Friday, May 22, 2009


Every responsible psychologist who has watched the scenes of Lee Harvey Oswald being publically paraded around the Dallas police station in the aftermath of the assassination of President Kennedy agree- Oswald is genuinely bewildered by his circumstances; he convincingly denies his involvement in the murders.

Officer Tibbet was killed soon after the Presidential hit- afterwards, as Oswald slipped into a theater without paying for a ticket, a suspicious citizen called the Dallas police.
A police officer and the President have just been whacked, so 30 police officers respond to arrest a movie line jumper?
Oswald may not have killed anyone; Tibbet may have been the shooter on the Grassy Knoll.

There is a remote chance that the fatal head -shot bullet was fired by George Bush Sr., our future Director of the CIA and President (1988-1992). Analysis of a photo of "Badgeman" reveals an identical receding hairline, and other facial points or cues line up well with either Tibbet or Bush. At the time, Bush was a CIA operative and wealthy businessman, age 32? He claims that he has no idea where he was, or what he was doing, the moment that Kennedy was shot...which would make him the only American who was an adult at the time to suddenly experience amnesia on November 22, 1963. I personally feel that George Bush Sr. was too white collar and patrician to get his delicate hands dirty by being a trigger man, but you never know...he was almost certainly involved in the "cleanup"of the assassination, getting rid of evidence that could point to the real culprits.

Tibbet may have been assigned with disposing of Oswald, and Oswald beat him on the draw...or Tibbet may have been murdered by unknown others to silence Tibbet and/or further implicate Oswald, and thus cause the Dallas police to murder Oswald before he could talk. In any event, Jack Ruby ended up killing Oswald 47 hours later, and Ruby was poisoned and killed in prison 2 and 3/4 years after that. Why Ruby never spilled his guts as he lay dying is beyond me. Would the real killers exact revenge upon Ruby's family or friends? Ruby was 'persuaded' to kill Oswald because they had been photographed together in the days leading up to Kennedy's death- Ruby would be outed as an accomplice if he didn't do as he was told.

About 90 seconds after Kennedy is hit, motorcycle officer Marion Baker is inside the Texas Book Depository, looking for suspects; with revolver in hand, he encounters Oswald on the second floor... Oswald is casually getting a coca-cola from a drink machine- or he gets the coke just afterwards. The cop lets Oswald go when a supervisor -Roy Truly-tells the officer that Oswald is an employee. Oswald then goes down a flight of stairs, and exits the building from its Elm street front entrance-witnesses said that he was nonchalant, wearing his usual dreamy expression. The Warren commission notes this detail. Police seal the building shut moments later.

You shoot the President of the United States from the sixth floor, stash the rifle, run down several flights of stairs, and knowing that police will soon be swarming all over the place, you decide a soda would be really refreshing... then you have to deal with a trigger happy cop ... all without breaking a sweat or even breathing hard???

My personal belief is that Oswald was indirectly involved. He was on the near-peripheral edge of a plot against Kennedy, and the other conspirators duped and framed him. Oswald was not a shooter, yet he may have been led to believe that he was going to be be one....which brings us to the liklihood that Oswald had a look -alike "double." This man may even have been inside the Book Depository at the time of the shooting...The real Oswald was known to prefer Dr. Pepper.


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