Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Chinese Room

For millennium humans have struggled to answer the question- what is mind? Is the mind a substance separate from the body? Or are our thoughts merely a mode or extension of chemicals and electricity? Is materialism the final answer to the mind-body problem? How do we mix mind and body, which are two different things?

Many proponents of materialism support 'strong artificial intelligence' or strong AI. They believe that ultimately computers will evolve to the point where they can be said to possess independent consciousness, or thought. Adding the right 'program' will make them "human" They will pass the Turing test

( Alan Turing was a British scientist who helped win World War Two with his master code breaking. Turing was the first computer scientist and died in 1954 under suspicious circumstances. The 'Turing test' was a test meant to show that a computer could become indistinguishable from a human). For this discussion, the mind is considered to be 'software.'

John R. Searle has challenged the strong AI crowd- he says computers can never 'think' like humans or become aware. Here is his thought experiment:

Imagine a locked room. This room has a port where pieces of paper are slipped in. Chinese characters are written on these pieces of paper. Inside this room there is a man whose job is to translate these messages,from one Chinese script to another Chinese script. But he doesn't understand one word of Chinese. He has in this room a book, that, while written in the Chinese language that he doesn't know, it still allows him to compare the slipped- in pages of Chinese script to the proper characters in the book, thus allowing him to translate the mysterious chinese script into the intended Chinese message. He then pushes the new translations through a second port, to the outside world. Throughout all this, the man neither understands one word of the original message, nor one word of the book, nor the translated result. The meaning of the message is completely unknown to him- he does not understand Chinese, and that is the only language that he has been working with from start to finish.

To an outside observer, the man inside the room understands Chinese. But he doesn't. He passes the Turing test, but he is still ignorant; if a human cannot know what he's doing in this situation, could a computer?
Searle's argument was first published in 1980 and is considered to be a classic and precise refutation of the idea that man -made machines will ever be able to independently think and have awareness similar to humans. The theory holds true if you assume that the whole can never be greater than the sum of it's parts....if you combine the book and the man, do you then have understanding?

(more later)
If the world attempted to convert its energy use from oil to nuclear power, to replace this oil we would need to build over 10,000 new nuke plants. These plants would then completely deplete the Earths reserves of uranium in about 25 years.

However: a new type of reactor utilizing thorium shows promise- these reactors will never suffer a dangerous meltdown, and their radioactive waste byproducts would only be hazardous for a few hundred years, instead of thousands of years as for uranium. We might even be on the threshold of devising a way to 'eat' radioactive waste with electro-chemical processes.

(WWW.Thorium.TV).... & "Energy from Thorium"
"Every aspect of our lives must be subject to an inventory" -

Spoken by Rep. Nancy Pelosi, third in line to the US Presidency. She said this while visiting the choir, er, I mean China. The statement is not just a reference to global warming, she meant human rights too. This cat she let out of the bag is a 2,000 pound rabid saber tooth tiger...The Chinese leadership has successfully terrorized over one billion people into submission, they provide the template...If you are not terrified by the prospect of continued Republicrat rule, there is something wrong with you.

The Texas Senate just approved a bill to allow the Feds to help install cameras along all state highways.

"The cause of America is in great measure the cause of all mankind"- Thomas Paine
Never before in our history has a President broken so many campaign promises in so short a time.

The administration quakes in its boots before the Turks- during his visit, Obama reneged on his promise to condemn the Armenian massacres

( During World War One the Turks killed about 600,000 Armenians (1915) during a forcible deportation after numerous clashes, some of which were legitimate incidents on both sides . 21 nations have recognized what happened in 1915 as a "genocide" ...todays Armenian community abroad is a direct result of the event, which they term the "Great Calamity").

Bush-Cheney merely ignored their critics, while Obama wants to criminalize dissent- plans for the 'preventive detention' of US citizens are humming along.

North Korea launched a missile- while Obama sipped Perrier on the Riveraand did nothing. Hilary Clinton's speeches demon-ized the North Koreans, so they exploded an atomic bomb. What to do, what to do..."I know, lets censor the internet and restrict the second amendment. Pass me some more of that bailout money."
(S.778 will give the Prez the power to pull the plug on the internet, or shut down major portions of it, in the event of a catastrophic 'national emergency.'... Sotomayor is on the record- in a disturbing First Amendment case, she chose to silence a high school girl whose private blog referred to a few school officials as "douche-bags").

Obama will go to Egypt in a few days- the Israelis have undercut his mission, by announcing that West bank settlements will expand at a 'natural rate.' Bibi Natanyehu is more dangerous than Obama- Bibi could strike Iran, under the false assumption that he can get away with it. The Iranian nuclear industry is deep underground, scattered across the nation- you cannot eliminate their program without destroying the entire country. The whole point in having a nuclear bomb is to be able to use it- if any so called 'rogue state' used the bomb in an aggressive manner, they would face massive would be suicidal. Iran and North Korea have no real intention to use the bomb against anyone.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Neanderthal mystics

Our next Supreme is a member of La Raza? La Raza is a rabidly racist pro-Hispanic anti -everybody else organization. Their unofficial motto is "Kill the Gringo." They want our southern tier to break off from the central government to join Mexico. Sotomayor is an unabashed trans nationalist brown supremacist who wants to curb free speech on the internet and the radio... this is sort of like a Reagan appointee being a member of the KKK.

What we have is a situation where most of our political elite have given up on America. They are internationalists, or trans corporatists. The elites have transfered their loyalty to nebulous extra-territorial entities, like the European Union, the UN and the nascent North American Union, all of which is really run by the big banks, who are in turn run by a narrow coterie of the super-rich; all of their money is stolen from you and me.
If there is any allegiance to any particular country at all, it is to China.

'La Raza' means 'The Race.' They believe that the Spanish -Afro-Amerind genetic blend will conquer the north American Anglo-Saxons; they believe they are superior. They want Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, California, Nevada, and parts of Utah and Colorado to detach from the US and form what they call "Aztlan," the mythical ancestral homeland of the Aztecs. 'La Raza' despises Anglos; they even hate the English language and want it stamped out.

A majority of Mexicans embrace the goals, if not the ideology, of La Raza- the central government in Mexico City provides soon to be illegal immigrants with maps and other logistical support in their effort to cross our border. Most illegal immigrants are parasites and haters.

If you break into the US, you have broken Federal law and the penalty is six months in jail, then deportation; yet this law is rarely enforced. Our political class wants these people here, so they can dilute our culture and traditions (i.e., our legally enshrined 'due process' and respect for the sanctity of the individual, mainly). They are here to provide the financial elites with cheap labor, whether its outdoors or in the bedroom.
Can anyone really seriously compare our Bill of Rights and our landing a man on the Moon to stupid Mexican dogfights, endemic police corruption, goofy machismo and rampant wife beating?

They might win because we have let our guard down, and they breed like rabbits. Sotomayor and Obama are traitors.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"...and ye shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free." John 8:32

Watch close- the President is hit, he raises his arms up to his neck area...then the fatal second bullet pushes him back and to the side, his head snaps backwards. Watch the blood spray.
Was he killed with a head shot coming from the front-side, or did the second shot originate from behind the President?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

ATWA is Charles Manson's environmental organization. ATWA stands for "Air, Trees, Water, Animals."

You are either fighting to protect the earth or you are a supporter of death.

Either you join with Manson and help create a better world where you can breathe clean air, or you ally yourself with the polluting death and war machine and you will die.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Normal human pH is around 7....Just one 12 oz. can of coke contains enough acid to instantly change a persons blood pH level to 4.2- low enough to kill.
The body has alkaline- buffers that protect us from sudden death every time we consume a "soft" drink.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Did you know...

From about 1530 to 1800, the Barbary coast Muslim African kingdoms often raided Europe to get white Christian slaves. About 1.2 million Europeans were thus forced into servitude; some of the raids went as far as England. Once shackled in Africa, these white slaves were subjected to vicious treatment as galley oarsmen, open pit miners, or household sex objects.
(The reverse didn't happen- West Europeans did not raid the north African coast for slaves).

"Confucius" and "Confucianism" was invented by Jesuit priests around 1579...They took an obscure legend about a long dead mythical warrior -sage and added their own Christian concepts...The (new) legend became influential within European intellectual circles... Enlightenment thinkers embraced "Confucius" as a model of reasonableness and moderation. When Chinese nationalism expanded in the early 20th century, the Chinese needed inspiration, so they borrowed the European legend and made it their own.

Since the late 1970's, most educated people have been led to believe that before the historical period, there existed a near global sisterhood of priestesses who wisely ruled human communities, and only as urbanization spread in the Near East (by 3,000 BC) did patriarchy supplant the 'cult of the goddess.' But there is no solid evidence for this idea. Feminist anthropologists often cite the discovery of ancient matronly figurines and sculptures to support their thesis...when male human or ambiguous animal figures are found next to these objects, these other objects are ignored. Other interpretations for the female artifacts are more credible ...yet these facts are ignored by the revisionists.

Friday, May 22, 2009


Every responsible psychologist who has watched the scenes of Lee Harvey Oswald being publically paraded around the Dallas police station in the aftermath of the assassination of President Kennedy agree- Oswald is genuinely bewildered by his circumstances; he convincingly denies his involvement in the murders.

Officer Tibbet was killed soon after the Presidential hit- afterwards, as Oswald slipped into a theater without paying for a ticket, a suspicious citizen called the Dallas police.
A police officer and the President have just been whacked, so 30 police officers respond to arrest a movie line jumper?
Oswald may not have killed anyone; Tibbet may have been the shooter on the Grassy Knoll.

There is a remote chance that the fatal head -shot bullet was fired by George Bush Sr., our future Director of the CIA and President (1988-1992). Analysis of a photo of "Badgeman" reveals an identical receding hairline, and other facial points or cues line up well with either Tibbet or Bush. At the time, Bush was a CIA operative and wealthy businessman, age 32? He claims that he has no idea where he was, or what he was doing, the moment that Kennedy was shot...which would make him the only American who was an adult at the time to suddenly experience amnesia on November 22, 1963. I personally feel that George Bush Sr. was too white collar and patrician to get his delicate hands dirty by being a trigger man, but you never know...he was almost certainly involved in the "cleanup"of the assassination, getting rid of evidence that could point to the real culprits.

Tibbet may have been assigned with disposing of Oswald, and Oswald beat him on the draw...or Tibbet may have been murdered by unknown others to silence Tibbet and/or further implicate Oswald, and thus cause the Dallas police to murder Oswald before he could talk. In any event, Jack Ruby ended up killing Oswald 47 hours later, and Ruby was poisoned and killed in prison 2 and 3/4 years after that. Why Ruby never spilled his guts as he lay dying is beyond me. Would the real killers exact revenge upon Ruby's family or friends? Ruby was 'persuaded' to kill Oswald because they had been photographed together in the days leading up to Kennedy's death- Ruby would be outed as an accomplice if he didn't do as he was told.

About 90 seconds after Kennedy is hit, motorcycle officer Marion Baker is inside the Texas Book Depository, looking for suspects; with revolver in hand, he encounters Oswald on the second floor... Oswald is casually getting a coca-cola from a drink machine- or he gets the coke just afterwards. The cop lets Oswald go when a supervisor -Roy Truly-tells the officer that Oswald is an employee. Oswald then goes down a flight of stairs, and exits the building from its Elm street front entrance-witnesses said that he was nonchalant, wearing his usual dreamy expression. The Warren commission notes this detail. Police seal the building shut moments later.

You shoot the President of the United States from the sixth floor, stash the rifle, run down several flights of stairs, and knowing that police will soon be swarming all over the place, you decide a soda would be really refreshing... then you have to deal with a trigger happy cop ... all without breaking a sweat or even breathing hard???

My personal belief is that Oswald was indirectly involved. He was on the near-peripheral edge of a plot against Kennedy, and the other conspirators duped and framed him. Oswald was not a shooter, yet he may have been led to believe that he was going to be be one....which brings us to the liklihood that Oswald had a look -alike "double." This man may even have been inside the Book Depository at the time of the shooting...The real Oswald was known to prefer Dr. Pepper.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

About 1,700 Mexicans and other Latins arrive in California each day...about 400 additional automobiles hit the California highways every day...most of these newcomers have zero sense of any civic mindedness, or ecological concern. Many hate the US, and are here to leech off of our bounty.

The illegal immigration issue has many components, but the main unspoken aspect is overpopulation. Too many new people are coming into the country, polluting the air, using our water, and committing crimes while helping to keep wages low. 70% of all US population increase is from immigration. Our immigrant forefathers came here, learned English, assimilated and became Americans. The invaders from the south have no intention of assimilating- indeed, they are demanding that Anglo-Saxon culture disappear. Most radio stations along our southern tier are now using a Spanish language format. In some cities, like Miami, if you speak English you will have a harder time finding a job than you would if you speak Spanish.

A majority of US politicians are complicit in this treason, because Republicans, Democrats, Greens, and Libertarians want to placate their corporate paymasters, or gain new voters for their party, or they dislike WASP culture and want to transform the nation. Libertarian party policy is guided by a reckless and extreme concept of 'personal freedom.' The invasion is abetted by the American people, due to their apathy and ignorance, which has been given to them by the traitors in the media.

Congress is most impressed by a personal visit, and next, by a phone call. If you email, they tend to think that you are too lazy and timid to directly confront someone on the issues. Federal law mandates that all constituent letters be read by Senatorial staffers, but non -constituent mail is burnt unread.

Monday, May 18, 2009


The stupefying effects of the digital age....a lost generation sleep walks into the future, their zombie brains remotely controlled by electronic gadgets.

The 20th century existentialists bemoaned the dehumanizing influence of our accelerating technology- overly processed food rots our bodies, while TV melted our brains. In stepped the personal computer and its evil cousin, the cell phone. Kids run their mouths all day, they text message all night...and never manage to say anything. A false rhythm prevails...
Everything has been reversed- the classroom is 'downtime' time spent away from their silly machines....Before,, the classroom was the most active moment of the day, exploration hour.

Online shopping...automated banking...prepaid toll booths...these remove the other human from the equation. The individual is faced with buttons, the individual is alone.

Most people under the age of 35 do not even read the newspapers, on or off line. They get their current events from late night comedians and a certain comedy channel program that imitates news broadcasting...yet these comics are empty suits- during a recent writers strike, they went off the air, because the front men for these shows don't have any of their own jokes-there isn't much inside their collective heads.

The under 35 set thinks in terms of sound bites.

They can email, text message and yap on their cell phones till the radiation starts to eat their grey matter, but it is all futility. These people cant change a flat tire, walk in the deep woods by them selves all day, or read anything serious that is more than 400 pages long. 'History' has been abbreviated... 'Skills' have become confused with knowledge...The GPS has eliminated instincts for direction...spell check obliterates the need to know how to spell. we have become tools of our tools, our natural humanity atrophies. The question isn't whether machines think, but does Man?
Science is no longer in the hands of gentlemen scientists; mega corporations and government control research.

'Government' has never been 'cool' ... 'big business' has never been 'cool'...why embrace politicians who are owned by big money?

The music young people listen too is beyond awful-most of it sucks. Although not a direct result of the Internet age, a collapsing aesthetic goes hand in hand with a rampaging technology. A creeping philistinism accompanies the march of our homogenized society. Devo was right.

All the polling and studies suggest that people were much happier 40-50 years ago, before the gadget takeover. More people are loners today than ever before- they are electronically in touch with the world wide web, yet they are forced to eat big Pharma's poisonous pills just to cope with their cybernetic and social hell.
How many trees have to be cut down to satisfy our need for speed? How many tigers are slaughtered to sustain our technological advance? There are only 6,000 left...Do you want to live in a world without tigers?
The original challenge of modernity- how to humanize technology- remains unmet.

"Technology is making gestures precise and brutal, and with them men" (Theodore Adorno)

"Technology is the knack for so arranging the world that we dont have to experience it" ( Max Frisch)

"I am sorry to say that there is too much point to the wisecrack that life is extinct on other planets because their scientists were more advanced than ours" (President John F. Kennedy)
the original intent of the founders was to disallow political parties. Parties were usually corrupt, a good Republic modeled after early Rome should have nothing to do with them. Instead, the "faction" "caucus", and even "Junta" were envisioned as being the best alternative to parties.
The original 13 colonies didn't have a single bank. The Crown viewed banks as being possibly subversive, so the colonials were forced to bank in London.
Nataniel Greene was a famous American Revolutionary War General...his efforts helped win the war, by exhausting the British...yet he never won a battle.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

This morning I dreamed about "Say's Law" a concept that I have only encountered about twice in my life, and neither time in my recent history. The law relates to economics and was formulated about 250 years ago in France...It states that supply or production can create its own demand, or something like that. Hmm.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"Were not in Wonderland anymore, Alice"

"You made your children what they are.... These children that come at you with knives, they are your children. You taught them. I didn't teach them. I just tried to help them stand up.... You can project it back at me, but I am only what lives inside each and every one of you. My father is your system.... I am only what you made me. I am a reflection of you.”

If Charles Manson had hypnotic or cult leader- type powers over his circle, then why are his former associates still in prison? Wouldn't they have 'diminished capacity' and have had less legal responsibility? They are almost entering their 40th year of incarceration.

Charlie has never been able 'influence' his jailors into giving him any special treatement- just the opposite- he has been singled out for unusual and harsh punishments- proof that he never could have strongly 'influenced' anyone to commit any serious crime.
We are suppose to believe that a man who had spent most of his life in jails and prisons, who had no real history of violence, who had previously always been in trouble before for crimes such as grand theft auto and check forgery....suddenly gets out of prison, develops numerous friendships and seems to have life going his way... then he becomes a rabidly dangerous killer?

If Charles Manson never killed anyone, nor was able to directly command anyone to kill for him- why is he still in prison? (He was never convicted of personally commiting any murders; he was convicted only of conspiracy, or ordering, the killings, which I just showed in the previous paragraphs to be a logical absurdity).

If he is really only guilty of being an 'accessory after the fact'...why did he get the death penalty or life without any real chance of parole? Can you name any other case where an 'accessory after the fact' got as harsh a punishment?

Isn't it true that Charles Manson did not get a fair trial? Didn't he demand to represent himself, as allowed by our laws, and wasn't this request denied?

If the establishment (in 1969) needed a scapegoat to dramatically end the anti-materialistic hippie, flower- power era... they could not have come up with a better scenario.
"You know, a long time ago being crazy meant something. Nowadays, everybody's crazy."
Imagine: if you visited and interviewed Manson every day over a period of six months....Is there ANYTHING that he could EVER say or do that would make you kill anyone?
Charles Manson is, for the most part, innocent of the crimes that he has been charged with.

Joseph Smith (founder of Mormonism) claimed to have had several angelic such event occurred at his home. At the time, he lived in a small cabin, a replica of which is maintained by the LDS chuch near the site of the original (shown above).

Joeseph slept in a room with five other brothers; his other relatives slept within 25 feet of him. The angel appeared in dramatic fashion, filling the entire room with light, etc., speaking to Joseph, and Joseph spoke back.

Did the other family members witness this event? If not, why not? Later testimony indicates that the visitation in the family home was a dream, and was not an actual waking, physical event.

Distric 4 Wisconsin court of appeals has ruled that police can attach hidden GPS devices to citizens cars- without a warrant, and even when the citizen isn't even a suspect.
Around 2002 Portugal decriminalized all drugs. The action has been a smashing success- crime is way down, and the country did not become a drug tourist destination.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Naders analysis and vision

'Corporate Socialism'
By Ralph NaderThursday, July 18, 2002; Page A29
The relentless expansion of corporate control over our political economy has proven nearly immune to daily reporting by the mainstream media. Corporate crime, fraud and abuse have become like the weather; everyone is talking about the storm but no one seems able to do anything about it. This is largely because expected accountability mechanisms -- including boards of directors, outside accounting and law firms, bankers and brokers, state and federal regulatory agencies and legislatures -- are inert or complicit.
When, year after year, the established corporate watchdogs receive their profits or compensation directly or indirectly from the companies they are supposed to be watching, independent judgment fails, corruption increases and conflicts of interest grow among major CEOs and their cliques. Over time, these institutions, unwilling to reform themselves, strive to transfer the costs of their misdeeds and recklessness onto the larger citizenry. In so doing, big business is in the process of destroying the very capitalism that has provided it with a formidable ideological cover.
Consider the following assumptions of a capitalistic system:
1) Owners are supposed to control what they own. For a century, big business has split ownership (shareholders) from control, which is in the hands of the officers of the corporation and its rubber-stamp board of directors. Investors have been disenfranchised and told to sell their shares if they don't like the way management is running their business. Nowadays, with crooked accounting, inflated profits and self-dealing, it has proven difficult for even large investors to know the truth about their officious managers.
2) Under capitalism, businesses are supposed to sink or swim, which is still very true for small business. But larger industries and companies often have become "too big to fail" and demand that Uncle Sam serve as their all-purpose protector, providing a variety of public guarantees and emergency bailouts. Yes, some wildly looted companies that are expendable, such as Enron, cannot avail themselves of governmental salvation and do go bankrupt or are bought. By and large, however, in industry after industry where two or three companies dominate or presage a domino effect, Washington becomes their backstop.
3) Capitalism is supposed to exhibit a consensual freedom of contract -- a distinct advance over a feudal society. Yet the great majority of contracts for credit, insurance, software, housing, health, employment, products, repairs and other services are standard-form, printed contracts, presented on a take-it-or-leave-it basis. Going across the proverbial street to a competitor gets you the same contract. Every decade, these "contracts of adhesion," as the lawyers call them, become more intrusive and more insistent on taking away the buyers' constitutional rights to access to courts in favor of binding arbitration or stipulate outright surrender of basic rights and remedies. The courts are of little help in invalidating these impositions by what are essentially private corporate legislatures regulating millions of Americans.
4) Capitalism requires a framework of law and order: The rules of the economic game are to be conceived and enforced on the merits against mayhem, fraud, deception and predatory practices. Easily the most powerful influence over most government departments and agencies are the industries that receive the privileges and immunities, regulatory passes, exemptions, deductions and varied escapes from responsibility that regularly fill the business pages. Only those caught in positions of extreme dereliction ever have reason to expect more than a slap on the wrist for violating legal mandates.
5) Capitalist enterprises are expected to compete on an even playing field. Corporate lobbyists, starting with their abundant cash for political campaigns, have developed a "corporate state" where government lavishes subsidies, inflated contracts, guarantees and research and development and natural resources giveaways on big business -- while denying comparable benefits to individuals and family businesses. We have a government of big business, by big business and for big business, even if more of these businesses are nominally moving their state charters to Bermuda-like tax escapes.
"Corporate socialism" -- the privatization of profit and the socialization of risks and misconduct -- is displacing capitalist canons. This condition prevents an adaptable capitalism, served by equal justice under law, from delivering higher standards of living and enlarging its absorptive capacity for broader community and environmental values. Civic and political movements must call for a decent separation of corporation and state.
In 1938, in the midst of the Great Depression, Congress created the Temporary National Economic Committee to hold hearings around the country, recommend ways to deal with the concentration of economic power and promote a more just economy. World War II stopped this corporate reform momentum. We should not have to wait for a further deterioration from today's gross inequalities of wealth and income to launch a similar commission on the rampant corporatization of our country. At stake is whether civic values of our democratic society will prevail over invasive commercial values.
Ralph Nader is the founder of Public Citizen.
© 2002 The Washington Post Company

Sunday, May 10, 2009

If you follow the herd, you will only end up stepping in dung.
The entities that got the the billion dollar bailouts have assets valued at over 1 trillion dollars. How can this be?

If you had $50,000 in debts and $100,000 in assets, a bankruptcy Judge would laugh you out of court.

Unseen high rollers merely wanted their losses covered by the taxpayers.

Update: the banks passed the fake stress test...they count profits that have not happened yet, and think nobody will notice...hey, taxpayer! Bail me out some more!

PPIP is beyond lunacy. Crap is exchanged for cash...

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Everyone should know that the United States is not a sovereign nation. The three branches of 'our' government have been bought by the defense contractors and the international bankers.

Most Congresspersons and Judges are sadistically blackmailed. When someone begins to rise to the political top, the bankers make sure that dirt is either dug up on the new political contender, or the bankers via their proxy forces manuever the novice into a very compromising position. Videotape is made and stored away....The same goes for the mainstream media.

A false reality is presented to you and me. Our futures get stolen from us, while fat cats laugh all the way to the bank (cess)-money pit. Crime and legalized crime is so rampant, if you were to subtract from your community all the drug and human trafficking profits, your locality would suffer a total financial collapse. Until those of us who still retain some shreds of decency and integrity rise up and assert ourselves within the political arena, everything will be rotten and futile.
Go on and ignore what I say. Keep paying about half of your wages to your unseen overlords. Go on and lose your home so you can pay for a trip to the hospital. Keep fighting unnecessary foreign wars...keep working 50 hours a week just to survive...keep eating poisoned food...Go bankrupt just to cover your families nursing home and funeral expenses...

..."And the banks -- hard to believe in a time when we're facing a banking crisis that many of the banks created -- are still the most powerful lobby on Capitol Hill. And they frankly own the place," he said on WJJG 1530 AM's "Mornings with Ray Hanania."

Quote by Senator Richard Durbin (D-Ill), on or about April 30,2009

Sunday, May 03, 2009

The 1956 classic sci-fi movie "Invasion of the Body snatchers" was a documentary.
What the public thinks it knows about the 'Abu Graib' prison scandal is just the tip of the iceberg. If you knew what really happened there you might have a mental breakdown. In this blog I often write about corruption, but this story is too awful for me to relate. The award winning journalist Seymour Hersh knows most of the truth and is trying to tell the story, but I wonder if our nation could even physically survive if the world knew all the details.