Sunday, May 31, 2009

Never before in our history has a President broken so many campaign promises in so short a time.

The administration quakes in its boots before the Turks- during his visit, Obama reneged on his promise to condemn the Armenian massacres

( During World War One the Turks killed about 600,000 Armenians (1915) during a forcible deportation after numerous clashes, some of which were legitimate incidents on both sides . 21 nations have recognized what happened in 1915 as a "genocide" ...todays Armenian community abroad is a direct result of the event, which they term the "Great Calamity").

Bush-Cheney merely ignored their critics, while Obama wants to criminalize dissent- plans for the 'preventive detention' of US citizens are humming along.

North Korea launched a missile- while Obama sipped Perrier on the Riveraand did nothing. Hilary Clinton's speeches demon-ized the North Koreans, so they exploded an atomic bomb. What to do, what to do..."I know, lets censor the internet and restrict the second amendment. Pass me some more of that bailout money."
(S.778 will give the Prez the power to pull the plug on the internet, or shut down major portions of it, in the event of a catastrophic 'national emergency.'... Sotomayor is on the record- in a disturbing First Amendment case, she chose to silence a high school girl whose private blog referred to a few school officials as "douche-bags").

Obama will go to Egypt in a few days- the Israelis have undercut his mission, by announcing that West bank settlements will expand at a 'natural rate.' Bibi Natanyehu is more dangerous than Obama- Bibi could strike Iran, under the false assumption that he can get away with it. The Iranian nuclear industry is deep underground, scattered across the nation- you cannot eliminate their program without destroying the entire country. The whole point in having a nuclear bomb is to be able to use it- if any so called 'rogue state' used the bomb in an aggressive manner, they would face massive would be suicidal. Iran and North Korea have no real intention to use the bomb against anyone.


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