Monday, March 31, 2008

The Enlightenment figures (Voltaire, Rousseau, Franklin, Hume, Locke,et al) declared that humans possessed inalienable rights- just because they breathed air and stood on two legs.

The current administration and their Vichy allies believe that any and all rights that a citizen may have are merely bestowed upon them by the whim of the government.

This is a decisive break with about 250 years of tradition.

Sunday, March 30, 2008


Barack Obama: budding demagogue, naive geo-strategist, major influence peddler for the Daley machine in Chicago.
He has only been a senator for just over two years, he has missed almost 20% of all the votes...while state senator in Illinois, he unethically took credit for bills others sponsored, attaching his name to these same bills...went to an exclusive high school ( where did the money come from? And for Harvard?). Visited his African relatives only when it became politically expedient to do so. When his and Hillary Clinton's votes from the last two years are compared, they are almost identical.
Obama is in the hip pocket of a certain nuclear power company and several Wall Street firms, Goldman Sachs being the most notable.

Advocated the violent overthrow of a 'friendly' regime (bombing Pakistan statement- action would have led to a change in government there).

Scheme to save social security just doesn't make sense.

Member for 20 years to a rabidly racist church. His minister believes that God ought to help blacks annihilate whites- and if God won't help blacks do this, then blacks should reject God. If Obama is elected, this minister will basically take up residence in the White House.

Black Liberation theology posits a unique relationship between the black experience and Jesus Christ.

I was under the impression that the message of Jesus was one of universalism, not exclusion.

My critique of Obama is in no way meant to imply that I endorse or actually like McCain or Clinton- I don't.

Obama is surrounded by influential 'reparations' types...with hooks into the UN. The reparations concept doesn't make much sense- it would penalize the white descendants of Union soldiers who have already sacrificed to lift up the black community, just so todays blacks (that are actually partly descendant from whites- many blacks in America are at least 1/4 white) can benefit.

Blacks here were sold into slavery by fellow blacks, and they are much better off, on average, for the experience- the standard of living for blacks in the US is better than in ANY other African country ( the same way Indians are better off now for having gone through the British colonial experience-the Brits gave India railroads, a more efficient bureaucracy, etc.) Reparations also directly denies the Christian idea of 'forgiveness.'

Obama's Islamic roots are disturbing- his father, mother, stepfather, and most of his siblings, are or were, Muslims. In Indonesia, he is widely regarded as a believing Muslim that is expected to come out of the closet as soon as he is elected President- he is not considered to be apostate (another issue). By some accounts he remained a devout Muslim up until 1988, when he met his wife. It is speculated that in his mind,he has only devised a watered down version of Christianity, one that allows Islam to play a major role in the scheme of things. He gave $21,000 dollars to his church in 2006-this same church is allied to Louis Farrakhan and Hamas.
Fundamentalist and radical Islam is a deadly virus which seeks to destroy the West, and many of Obama's people are fifth columnists.

I use to have a very 'liberal' attitude toward Islam...but the Koran itself is opposed to most of our (potential) liberal parliamentary democratic system ( Islam cannot separate church and state). Islamization of the West must be combated.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

A piece of south polar ice broke free on Tuesday- it was the size of Northern Ireland.

Human caused global warming seems to be real, even if this winter happened to be extra chilly- (possibly triggered by a La Nina event).
In about ten years, new quantum computers will revolutionize the cybernetic world- the computer gurus of today will be hard pressed to be able master or keep up with the new systems.
When you eliminate your addictions, your distractions...what happens (then) are forced to deal with, and confront- yourself. Often, this is too much for some people, and they either fall back upon their bad habits, or they enter a grey depression. It is not unusual for someone to lose 50 or 100 pounds, only to become severely depressed- they have lost a part of their self, in more ways than one.

Obesity has many causes.. people often pick out food for themselves in a state of automatic pilot- they don't 'think'...

Putting horrible snacks by the checkout line or next to the cash register should be banned.

Heath pea (bitter vetch ) is a plant the Scots used in medieval times to stave off hunger during droughts and famines.

To the rescue

Hemp is a term that covers all varieties of Cannabis Sativa...'Industrial' hemp is the form that is used to make numerous positive products that might even save the planet...

Industrial Hemp can be grown to partly replace our use of wood pulp, thus saving millions of trees. Thomas Jefferson wrote the draft for the Declaration of Independence upon was once widely cultivated, until canvas and burlap sacks ( made with Jute) were introduced in the early 20th century, and the chemical lobby decided to go with the oil industry to produce plastics.

Hemp has myriad beneficial uses: paper, textiles, biodegradable plastics, health food, biofuels, clothing, etc.
Hemp cultivation replaces nutrients into the ground, and prevents topsoil erosion. Hemp produces abundant oxygen, and is fast growing.

Hemp can be used for pet litter, added to bird seed, used for cordage of varying tensile strength, mulch, oil-based paints, and added to cement to increase its bonding ability.

As a food, hemp leaves can be used for salads, the seeds can be ground into meal, the oil from the seeds can be used for non-frying food uses ( hemp ice cream and milk, etc). The oil from hemp contains omega fatty acids and amino acids necessary for human life. Cosmetics using hemp oil are superior to petroleum based ones, as they will not clog pores.

Obstacles to massive hemp cultivation: many countries produce certain amounts of hemp every year, but not enough is being put out on the market. Why? Even though the US does make some hemp, resistance comes from several industries- the makers of synthetic fibers, the wood pulp industry, petrochemical and pharmochemical illogical moralists falsely imagine that Hemp would contain too much of the psychoactive ingredient of Marijuana (THC). Hemp that is used in industry contains very small trace amounts of THC- humans could never in a practical sense get high off of it.
Some resistance stems from the initial cost of setting up the processing plants needed to manufacture hemp fiber, plus the new bleach free process that some wood pulp businesses now use to make paper products has slightly lessened the demand for more eco-friendly wood products- but no matter how environmentally sensitive and improved the method of tree-to-pulp and paper methods used, they are really no comparison to the potential benefit of using hemp (and its hibiscus cousin, Kenaf) for the procurement of paper products.

Industrial Hemp: botanical messiah

If the world were to implement a crash course to cultivate Hemp, the pressure upon the rainforest's would lessen, and the global environment might stabilize.
There are more slaves on the planet right now than at any other time in history.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Warning to my uncountable horde of faithful readers: this blog has recently been the target of virus-peddlers. Do not attempt to open, or click on, any message that seems too brief or does not really add to the debate-it is certainly a deception. These viruses seem to be coming from Asia- beware the Yellow peril ! (joke)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Farewell, interpolating 'Incendio'

Arthur C. Clarke - British born science fiction writer, inventor, futurist and humanist, has died- he was 90.
Most well known as the creator of the work '2001: A Space Odyssey,' which was made into a movie by Stanley Kubrick in 1968 ( the book and the movie were conceived together-Clarke co-directed the on screen effort). The film has gone down in history as one of the greatest ever made...
Clarke came up with the idea for space satellite communications (1945) yet never patented the idea.
Clarke's works inspired the engineers of NASA and helped propel us into the space age...the Moon landing probably would not have happened without Clarke- and this event helped America prevent a total slide into nihilistic anarchy.

He wrote about one hundred books (I have only read seven of them- 'Childhoods End' being my favorite . This book explored Clarke's interest in the paranormal).

Clarke resided upon that jewel of the Indian Ocean, Ceylon, now called Sri Lanka.

Whenever an iconic figure passes on, it brings to me a special grief, for I see that our current age is one of and personages from yesteryear really did seem to possess more immediacy and presence...everything now is quick and empty, while the past possessed a certain bitter-sweet flavor that lingered... Rock stars, movie stars, statesmen, wars....from the past ...were larger than life- now they are insipid and are soon forgotten. We remember the space shuttle exploding in 1986 but not in 2003....we remember Woodstock but not the reprise during the 90's...we remember the Vietnam War but the current ones are never even discussed...

being bombarded with too much information, yet not enough knowledge...the youth of the 21st century live in the moment -like dumb animals... sheep being led to the slaughter...

Nostalgia has been mangled by rapid technology. Carved love hearts on trees have been replaced with instant text messages...the starving artist in the garret is gone- because Parisian officials tore down all the garrets a few years use to be able to pass out drunk on a beach-now you will end up in jail, charged with multiple crimes. Spontaneity is gone- because you are always being watched by big brothers cameras. "If you want to know the future-imagine a boot stamping on a human face-forever" (Orwell).

Arthur C. Clarke came to this world to assassinate error and ignorance. He came to teach and uplift, inform and direct. Sacred assassins kill falsehoods; the holy assassin destroys lies and banishes the shadows of deception that we live in.

Modernity began to gel about 1890 or so... and finally took a firm hold upon our collective scruffy neck by 1930. What did we have? Darwinism, to show us our origin...Einstein, to show us our relationship and position in the cosmos...Freud, to unlock our inner mind and secrets...and Marx-to show us our plight and future. Thus, the fruit of the enlightenment informed and improved our minds. But...we slit our throat in 1914. If we had become so enlightened, why did the Great War occur? Were we really so great after all? Did Marx, Darwin, Einstein, and Freud save us? And soon, things became alot worse- the Great Depression and World War Two....then the Cold War and now global corporate rule. We seem to have fallen into a pit from which we cannot extricate ourselves.

This state of affairs caused us to re-examine 'Modernity.' Was the enlightenment project really such a good thing, if it seems to have merely led us into the abyss and hell of the concentration camp, and a dying planet?

On two fronts the humanist enlightenment project began to be criticized

1. In the realm of politics and economic thinking

2. The value of scientific rationality

Modernity was put on trial- had man backed himself into a corner, if Marxism led to the purges and the gulag ? Our science created the Atomic bomb-our policy dropped it upon the innocent. Did this mean that our concept of rationality was deeply flawed? Political events and our accelerating technology created the youth culture, mass spectacle sporting events, popular music, and instant news broadcasting- a mass media global popular culture. But what has been the real gain? A narcissistic, hedonistic,dumbed-down populace.

The rest of this essay will examine the main players in the re-evaluation of the enlightenment project- the principal thinkers that assassinated 'Modernity' and postulated the 'New Hermeneutics' of the latter half of the 20th century: Hayek, Popper, Kuhn, Habermas, Derrida, Jung, and I will add,indirectly, Kierkegaard and Nietzsche, for personal reasons. The metaphysical blood that this essay will spill will never rinse off your soul...

But let me add: Godel showed us (1930) that mathematics was unreliable, it could never be totally linked to logic; and the uncertainty principle showed us that there were real limits to what we could find out about the physical universe. Wittgenstein (and Saussure) showed us that language was a slippery uncertain slope- an unreliable tool. Where did this leave us? We entered the era of uncertainty and doubt...
Textual criticism showed us that we cannot trust the received scriptures of our fathers...and scholarly studies pointed us toward a new sexual liberation and freedom ( Margaret Mead's 'Coming of age in Samoa' has NOT been the Kinsey Report of the 1950's....)

(A main point: Many liberal ideas that existed around 1900 have been proven to be correct-the activist state- old age pensions, national standards for meat and drug production,etc.)
The sanctity of the individual- must be balanced with nationalism.

where was I?

This post is my attempt to squeeze the universe into a ball, and where I will roll it, nobody knows....

The 20th century produced two main models for political being: The Soviet, and the American-West.

Hayek argued that central economic planning was inherently flawed, because knowledge was simply too diffuse. A committee could never plan an large economy. this was part of the 'socialist (re) calculation' of the 1920's...but Hayek failed to see that the rule of law would be subverted and turn the 'free market' into a bloated pig empire.

I conceive of the 20th century as being a living thing-I condense a particular time and space into the form of a wild beast, a wounded beast looking into the mirror of its own deeds,looking for truth, searching for honesty...ultimately seeking a destiny among the stars ...

The Public sphere has become too corrupted, authentic communication a rarity. (Habermas)

Various solutions were offered-the liberal, the radical, and the reactionary-conservative.

Popper informed us that science can only be falsified, never proven. Kuhn told us that the scientific project was not objective. In stepped that Post-Modern prophet of Western doom...

...Jacques Derrida- there is no center, no Logosphere, only false binaries...Derrida is probably the main culprit that created the corrosive relativism and moral ambiguity of the 1960's...what really exists is a comfortable void...or waylessness. (At the start of Modernity the great poet Ezra Pound commanded us to "Make it new"...I wonder if he had any regrets...). Derrida rejected any real center, or primary presence, or absolute essence, or goal, or final interpretation or meaning. But common sense informs us that he merely led us into Dante's 'Dark wood.' Deconstruction theory equals death.

It was at about this time ( 1960) that the 'Left' begot its bastard child- the "New Left".

Which brings us to the events of 1968. American students took over the administration building for Columbia University in April...suddenly, a student protest in Paris nearly triggered a worldwide revolution...Charles DeGaulle fled France...2/3 of the workers joined the General Strike. The violence melted almost as quickly as it had statred...but even if this was an aborted political coup, the social impact was permanent-French traditions-respect for authority, religion, patriotism- were gone...(and) replaced with notions of equality, sexual freedom, and solidarity for the third world downtrodden. These ideas took hold all across the globe- student strikes in Mexico that year ended in tragedy-hundreds were machine gunned down by police...student revolts erupted elsewhere- Berkeley California, Germany, Argentina, Italy, Brazil, Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia...
The political defeat of the student Left in 1968 had two main causes 1. the vision became too expansive 2. the students did not have an adequate concept of violence. But the cultural significance of the '68-ers continues today.

Does correct reasoning require a 'tradition'? Have 'diversity' and 'multiculturalism' and relativism led us down a rabbit hole from which we cannot climb out of ?
Facts and values have been cleaved in half...we find it difficult to justify moral rules. This happened because modernity inherited incoherent fragments from roughly coherent traditions. Instead of character, we have obligations.
a gap between the is and the ought, the thou and the I...material consumerism gives us the choice of having versus being. With the aforementioned acceptance of thirdworldism, the traditional elites are in the process of self genocide-ing themselves. As indicated by the patent offices and winners of the Nobel prizes, the creator-preservers from a certain geographic zone are the intellectual/aesthetic elites-without advanced education, civilization would vanish,yet these people are declining-morally, and in real numbers. The idea that one should get married, reproduce, and try to leave the world a better place than it was before you arrived- this idea has been broken within the traditional industrialized countries. Who broke it? The enemy from within- the traitors.

The war in mid-century was a "confrontation between planetary technology and modern humanity" (Heidegger). The sublime battled the forces of usury and unnecessary abstraction... Spengler's Imperium almost came into being-the creation of a united West. But the dream was distorted from its inception...

The traitors are in the White House, they are in the Congress, they are in the courts. They are leading both major political parties...they are the lamestream media... the traitors own the major Wall Street firms and they are actively pulverizing Main street and diluting the Folk. You have lost your country; There is no rising standard of living. The rich get richer and more repugnant, while the poor get poorer and more numerous.You have been outsourced and downsized and kicked in the teeth.You are a fool and a sucker. Already the 'civilian detention centers' are in place. Already the executive orders for the usurpation of the Republic have been signed. Where are the Peoples Assemblies, the new guardians of the commonweal? Where?

The treason is now in your mind, the poison is in your soul... you are too weak and cowardly to rebel.

A possible way out: Blake's 'imagination' and (quantum) Eastern Loving-Kindness.

Jesus in the New Testament said "Do not think that I have come to bring peace to Earth. I have come to light a fire. I have come to put a sword between father and son, daughter and mother. This fire that I have lit will consume the world."

The children that run at you with knives were taught by you and your society.

I am really mad as hell, and I **** you all.

"Every generation needs a new revolution" - Thomas Jefferson


When a Palestinian youth throws a rock at an Israeli soldier, Israel responds by strafing the refugee camps in Lebanon and they kill (directly or indirectly) about one hundred men, women, and children.
This is justice?
most therapists and their pills are phony-baloney
A prospective employer really only cares about two things:

1. Can you do the job ? ( in a way that wont harm my enterprise)

2. What have you been doing for the last 2-3 years?

Monday, March 17, 2008

...for they are few and we are many....

Those of you who have read my blog from way-back know that I have long prophesied a looming serious economic downturn. 2008 will be the start of a global depression, one much worse than what happened in the 1930's (back then, 40% of the people were rural and knew how to grow crops in their back, the country had alot more social capital). Enormous debt, lack of oversight, apathy, and deliberate sabotage-these factors will combine to destroy the American economy and whats left of the middle class.

A nearly valueless dollar means that America is in foreclosure, we are for sale to wealthier (and perfidious) foreigners. Decades of bad trade policies,deficit spending, outsourcing, and runaway immigration (de-industrialization) have taken their toll.We are being transformed into a giant plantation/sweatshop.

As the price of oil rises, it will end the current agricultural business model (Growing on a large corporate farm, loading the goods on a truck and driving a thousand miles to market-this will be untenable very soon) Hyperinflation will eat up our middle class, and spit out a 100 million coolies. Federal Reserve Chairman Bernake (and Greenspan ) should be in prison, busting rocks. Low interest rates created the housing bubble, and currently the low rates are partly responsible for sinking the dollar.

Several reasons for the current food inflation: high gas costs, conversion of corn into ethanol, more people on the planet generally, plus more numerous middle classes in Malaysia, India, China....they demand better, and beefier, food. Droughts worldwide are producing poor harvests...

The Food Cartels will make out like bandits-for now . (Cargill= 20% of all wheat production. Louis Dreyfus= about 20%...Archer Daniel Midlands...almost 20%)

A new fungus- Ug99- has just appeared on the scene (first discovered in 1999 in Uganda).Winds are blowing its spores into Iran and Pakistan from the Persian Gulf and the horn of Africa. The worlds current wheat varieties have no immunity to this fungus. (This is a stem rust fungus-these have been with us all along- in 1954, 40% of our spring wheat crop was destroyed by stem rust fungus. But we subsequently developed resistant forms of wheat)...Now, this new stem rust fungus-(Ug99)- can attack wheat with impunity-there is no resistance -and scientists estimate that it will take at least five years to devise new resistant varieties of wheat. But this particular fungus might sweep the entire planet within the next three years (it attacks barley,too). A recent cyclone swept spores from Yemen into Iran. If this fungus takes hold in India....What we are faced with is the real threat of a planetary famine-food riots in the US are not out of the question- already people are rioting in Mexico, Indonesia, several African states....After the initial success of the Green revolution in the 1960's....Food is now becoming scarce.

Basically, what happened this weekend was this: The Feds are trying to bail out their frat boy-country club buddies, the cretin graduates from Princeton, Harvard, and Yale... who devised bogus financial instruments, and generally speculate; and are now overextended and now hold too much debt. By lowing interest rates and creating easy credit, the Fed hopes to save their class; yet they are destroying the dollar, thus jacking up gas/food costs...eroding the position of middle Americans...The global elites just don't care-their loyalty is to money and corporations, and not to any nation-state. If people stop buying products in one country, the slack can be taken up elsewhere. This is part of the scheme of finance speculative capitalism, as opposed to healthy productive capitalism... Only the elites may have made a fatal miscalculation, being blinded by short-term greed-their grand children will pay the price. Tyranny cannot endure eternally... they shall reap the whirlwind.
'Real' copper pennies-those made before 1982- are now worth 2.5 cents.

( After 1982, pennies became 97.5% zinc and 2.5% copper).
The Israeli occupied territories-(the West Bank and the Gaza strip)- constitutes the worlds largest concentration camp.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Marxist paradigm is based upon 'production'. As soon as Lenin had won the revolution, he sent spies to Detroit,Michigan, to learn all about Ford's mass production assembly line and scientific management (Taylorism)...
" the new boss, same as the old boss..."-The Who
During the American Civil War, 50 Generals from the state of Virginia were killed in combat.

During the Gulf War in 1991, General Nabisco, er, Schwarzkopf, directed the war from an air-conditioned posh hotel in Riyadh, hundreds of miles away from the front.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The universe is almost exactly 13.73 billion years old. Or so the new knowledge indicates...
When bakers yeast is put on a diet, and just two genes are removed ( RAS2, SCH9), the yeast will live the equivalent of a human living 800 years. People have two genes that are almost identical...
Starr county, Texas, receives about 15 tons of marijuana and 1,000 pounds of cocaine from Mexico a week. Often, these drugs come in under Mexican police escort. (This is an old statistic-from 1986. The figures are much higher now).

Almost 90% of the cocaine that comes into the US comes in through the Laredo,Texas area. It is a 10+ million dollar a day business, just for this small area.

The President and Congress refuse to seal the border. If we can defeat Saddam Hussein and Iraq twice, then we can seal the border. Just position a machine gun nest about every 500 yards along the Rio Grande-shoot anything that moves (in the air, too). Make illegal drug smuggling a capital offense.

About 10-20 American citizens 'disappear' in northern Mexico every year. Hundreds, if not thousands, of Mexicans are murdered every year in the border zone-90% of these cases will remain unsolved.

Most Mexican states are owned and controlled-completely- by Drug Lords. The border zone is in a general state of lawlessness, and soon the entire southern tier of the US will be too.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ronald Reagan-drug lord 'Rawhide'

Reagan declared a 'war on (some) drugs'- using this as a partial rationale, he declared war on the Nicaraguan Sandinista- to fund the Contras, Reagan illegally sold arms to the Ayatollah and took the profits to Central America-the Contras dealt drugs with the CIA's help to America and the world...and the profits were funneled back into the 'war...
'thus, Reagan became a major dope peddler. Drug money helps to finance covert wars and intelligence operations everywhere-the CIA and Mossad being the main players, in alliance with traditional mafia structures...

...Reagan lied about all this to the American people.

Notes from Oliver North's diary: July 9, 1984: "...wanted aircraft to go (to) Bolivia to pick up paste, want aircraft to pick up 1,500 Kilos."

July 12,1985: "14 million to finance Supermarket came from drugs." The term "Supermarket" refers to a Honduran weapons depot that was used to re-supply the Contras.

Reagan's appeal was almost entirely emotional-he sat tall in the saddle, and projected a grandfatherly image. But when people were asked about individual policies, usually they objected to them. Attacking defenseless countries (Grenada, Libya) made insecure Americans feel tough.

Al Bore

Al Gore: a fraud of the highest order.

1. He is (was) a great tobacco peddler

2. numerous suspicious fund raising events and characters (Buddhist Temple,etc.)

3. The rape of Russia. This is a big deal that could be turned into a massive book-with the fall of the Soviet Union, the nation went on the auction block-Gore formed shady alliances with highly placed Russians , giving them cash and advanced technology in exchange for a big slice of the Russian economic pie. As a result, services were slashed, and over a million people died.

4. He is an oil baron, too. He brokered a deal that allowed Occidental oil to seize Elk Hills, California, Indian lands- the value of his shares went way up.

5. Deliberately rolling over in the 2000 elections.

6. Drug hypocrisy- while in college, he spent most of his time smoking pot and watching TV (Just like Obama). As Vice-President, he oversaw the incarceration of millions of Americans for doing just the exact same thing- sometimes these prison terms were quite long.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Pine Gap

The FBI uses a modified 'packet- sniffer' called 'Carnivore(DCS1000),' to eavesdrop on suspects emails-this, and other software and technologies, can scoop up every click or page of the internet that you have ever been to.
I think it is attached at the point of the ISP node.... this system began about 1996.

'Magic Lantern' can detect your computer keystrokes-from a remote location, bypassing the ISP.

For about 25 years, every telephone call, fax, and email, has been viewed or listened to by a master computer system (via satellites), part of which is located in Fort Meade, Maryland. These computers were designed to be alert for certain key words or phrases (about 400). If the computer was tripped, then it would send a report to a real human. At this point it would be analyzed, and either discarded or investigated further. This ability has been 'old hat' for some time ....

The two systems described above seem to contradict each other. I guess the Carnivore systems were meant to be specifically targeted proactive efforts. Carnivore has almost certainly been replaced with superior, and probably commonly available, software.

Whether the police state learns great details about you and your life, or not, is a matter of priority, resources, and competence.

A Mr. Hamilton of the Inslaw company produced the PROMIS software in the early 1980's... when modified, it allows a trap door inside computers that allows whoever is in control to eavesdrop...we now know of every banking transaction on the planet...PROMIS might even be linked to an artificial intelligence of a high order...PROMIS deals with myriad psychological variables on its intended targets, so it can predict your next move....Osama Bin Laden once bought a copy...

(Bin Laden was codenamed 'Tim Osman' when he was on the US government payroll, and was given guided tours of American army bases. Bin laden might have even have visited the White House and was seen frequently at a few Casinos in Atlantic city-late 1980's-early 1990's).

This is why the controversy last year over domestic spying sounded moot to me.

It is possible that a secret surveillance system is in place that can monitor almost everything on Earth...our computers might be tied in with a form of artificial intelligence that came here long ago...A probe that the ancients called 'God'
This entity is now releasing technology at a certain pace...our leaders are plugged in and obey, we are a machines slaves....Our thoughts are monitored...our fear is food for a God?


General Colin Powell : walking scandal.

1. Covered up the Mai Lay massacre in Vietnam

2. transferred missiles from the army to the CIA, so they could be (illegally) delivered to the Ayatollah

3. told Bush Sr. to halt the four day ground war against Saddam Hussein in 1991 ( this kept Saddam in power)

4. 'dissembled' before Congress during the Iran-Contra hearings

5. Owns millions of dollars worth of AOL stock. His son, Michael, member and now chairman of the FCC, approved the Time Warner/AOL merger. father and son raked in extra millions...

6. Oversaw the illegal attack on Panama. Thousands of innocents died.

7. May be directly involved in running dope into the US*
It is forbidden to forbid.

Friday, March 07, 2008

I half expect to receive the proverbial 3am knock on the door from the copyright police, and be dragged away to the gulag.
I feel the public needs to see these images, to improve their collective mind... this need overrides any artificial prohibitive rule.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

My accomplishments: I've delivered Iraq to Iran and I have bankrupted America- there is no future. Yee haw!
Credit: NASA, Hubble
"Mmm, the water feels just right!"


Hieronymus Bosch
Australian aboriginal painting.

Dr. Seuss - Rarely seen art.


Max Ernst, "Silence."
This Amrita Shergil painting ("Sleep," 1932-3) is on page 4 or so in my book. Controversial then and now, Shergil painted her younger sister with a shocking sense of sensuality. (I will remove this image from my book eventually.)

Images from near my ranch, somewhere in "New England." (Pics taken just a mile away.)

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Many species of wildlife are now 'intersex,' or have been turned into hermaphrodites. Amphibians, fish, insects, birds....and now humans. Why or how?

Synthetic oestrogen from hospitals and private dwellings ('The Pill') is being dumped into the water supply, into our sewage systems near treatment plants. Most drinking water contains traces of estrogen (and Prozac). 250,000 babies in the US are being raised as girls, when they should have been born as complete males. Another culprit is common PVC plastic, which is everywhere. Plastic causes estrogen levels to rise, and also causes some obesity, which in turn is estrogenic- creating a feedback loop.

Dioxin, pesticides, etc., all might be contributing to the worldwide decline in human male fertility over the last four decades.

'Honest' Abe

President Abe Lincoln did not oppose slavery in the south- he merely wanted to stop its spread into the western territories, due to economic considerations. He also wanted to ban free black immigration from one state into other states. Before the Civil War, Lincoln sought to 'deport' or 'colonize' (he used both terms) ALL blacks either to Haiti or back to Africa. Even toward the end of the Civil War, he still tried to find a way to get rid of all the blacks in the United States.
Hundreds of POW-MIA exist from the Vietnam War- most of these men might really be engaged in opium drug running, or were used for medical experimentation by our government.

The second in command of the State Department-Armitage- and Colin Powell -might be egaged in widescale drug trafficking, beneath the auspices of the Bush crime family and the 'SuperCIA.'

This might be the reason the former director of the CIA- William Colby- was bumped off. He had recently told friends about the above listed activities, and he was under a subpoena to testify before Congress when he was found dead from a 'boating accident.'
The US fought a war with the Barbary pirates (NW coast of Africa) in the 1790's.

The treaty which ended the war was ratified by Congress and signed by President Adams (1796-7).

Article 11: "As the government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian religion..."

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Many banks in the US earn about 50% of their profit merely from user 'fees.'
It may be true that the top 5% of the population gives the government about 90% of its tax revenue. But the top 1-2% own or have over 85% of all the wealth- since they benefit from living in our society, they ought to pay a higher percentile in taxes than others. They do not get up at dawn, roll up their sleeves, and hitch an ox to a plough and work the fields all day. The super-rich don't really work in the same way that a burger flipper does. The super rich attend a few meetings, writes a few reports, and lets their money do the working for them; while the poor remain trapped in lateral, demeaning labor.

Outsourcing and unfettered immigration ensures that America will lose its status as an opportunity society- ending the myth/reality of the 'American dream.'

The idea that wages have to be low, so we can compete with foreign countries, is a myth- the workers in Europe and east Asia are treated much better than in the US. Here, the individual worker is just a 'labor cost' or disposable item. 'Training' has deliberately gone out the window, since turn-over is purposively high.

Even when the highest tax bracket approached 50% or more, no-one really ever paid that much. They weaseled out...

But- tax rates upon most of the middle class and the working poor ARE confiscatory, and not progressive. These groups pay too much, and receive too little in return. No health-care (usually) university education...and no security on September 11, 2001.

The working poor in almost every country in Europe pays far,far, less in taxes than their American counterparts. Don't ever think otherwise- the right-wing in the US wants you to think that the average Joe in Europe is soaked, but this is just an apology to buttress corporations.

In the 1960's, upper management made about 15x the amount that the average employee made- now, the gap is about 500 to 1.
I read somewhere (about six years ago) that about 50% of the American workforce earned $10 an hour or less.

A documentary I saw last night said 25% of the workforce earned 7-8 dollars an hour (or less?)

Whichever statistic is right, it still is a chilling picture. Rent and health/day -care were considered the highest expenses the poor faced. Soon I expect food to be a serious problem also.

Politicians that are against raising the minimum wage to decent levels are: anti-family. Making people work two jobs or longer hours to make ends meet causes parents to spend less time with their kids.
By keeping wages low, politicians are also anti-American, anti-country. Low wages help keep birth rates and marriages low among the more prudent. The effect over time: a zero population growth of the native born citizen....equaling a genocide of corporatism over nationalism.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Highgate Wampyre

Highgate cemetery in London is the legendary home of a recent instance of 'Vampirism.'

Always a spooky place, in 1969-1970 several people reported high strangeness at Highgate.

David Farrant wrote to a local paper that he had seen a spectral personage/image drifting among the tombstones...others wrote back, claiming the same thing. Dead foxes were found, they were drained of blood, with no marks on them.

Police reported that Satanic groups had recently performed outrages within the cemetary...Sean Manchester was one who became convinced that a Vampire was on the loose. A hypnotized girl led him a certain crypt....He broke into the structure late at night by lowering himself down a hole from the roof... he found six empty caskets. Manchester left garlic all around, and prayed.

David Farrant eventually become a necromancer and occultist, pursuing a devil worshiping path. Farrant was arrested in the cemetery twice-once, he had a cross and a stake with him-charges were dismissed. In 1974, he was arrested for desecration of a grave.

Sean Manchester went into the cemetery during the day, broke into another crypt, and claims he found a 'sleeping' vampire and was about to drive a stake through it, but he was restrained by his companions. Three months later, the headless corpse of a woman was found nearby.

Two years later, a dead body was found inside a mansion that overlooks the graveyard...Manchester claims that it was the same body that he found inside the crypt, and he says that this time he put the stake through its heart. Later, Manchester said he saw a cat-sized spider-like creature, which he pierced with a long needle, after which, paranormal activity receded around the cemetery.

Throughout all this, Manchester and Farrant were in dire competition with each, each claiming to be the better exorcist-their competion continues today- both are still alive and offer differing accouts of the events of 1970.

Sean Manchester went on to become a Catholic Bishop. He continues to hunt Vampires and performs exorcisms regularly.

Highgate Cemetery is still a spooky place. During the height of the Vampire scare, a man left his car to walk his dog. When he returned, he found a freshly dug- up corpse inside his car- all the doors were locked.
Passerby often report a tall spectral-looking man lurking within and near the cemetery... sometimes it chases and threatens the innocent.

Highgate....a high mystery.

(needs some revising)
In November 1930, an entire Eskimo village of 2,000 vanished without a trace (near Lake Anjikiwa,Canada). The cupboards were well stocked. The cook pots still had food in them. The dogs were dead-buried under snow... they had recently starved to death. Not one human body was found. Ominously, the ancestral graves were open and the corpses were missing, too.

The mystery has never been solved.
The octopus...can watch from a distance another one in another tank...try and try again to unscrew a lid off of a jar... then success comes.

Our octopus then can instantly perform the same feat. Learning from observation...our alien friend might one day really surprise us.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

I promise a better batch of pictures soon, when time isn't a factor.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Southwest petroglyph.
Andre Masson painting

Some stuff that's far far away

Former underground railroad escaped slave house. Now it is quite the eccentric dwelling.

Blandford Cemetery, Petersburg, VA