucinogen.
The stems of Lettuce contains a milky opiate substance(Lactuca Virosa)- the Hopi Indians use to smoke its resin during religious ceremonies.
Dried catnip can be smoked with tobacco to produce a very mild Hashish-like effect.

( this information ought to worry the DEA- how could anyone ban lettuce?)

It has been estimated that humans spend about 50% of their lives in an altered state of consciousness- whether it is a mental rush or euphoria derived from being at rock concert, religious revival meeting, or political rally... various psychotic states, extreme arrogance,depression, or just plain sleep, etc.