Wednesday, June 27, 2012

You may say I'm a fool a believer, there are many wonders yet to be seen.

You may say I'm  a tool and a deceiver, put your foot on the ground, it is green.

I will  conceive and conjure, I am unleashed in the east...I will do such deeds, they will be the terror of the Earth...let the world tremble.

The spirit is true, the magic is strong.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

I'm in a dark place. There is a peculiar need, and so I have set my sights on a peculiar method of attaining what is save the nation. We are in a dark place, the hour is high, soon the great Noontide of our calamity will strike us down, there is not time to waste.

I conceive of a plan, born of an extreme desperation but nurtured by this safe cocoon that I now dwell in side of.....Do I dare?

Somewhere near, somewhere far...over my shoulder a goblin peaks. The allure, a fatal drive toward destiny.

Can it be done? If you knew my plan you would marvel or mock. I will break all your chains, and more...

Monday, June 11, 2012

The problem: we have a dubious character in the White House, one Barry Soetero AKA  Barack Obama,  the black or half black or black and white  man born in Hawaii or Kenya- as witnessed by his grandmother in Mombassa and confirmed by the Kenyan ambassador and Kenyan police?

 Obama and his mom have always been CIA and banker controlled agents, posing as leftists.

Government is mostly neutral, then we have public opinion, and then the  money power. I will come back to this later in a discussion on why the Austrian economists are in error. due mainly to their adherence to interest rates.The money power can 'buy' public opinion and the government- this is the dilemma

Romney is a tool or puppet of the very same people who own  Obama.

Obama's recent actions- he has virtually begun a new war against Pakistan, he has signed martial law edicts here at home, the NDAA ,  Obama has a 'kill list' that he allegedly drools over every Tuesday, he says he has ultimate power over who lives and dies, soon 30,000 domestic predator drones will monitor our every move.... the rest of the time he spends in the White House alone watching ESPN sports. Valerie Jarret is said to be the real president, even Michelle Obama is scared of her.
Obama has alienated the Catholic church with the birth control in the healthcare law issue, his endorsement of gay marriage may cost him one or two states in the fall....( Very few gay people actually want to get married...they simply want this as a trophy )...

Mittens Romney represents more wars, more surveillance, austerity,and poverty, more corporate power, Obama represents the same thing, only done in a slightly more subtle manner.