Sunday, May 28, 2006

All the major bible stories in the Old Testament actually have their equivalent in older cultures that predate the advent of the Hebrews by over a thousand years....
Contrary to the expression, Semantics IS everything .
Never cook bacon naked.

Never play cards with a man named 'Doc.'

Never eat at a diner called 'Moms'

Never worry about what others think about you
The tipping system has become a bribery system.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Democratic party should immediately disband, and most of its leaders ought to report to detention centers. A genuine labor party should take its place.
Cold War related scientific instruments have picked up the sound of what seems to be an unknown marine animal much larger than the Blue Whale- nicknamed 'Bloop.'
The location of the sound exactly corresponds with where H.P. Lovecraft placed one of his otherworldly entities- could this be the Call of Cthulu?

Friday, May 26, 2006

You have to discover the truth, beauty, and goodness of your life, its value or soul, within the immediate now of it- make the best of it where, what, and how- right now. When external circumstances won't budge, you have to adjust your internal self to find meaning.

"Nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so" Hamlet and Epictetus are in agreement.
The public relations propaganda machine really accelerated during the Wilson administration, to facilitate support for World War One, (and)..... coinciding with the introduction of the mass production assembly the mid 1920's the advertising industry had become quite scientific
'Feints, within feints, within feints..."

"Thou shalt not disfigure the soul"

-Frank Herbert, author of Dune.
"We have met the enemy and he is us" -Pogo

Thursday, May 25, 2006


Bush is a pampered rich kid from Connecticut who went to Andover Prep school and Harvard and Yale.... He supported the Vietnam War but successfully sought to avoid serving in it, he probably made his girlfriend get an abortion two years before it was legal... while married to Laura he has dated a stripper, he has been filmed 'drunk' at a wedding three years after he officially went sober, he arguably belongs to a Satanic cult- the Skull&Bones... He is afraid to be near horses yet pretends to be a West Texan cowboy.... He borrowed money from Texan bigshots to buy a baseball team and once in office as governor he was able to unload the team for millions, as he then allowed the original loaners to avoid paying certain fees and taxes (kickbacks? ).....
Bush borrowed money from the Bin Ladens to set up an oil company-Arbusto, which evolved into Harkin Oil. Suddenly, on June 22,1990, Bush dumps all his shares in the company. About nine days late, the value of the stock begins to plunge.Later, the crisis in the Persian Gulf effectively destroys the value of Harkin oil stock. Bush made about $850,000 off of the timely sale, while all the other investors lost their shirt. Bush was technically late reporting to the FEC certain aspects of the stock sale. When Bush got rid of his stock before it lost all its value, was this a case of insider trading?

Hugo Chavez grew up poor, worked his way up the military ranks, and since coming to power, his rule has been affirmed twice by the voters with overwhelming margins. He has opened numerous free medical clinics throughout Venezeula, and wants to increase literacy everywhere- for this 'crime,' he was overthrown by the Busheviks for two days until rescued by loyal officers... Hugo pledges to defeat the Empire.

At an international conference last year, the two leaders were briefly in the same room. Chavez wanted to talk to Bush face to face, but George W. Bush apparently became physically afraid to meet Hugo, and turned on his heels and ran out of the room, to America's great shame. Thus, Hugo Chavez became the leader of the Free World.
Only the eternal is real.
Most wealth is stolen.


The idea behind the Social Security program is community concern.Thats why the corporatists want to do away with it. If you put enough fear into people, if you can atomize them enough and make them lose their concern for others, then people will resist paying into a collective fund that benefits the entire community ... this enables the forces of privatization to do away with public education and health care . Putting social security in the stock market would generate enormous fees for the owners of Merril Lynch, Morgan Stanley, etc., the very people who push so hard for privatization ....

Reagan and Bush deliberately increased the size of government (with defense spending, mainly), they ran up historic deficits, cut taxes to the wealthy (the top 1% got 40% of the break)- then had to cut social spending as a result. All planned, and its happening again.

Fear of the monster abroad that is coming to destoy us- maybe the Sandinistas, maybe Noriega, maybe Saddam Hussein, etc., fear, fear, fear... Nobody in any other country was afraid of Saddam- even Kuwait was against the war... The US has militarily intervened in Latin America about 200 times in the last century- all for money and power. The Empire murders well over three million people around the world per year- mostly women and children- all for money, power, and to distract the citizens away from bad governship and misdeeds at home.....This holocaust rivals what the Third Reich did, only the Germans imagined they were creating a new and better world, full of excellent individuals. The Busheviks know that their only goal is petty control and wealth, so in this sense the US is more morally repugnant than the Nazi regime.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

For years politicians looked the other way while illegals crossed the border, because their corporate paymasters told them to. The idea was to keep American wages and benefits low and then pocket the surplus into executive corporate accounts. But the ultimate goal is to create a single workforce that does not know any loyalty to any state or culture, to erase the nation-state. The global elite have said so, in their speeches made while cloistered in their mostly secret retreats, and in other forums. Ten years from now, Mexico, Canada, and the US will be under a single ruling authority run by a handful of officials- one currency, one high court, etc. If this plot succeeds, then they will only be a few years away from extending this authority over the entire planet.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Iroquois Confederacy- in about 1570 AD, Hiawatha united five tribes into the league- at the Grand Council all 49 delegates had to agree before a policy was adopted.
Ben Franlkin encountered the Mohawk nation and saw for himself- later the Indian way became an inspiration for the founding fathers....(P.S.- women usually decided who would become a delegate).

The archetype of the savior within the collective unconcious is often activated during times of tumult and peril. If one becomes possessed, inflation occurs and the individual psyche imagines it is God. You must test the voices- both good and bad are present within the savior complex, the 'shadow' has to be dealt with. This mystic energy created most of the great faiths, so that the community might survive.

Man will not be punished individually for what he does- but we will be judged collectively for what we will become.

Fear has become our primary motivating emotion.

The journey towards true selfhood-Arete guided,

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Ouspenski gave us a great book- 'Tertium Organon.' Scientific subjectivity as a means to reach ultimate truth- this could correspond to some forms of phenomenology... (a non sequitur?)..... a brazen effort,

He who laughs last...

The Bush family has had very close business ties to the House of Saud and the Bin Laden's for over 30 years. Osama may have originally been a CIA agent- Al Qaeda means 'The Base' (the computer data-base.., an odd 'list').
On september 11, 2001 Bush Sr. was having breakfast with Osama's brother.
'Operation Northwoods'- an early pentagon plan to bomb our own aircraft and blame the Cubans
The interceptor jets scrambled on 9-11 could normally travel over 1,300 miles per hour but reported that for that day only, they could only go about 500 mph. And they were ordered out to sea, in the wrong direction- to fight the 'Russians'....
While Bush reads "My pet goat." Later that day, Air Force One wisks Bush out of harms way to a deserted corn field in Nebraska, where he hides inside an ICBM silo- Warren Buffett is waiting for him- they have dinner.
The Jersey Girls....
On 9-11,five Israeli agents disguised as Arab 'students' are captured on top of a nearby building filming the collapsing World Trade Towers (The Weehawken Five).
Condi Rice claims the attacks could not have been forseen- but the towers were targeted in1993... A desperado-Eugene Corder- plowed his biplane into the White House during the Clinton years... Arab hijackers once planned to crash their captive plane into the Eiffel Tower, etc.
Silverstein, the owner of building no. 7, where documents related to many high level criminal investigations were being stored, admitted to 'pulling' the building. But officially, it is the only modern steel frame structure to ever collapse due to incidents happening to nearby buildings.

At least seven of the alleged hijackers are still alive (BBC)

Bush gave Osama Bin Laden ample time to escape, then used Afghani locals who were known to be sympathetic towards Osama to help hunt for him near Tora Bora. Soon afterwards Bush declared on national TV that he didn't care where Osama was.

At first Bush and Cheney threatened anyone who sought to investigate the September 11 attacks. Public pressure finally caused him to appoint a whitewash panel-

In the very first few days after the attack, most media outlets reported that very unusual and large dollar amounts of stock exchange activity, way beyond chance fluctuations, had occurred in the three weeks prior to the attack- 'put sells,' or bets that the airlines involved would soon suffer great financial losses- Someone or some group had obvious foreknowledge and made alot of money off of the attacks. By September 15, the story had been killed, because of where it was leading. When you examine the final commission report, this incident is not even mentioned- they did not try to 'follow the money.' The former deputy director of German intelligence did follow the trail- it led to a European bank that the U.S. CIA often utilized, and to accounts owned by leaders in the CIA.

Lt. Col. Shaffer claims operation 'Able danger' identified Atta and three other hijackers as serious threats a year before 9-11. Because of mounting evidence against the official version of events, former FBI director Freeh, writing an op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal, has recently called for a new investigation, and an investigation of the first investigation.

Some people really believe that 19 illegal immigrants, many of whom were marginally retarded, plotted in caves and with box cutters and managed to bring the worlds greatest and most terrible empire temporarily to its knees?
In the old days, 'probable cause' had to be presented to a judge before any surveillance occurred. Anyone who does not get a judges order first is subject to five years imprisonment for each incident of illegal surveillance....... Bush, his Attorney General Gonzalez, and General Hayden, are all obviously not intelligent enough to understand the concept of probable cause or the fourth amendment.


Socrates heard a voice that instructed him... Ernest Shakleton claimed that an invisible presence helped guide him to safety during his polar crisis.... The painter Max Ernst communed with a hybrid bird creature named Loplop, and it was a source of his creativity.
Sometimes in my solitude it seems as though my mind divides itself and another being assumes whirling reality- this being is neither good nor bad, and speaks other languages yet i can understand. Jung's ideas concerning dissasociation and channelling relate well to Heideggers premise- our minds our not our own anyway. Human individuality is an aberration, the 'Fall' really did take place and the goal is to restore consciousness to the primal unity it once possessed...but the chess player does not understand that is playing against itself, scaffolding towards a Wagnerian climax: 'Childhoods End.'
Man cannot live by bread alone. One needs peanut butter, sliced bananas, and milk, also.
Most of life consists of problem solving.
Col. Percy Fawcett....Ambrose Bierce....Villon....

Friday, May 19, 2006

Suburban sprawl sucks. Cities should develop their interior, build up and down, not out. Most activities should be confined inside a tightly compact area, to foster human interaction. This would eliminate the need for excess autos and would enhance the feeling of community, while sparing the outer environment.
(did i mention killing all the lawyers? ... )

My Eschatological Exegesis

What hath we wrought? Our mechanized industrial synthetic-cybernetic world is running amok, disorganized by corrupt rule makers who are seemingly inaccesible
....Earth has experienced five great extinctions in the past and is currently undergoing a sixth- due, mainly, to Mans short term greed. We may be fatally infected with thanatos, trapped inside a long emergency.The battle is over the commons- things held in common. And what is that? the air, the sea, the deserts, mountains and forests-all of nature. Emperor Justinian first encoded the concept of the commons... Magna Carta later extended it in English law... Teddy Roosevelt helped immensely, as did Rachel Carson and Nixon, but enough was never done. But the failure of the ecology movement is most evident in recent history. President Bush, selected to rule by a few bankers and oilmen, has posted industry lapdogs in positions of power where instead of guarding the commons they are violently raping it. The controls over the clean air and water act have been loosened. The standards for the endangered species act have been rewritten. Mountain top mining in Appalachia is destroying the entire region..inside our children's blood flows harmful amounts of toxic metals and endocrine disruptors..... and the oceans are breathing their last sighs. We once rallied and did save the Eagle, we once did care.

Spellbound by gadgets and slaves to our tools, choking upon the poisoned air of our 'success,' how are we to extricate ourselves from our dehumanized nightmare? Too many cemetary talkers, scoffers and mockers, try to derail the implementation of the possible positive processes necessary to ensure that the inheritors and creator-preservers prevail. The danger has not really been the evil inside bad men, but the apathy among good people everywhere that allows evil to rule. Our leaders are only people, and they can be replaced. Our condition has a partly circular origin- fascist corporations induce us to give up. Never before in human history have so many been fooled by so few. In a few decades, our planetary civilization probably will not exist: either way, we need a new system. Until there is a conversion to local decentralized administration and economic democracy and sustainability, there can be little improvement...or even hope. If we look outward, we can dream only a little- but if we look inward, our hearts can know.

The land bound by iron, four horsemen approach.
The antidote for apathy is enthusiasm- to produce enthusiasm one needs two things- an ideal, and a concrete plan that can drag the dream into existence...

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, dedicated people can change the world. Indeed, thats the only way it has ever been changed."-Anthropologist Margaret Mead.

Inchoate ?


The other night i dreamed i was out carousing in a saloon somewhere- i kept trying to order 'White Russians' - but the bartender only laughed. It seemed as though the planet was run by and populated only by Africans, so there no longer was such a drink as a 'White Russians' (?) .....the next day, i had pretty much forgotten this dream. ....That evening i went bar hopping for the first time in a year. I ordered White Russians all night long, and only then did i remember.....

She probably was the the one for me, but i was too dumb then to know how to make it happen. We met in Europe, she was from Bratislava, her name was L........

Most people don't understand that the real purpose of intoxication is to sharpen the mind. You become more honest with your feelings, the truth comes out...

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Cars need to be phased out and replaced with monorails and bikes.

(Beijing just announced car-free mondays, to help reduce pollution)

Telluric currents waiting to be numbered

Many people think that the great acceleration of Western Europe occurred during the Renaissance in the 1400's. It didn't. It happened between 1150 and 1250 AD- over 100 great cathedrals rose toward the sky, like a fearless new dawn to grace the Medieval world, invigorating urban life. The most mysterious one- Chartres in France, was built upon sacred pagan-Druidic ground. .... the architect(s) and the source of the technology used remains unknown.....the stained glass could not be replicated for centuries.... only on summer solstice a shaft of sunlight peers through a gap in the windows and strikes a certain raised knob on a stone slab, indicating close cooperation between all the craftsmen and workers involved. Why? Rumored to be inspired by the Knights Templar and built with a secret science, maybe something marvelous was discovered beneath old Solomons Temple after all. Chartres forever
remains a masterpiece of Gothic architecture-
Leibnitz argued that time was related to objects and their relationships with the spacial world- Kant expanded this idea to say that the mind invents the concept of time for purposes of stability. McTaggart finally ended the debate- time does not exist. It is merely an 'ideal' thrown over objects related to their place in the multiverse, and has more to do with an objects capacity to 'change' ...There might be just one, unitary time: the linear progression of moments is illusory. To know the one Now means and promises liberation....

But who conjures the mind?

Monday, May 15, 2006

The wealthiest three people on the planet have more wealth or GDP than the smallest 48 countries combined. (They must be very early risers).
Who forged the Niger documents?

Just what exactly are the Bush people doing with/to the skull of Geronimo?

Sunday, May 14, 2006

The magnetic poles are rapidly shifting -usually, they only move about six miles a year. Now, the north pole is hiking about 30 miles every twelve months, and will soon drift out of Canada and into Siberia. If the poles flip, compass needles will point in the oppposite direction. Extra cosmic/solar radiation will bombard Earth, due to the holes in the magnetosphere. Cancers and mutations will likely increase, and telecommunications could be seriously disrupted.
Most Libyans work from 9am to 2 pm. They have also outlawed landlords i.e., 'community terrorists.'

Cuba has the best health care system in the developing world- their infant mortality is the lowest for Latin America, and Cubans on average live about as long as their counterparts in north America.

The constitution of East Timor stipulates that workers have the right to unionize, strike, and be employed in a healthy environment.... access to all government records is also guaranteed.

(The US government routinely ignores requests for personal and state documents by its citizens, most people have two or more jobs to make ends meet, and for about 60 million of us, a major illness often means financial ruin) .

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Rumor has it U.S. scientists are attempting to clone Abraham Lincoln. Though the symbolism is appreciated , i would prefer that the first human clones would be the original Three Stooges. The spirit of mirth anchored to intellectual curiousity holds the promise of healing the world.

(An Asian team tried unsucessfully to bring the Tasmanian Wolf back from extinction, using preserved DNA bits from the 1930's ).

Friday, May 12, 2006


For years, the area of the Sherman-Bigelow ranch in NE Utah has exhibited multiple incidences of paranormal activity. The local Indians have always avoided the place, claiming it is haunted by a "Skinwalker." People who have lived there have seen 'classic' UFO's, lights and orbs in the sky and near the ground, reports of animal mutilations, misplaced objects where they could never be ordinarily... strange machine sounds can sometimes be heard in the air or beneath the ground....Bigfoot like creatures have appeared, rays of light leading to 'portals' or other dimensions (?) ..... And many other strange goings on...have been alleged to occur. After the last family was run out, the property was bought by a mysterious company-NIDS- that investigates anomalous phenomenon ( This company has curious governmental/military links). A tentative conclusion reached by the researchers is that there exists an invisible, unitary and precognitive consciousness over the entire ranch zone. This entity is definitely NOT benign. NIDS claims to have the ranch under tight security, to discourage curiousity seekers....

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Geographic tabloid-free zones should be established (parks, bars, etc.) where inane or sensational subject matters cannot be discussed, to better enhance the cultivation of gravitas among the populace. Violators will be put in colonial style stocks.

Under certains circumstances, dueling should be brought back.

Psychiatrists should be forced to be mental patients for one week, as part of their training, incognito.

Most opinion polls should be banned.

Dissolve the Federal Reserve.

Militarize the southern border.

Limit how much media one corporation can own.

Autonomous, free recreational zones ought to be established where all drugs and 'vices' are legal.
The Hippocratic oath ought to be legally binding.