Saturday, May 23, 2009

Did you know...

From about 1530 to 1800, the Barbary coast Muslim African kingdoms often raided Europe to get white Christian slaves. About 1.2 million Europeans were thus forced into servitude; some of the raids went as far as England. Once shackled in Africa, these white slaves were subjected to vicious treatment as galley oarsmen, open pit miners, or household sex objects.
(The reverse didn't happen- West Europeans did not raid the north African coast for slaves).

"Confucius" and "Confucianism" was invented by Jesuit priests around 1579...They took an obscure legend about a long dead mythical warrior -sage and added their own Christian concepts...The (new) legend became influential within European intellectual circles... Enlightenment thinkers embraced "Confucius" as a model of reasonableness and moderation. When Chinese nationalism expanded in the early 20th century, the Chinese needed inspiration, so they borrowed the European legend and made it their own.

Since the late 1970's, most educated people have been led to believe that before the historical period, there existed a near global sisterhood of priestesses who wisely ruled human communities, and only as urbanization spread in the Near East (by 3,000 BC) did patriarchy supplant the 'cult of the goddess.' But there is no solid evidence for this idea. Feminist anthropologists often cite the discovery of ancient matronly figurines and sculptures to support their thesis...when male human or ambiguous animal figures are found next to these objects, these other objects are ignored. Other interpretations for the female artifacts are more credible ...yet these facts are ignored by the revisionists.


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