Thursday, May 28, 2009

Neanderthal mystics

Our next Supreme is a member of La Raza? La Raza is a rabidly racist pro-Hispanic anti -everybody else organization. Their unofficial motto is "Kill the Gringo." They want our southern tier to break off from the central government to join Mexico. Sotomayor is an unabashed trans nationalist brown supremacist who wants to curb free speech on the internet and the radio... this is sort of like a Reagan appointee being a member of the KKK.

What we have is a situation where most of our political elite have given up on America. They are internationalists, or trans corporatists. The elites have transfered their loyalty to nebulous extra-territorial entities, like the European Union, the UN and the nascent North American Union, all of which is really run by the big banks, who are in turn run by a narrow coterie of the super-rich; all of their money is stolen from you and me.
If there is any allegiance to any particular country at all, it is to China.

'La Raza' means 'The Race.' They believe that the Spanish -Afro-Amerind genetic blend will conquer the north American Anglo-Saxons; they believe they are superior. They want Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, California, Nevada, and parts of Utah and Colorado to detach from the US and form what they call "Aztlan," the mythical ancestral homeland of the Aztecs. 'La Raza' despises Anglos; they even hate the English language and want it stamped out.

A majority of Mexicans embrace the goals, if not the ideology, of La Raza- the central government in Mexico City provides soon to be illegal immigrants with maps and other logistical support in their effort to cross our border. Most illegal immigrants are parasites and haters.

If you break into the US, you have broken Federal law and the penalty is six months in jail, then deportation; yet this law is rarely enforced. Our political class wants these people here, so they can dilute our culture and traditions (i.e., our legally enshrined 'due process' and respect for the sanctity of the individual, mainly). They are here to provide the financial elites with cheap labor, whether its outdoors or in the bedroom.
Can anyone really seriously compare our Bill of Rights and our landing a man on the Moon to stupid Mexican dogfights, endemic police corruption, goofy machismo and rampant wife beating?

They might win because we have let our guard down, and they breed like rabbits. Sotomayor and Obama are traitors.


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