Thursday, August 19, 2010


Iron und blut

I embarked upon the artists path, it lead to infernos of smoky illusions .... empty pain....I gazed into the mirror of life......whats there, behind me? a vague figure, a simian haze stalks off down the hall...The Holy Ape- again.

I cannot sleep. Its almost 3:00 am- inside this big house how many unseen souls dwell? I hear the piano eerie melody, every night....lilts from the upper floor to my aused ears- the blade stopped short- in the nick of time, which does not exist.

The piano keeps playing its dreary dirge...but

Do you know the secret?

The room swells, breathes, exhales.a hot truth ..I see the apes face staring at me, looking down....a mist swirls in the corner, explosions..... there is terror inside this dream but I am wide awake.

Terrible woe, curses, famine and disease..... come soon, I must hide and warn you, you are in danger. The secret is layered; does your room spin in space too? Do you understand? Feints within feints....forever

I roll the dice..... bones the rooster rises as a new creature with torso and human limbs. Would you be afraid to conjure thus?

I know the future.

Blood, rain toil, tears. The way-crusher...I talk in the temple of abstinence, you look away....Its a trick-..... colors, warmth, solidity, sense perception, all this 'stuff' is just a spiders web. People becoming other people, each trapped on the wheel, but who set the snare? One.

A glow in the cobble alley...the ape grasps my wrist a nail is slammed inside my arm, the tree smells sweet, the crown is universal, a great cosmic electric chair hovers inside someones mind...who conjured you out of the clay, poor creature?

In this secret room from the past... I seek the future....sulfur, mercury, the land bound by iron, I am free...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Sunday, August 08, 2010

Since this blog is partly meant to be a record of our times, I should update now with a news blitz...

For about four months, there was a disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. An oil rig caught fire and exploded, the wellhead at the ocean floor freely gushed oil, fouling the marshes of the coast. This leak even stopped the loop current which joins the Gulf Stream. The events started on April 20-22, on Earth Day. The platform, rig, and service support team were owned or leased by TransOcean, BP, and Halliburton. BP got most of the blame, but insiders suspect sabotage by Halliburton, to help usher in Cap and Trade legislation, and obscure the Obama -damaging Blagovich trial, which it did.
Corexit, a highly toxic 'dispersant,' was used to thin the oil slick, but this was thought to be unecessary and remains controversial.
Throughout the crisis, many people succumbed to doomsday scenarios and a few even thought that this event could trigger 'the end of the world'. At the moment, the crisis seems to have abated. Obama did take some heat for mishandling the disaster...

Isreali gestapo units attacked a civilian aid flotilla in international waters, en route to Gaza, killing several. The furor over this act was soon squelched in the USA by a controversy over a comment by an aging journalist- after this comment, the Jewish owned media here focused on what was said, and little else was ever heard about the violent incident. The international political fallout for Israel was severe, however.

'Recovery summer' was a mirage...unemployment remains high, officially at 9.8%, but unofficially over 16%. The stimulus -money infusion into the economy failed.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

The globalists, who are now in their death throes, as they make one last concerted effort to totally control and then kill most of humanity.....they tell us that we should embrace diversity, yet at the same time they tell us that we are all the same, there are no races, and all cultures are equivalent. This is the same as believing that the earth is flat.

The globalists tell us that our differences are just a matter of skin color. This is absurd- there are whites who are darker than some blacks, and blacks who are lighter than some whites. What constitutes a racial type is not just color- consider: only blacks win olympic medals for sprinting and moderate long distance running, while only white Europeans win weight lifting contests. Whites and Asians completely dominate swimming and gymnastic events. Can a persons skin color create these differences? Absolutely not.

The globalists seek to supress our differences, the way the Romans suppressed their conquered peoples identities in the Mediterranean basin.

Identical twins are genetically the same....when they are seperated at birth, raised in different homes, and then later re-united, it is discovered that they still are very similar in behaviour. Who and how we are is in our genes . Environment plays a role, but this is secondary.

The globalists seek a homogenized dumbed down consumer society...they dont want real ethnic distinctions at all, since ethnic nationalism is a potent force of resistance against the globalist agenda.

The distinct groups must be preserved, for this is how the human tapestry maintains its flavor and wonder. Corporate liberals seek endless race mixing, since they think this is racial reconciliation, when in reality it is a disguised race hatred- if everyone intermarried all the time, in four or five generations there would not be any Masai, no Turk, no Irish, no Thai, we would all be one polygot group, devoid of heritage and slaves to the Corporate hymn. The plan is to obliterate culture, and replace it with electronic preserving organic culture, this acts as an antidote to the influences of the One Worlders.
The globalists want to end the black and white races once and for all; the Kume-bah-Ya liberals are the ultimate globalist dupes.

When blacks and whites here unite in their common aim- preserving their group-and ridding the planet of usury by wiping out or converting the Zionists... then we can have peace. The world will then be able to celebrate authentic diversity, which is heritage based, meaning the nation -state down to the tribe, united in a language and a common history. This is what the globalists fear- a linking up of the black and white forces of anti-usury; they fear this emergent nationalistic alliance of resistance against international finance capital and inhuman parasitism.

The current prime hinge... is the illegal immigration issue in the US. Once aware blacks unite with whites on this issue and both combine to oppose illegal immigration, then the globalists will utterly fail and freedom will reign.