Thursday, May 21, 2009

About 1,700 Mexicans and other Latins arrive in California each day...about 400 additional automobiles hit the California highways every day...most of these newcomers have zero sense of any civic mindedness, or ecological concern. Many hate the US, and are here to leech off of our bounty.

The illegal immigration issue has many components, but the main unspoken aspect is overpopulation. Too many new people are coming into the country, polluting the air, using our water, and committing crimes while helping to keep wages low. 70% of all US population increase is from immigration. Our immigrant forefathers came here, learned English, assimilated and became Americans. The invaders from the south have no intention of assimilating- indeed, they are demanding that Anglo-Saxon culture disappear. Most radio stations along our southern tier are now using a Spanish language format. In some cities, like Miami, if you speak English you will have a harder time finding a job than you would if you speak Spanish.

A majority of US politicians are complicit in this treason, because Republicans, Democrats, Greens, and Libertarians want to placate their corporate paymasters, or gain new voters for their party, or they dislike WASP culture and want to transform the nation. Libertarian party policy is guided by a reckless and extreme concept of 'personal freedom.' The invasion is abetted by the American people, due to their apathy and ignorance, which has been given to them by the traitors in the media.

Congress is most impressed by a personal visit, and next, by a phone call. If you email, they tend to think that you are too lazy and timid to directly confront someone on the issues. Federal law mandates that all constituent letters be read by Senatorial staffers, but non -constituent mail is burnt unread.


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