Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Lion of the Desert

Gadhafi was our new friend- Obama turned on him like a mad dog. Today, loyalists retook Brega. The rebels- the bandits and terrorists- are on the run. Gadhafi will soon threaten the center of rebel territory-Benghazi. He only has a day or two, before Obomber will let loose again with Tomahawk missiles and strafing sorties (notice that NATO is at the moment pulling their punch-otherwise, the loyalists would not have been able to counterattack). The war must be prolonged, to obscure certain things ( the second Blagovich trial, etc. )...

It is said that we have intervened to save civilian lives. If the rebels win, they will be the ones murdering loyalists left and right....

The Americans have CIA officers on the ground, the Brits have SAS on the ground....Obama, son of Africa, is bombing an African nation back to the stone age. He might directly arm the monarchist bandits- I wonder if Russia will rush arms to Gadhafi?

Both sides are running out of ammunition....

The West cannot allow Gadhafi to live....he hangs tough, and might hang in the end.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Waiting for Egypt in America

NWO forces committed treason and rebelled against the rule of Muammar Qadaffi in Libya. Here, people had the highest life expectancy of any country in Africa. They could read and write, they were well fed, well housed, had proper health care, and only worked 9-2- Such was the rule of Qadaffi.

As the rebellion was about to collapse, Obama decided to launch another illegal war for oil and gas....Under the guise of 'humanitarian' air-strikes, Obama intends to overthrow Qadaffi and install a more pliable puppet among the north African oil fields. We cant have any nationalists in charge, no siree. Obama says he is acting to save civilians, while Obama launches drone attacks upon civilians along the Pakistani border....I guess when you get a Nobel peace prize it goes to your head. The fig leaf of respectability for this action was offered by the Arab League, a body made up of pro American thugs...

Obama is the principal legal shield for that other butcher, George W. Bush.

We did not consult with Congress over this war action, and he immediately cut and ran off to Brazil to hide from the press....The UN resolution is void- it violates the UN charter- we can only act to resotre international peace and order, we cannot act in another countries internal affairs. Gaddafi did not attack us, just four weeks ago he was a full partner in our "war against terror."

The idea that one party is good and the other is bad is a ridiculous notion. You people out there need to grow up. Break the Left-Right paradigm. It does not matter which party is in power- we end up with the same policy towards the mid east, the same policy towards the budget, the southern border and immigration, the drug war, the Federal Reserve, the free-falling dollar, trade and manufacturing....GROW UP AND FACE FACTS. Our elections are stage managed to ensure that the bankers choice gets into power. And who suffers all the while? YOU.

The rebels are Al Qaeda or AQ linked. The Islamic Libyan Fighting Group is based in rebel strongholds, they disproportionately contributed to Jihadists who entered Iraq to fight American invaders....The ILFG leads the rebellion , they are Al Qeada and we are their allies....if Qadaffi survives any amount of time, he will launch terror attacks upon the west, and our response will be harsh draconian legislation curbing whats left of our freedoms here. Its a perfect formula from the globalist perspective- they get the oil, they get to wipe out our middle class and rob us of our freedom, its perfect. Suckers.

Now is the time. Now is the time for the 'American street' to wake up and march. Now is the time for the American people to rise up, everyone needs to stop what they are doing , they need to take to the streets and surround Wall Street, the White House and Congress, and not leave until they get justice. This is a revolution which will sweep aside the oligarchs and restore the republic. Stock up- buy a years worth of foodstuffs in preparation for the peaceful revolt and restoration.

What we want: the resignation of most Congresses members, Senators, and the Supreme Court. Obama and Biden must resign and turn themselves in to authorities, preferable a Peoples Court.

The end of usury. Cut up your credit cards. The nation must issue its own currency. Abolish the Federal Reserve, which is private and issues money to the government at interest,which you must pay. The nation as whole should enter bankruptcy proceedings. Enact a Tobin tax on Wall Street.

Find a way to shred the derivatives. There is over $700 trillion out there in bad or shaky bets, which destabilizes the entire world economy.

End Americas occupation around the world- we have military bases stationed in a majority of the worlds countries. Cut the Pentagon budget in half and bring our soldiers home, to guard the southern border.

Decriminalize ALL street drugs and all "vices."
Do you find it curious that the three biggest contributors to US politicians happen to be extremist Israeli nationals? (Haim Saban is one).....

....Do you find it interesting that the largest, best financed lobby inside the US is AIPAC, the American Israeli action committee?

Now why would the most powerful pressure group in US politics, the group that holds the most influence over Congress, be an organization that is dedicated to helping foreigners (Israelis)???

Are you beginning to figure it out?

It has been said that Israel is Americas 51st state...this is an error- its really the other way around. The US is Israeli occupied territory. We are their slaves- that's why we went to war with Iraq, to take out one of their enemy. Our senior politicians grovel before the Israeli lobby.