Saturday, July 29, 2006

A dualism that becomes one, mans mind developing itself and reaching out to deity, as God looks down.....As each grows a merging occurs as the Supermind meets the Overmind, obscuring individuality...spiritual evolution is a two-way street. Yet regression can help propel us forward, because the unconscious has a door to the divine. In sleep or exhaustion this door opens and allows both realms to intimately interact ...

Ego must be reduced so the authentic self can assert itself.

thought-fantasy and packets of psychic energy accrue causing the illusion of permanent soul (?).

Spirits abound and can help, deity is often very far away.....

As a candle lights another and then is itself extinguished, so are our traits transmitted at the hour of death...

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Indian Mogul Emperor Akbar the Great tried to invent his own religion-he gathered Jesuits, Jains, Sufi's, Nestorians, Sunni's, Zoroastrians,Buddhists, and Hindus into the Ibadat Khana (House of Worship, but really debate) His creation stressed the unity of existence and a solar pantheism,... his Din-i-llahi ("Faith of the Divine") collected a total of 18 followers and died with him in 1605.
Starbucks has completely ruined the concept of the "Coffeeshop."
When we gossip we acknowledge that the other is more interesting than ourself.
Originally, the Hindu caste sytem was not entirely hereditary- to become a Brahmin one had to show great merit, and one could never inherit the rank.

Be Here Now

According to legend, the Apostle Thomas eventually ended up in India, along the Malabar coast, where he founded what would eventually become a distant branch of the Syrian Orthodox Church, the Kerela Christians of India. Thomas is also the supposed author of the once lost Gnostic Gospel of Thomas- which contains mystical sayings(114) ascribed to Jesus.
When the Portuguese began colonizing India after 1498, they sought to Latinize the local church, with brute force. The Jesuits compiled a history of the Indian faithful, which was suppressed in 1600. Why? It's possible that the followers of Jesus in India actually adhered more closely to his original ideas, due to their isolation and direct lineage to St. Thomas ( an ancient manuscript still exists detailing the geneology of leading families in the region and their ties to the Apostle).

Jesus taught that the ending is encapsulated before and with the beginning, we are to return to, or become aware of, our immediate experience of enlightenment that we have always posessed but which is obscured to us, because we are deluded, 'numb,''drunk', or 'asleep.' Cease your useless psychological striving for transcendance, mental utopia does not exist, only our naturalness exists. This is what is meant by the expression "The Kingdom of Heaven inside you"... .and everywhere.
The spark of the divine enables our transformation- to reach the original Godhead that existed before our fall from grace,... the primal being-the Pleroma- still exists ....(Genesis 1)
Knowledge is never enough.

Incomplete spiral

I feel as though Man and God are linked and each needs the other to evolve across eternal 'duration'...Deity is not yet complete and needs humans to perfect themselves before.....Each party relates to the other, may be the other, ...this interplay across the spheres negates the concept of iron fate and allows some measure of free will...God is learning to know...himself.

'Iqbalian', 'superior' mankind...

within this dynamic intelligence is guided by love,

Our values: lifelong education, cooperation, self-sufficiency, positive attitude, guided democracy

"Arise, and create a new world" We await the coming of the New Lords, the Vanguard.
Catholics condider active 'despair' to be a grievous sin, and in my own way, i tend to agree- following Dosteovsky, i.e.,...' to hate life is a sin'....

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Liberal lies: busing, gun control, handouts without strings attached, quotas, ....

Monday, July 24, 2006

One more year?

Amazonia is in the second year of a serious drought, and if it continues just one more year, then the entire region will probably crash and very quickly turn into a savanna and a desert. This drought is caused by people burning fossil fuels, and the clearing of the surface for grazing purposes, ...overpopulation... and global warming in the Atlantic ocean [in general]. The Amazon Jungle river basin is home to most of the worlds flaura and fauna, and provides us with oxygen and regulates weather patterns worldwide. Once this jewel is crushed, the rest of the planet may succumb and then almost all of us will die. (the UK paper The Independent, July 24, 2006)

If alot of rain does not fall in Amazonia in December and May, then the regions ecosystem will collapse. Most of the United States will turn into a bone-dry desert by 2010, society will collapse and most will starve. There is nothing that we can do,... there will be no future.

(sourced from scientists from the esteemed Woods Hole institute in Mass. ,Whitley Streiber Journal, July 25, 2006)

Even if the rain comes, there may soon be another civilization-threatening drought.

One of my long-term dreams was to visit the jungle, so im glad i made it there two years ago-

(the New York Times, December 11,2006)

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Does spiritual enlightenment exist? Over the course of evolution did 'God' genes arise in our DNA, for survival or integrative purposes only? Because religious values enabled the early human community to survive, their practicality may have caused us to confuse their origin...

But its possible these ideas are biologically based because a deity designed everything this way...."To thy own self be true"...

Marxist errors...

Karl got it wrong- his theory of history, the withering away of the state, the condemnation of spirituality, the failure to foresee how the Iron Law of Oligarchy would strangle the revolution, how the scientific propaganda machine would subvert us, the sometime positive imput of management, the necessity of some degree of profit motive, his advocacy of a too strong central government and bank obsessed with industrial production, his neglect of the importance of nationalism over classism, his flawed theory of consciousness, etc......

To be fair, Marx wrote over twenty books during a 40 year period, dealing with a wide range of subjects. His thought as an analytic tool is still useful in many areas- cultural and socio-economic. His basic premise concerning the antagonism between labor and capital, the workers and the bosses, remains true...But the legacy remains- a noble ideal and somewhat faulty ideas, led by mainly by ignoble men.

The Soviets destroyed most of their vast tundra expectancy for men living near Archangel is about 50 years... millions were needlessly exiled to the Gulag.
But the West put great pressure upon the fledgling workers state, and helped turn it into the lumbering morass it became( the US invaded Russia in 1919).

The Soviet achievement in Space is astounding- a country devastated by two world wars accomplished much... first satellite in space, first man in space, the record for longest duration of a man in space...the Russians landed probes on other planets, and almost beat the US to the Moon.....If the 1991 collapse never occurred, the Russians had planned a manned flight to Mars by the year 2000......For these reasons, the lone director of these efforts, Sergei Korolev, is one of my heroes.

The transformation of land, labor, and money into commodities subject to autonomous market mechanisms (after about 1500) was alien and inhuman compared to what preceded it- the peasantry of Europe held most fields in common, patterned after the monasteries, whose economic structure was modelled after the communist sect called 'Christians.' (The main center of early Christianity,The Jerusalem Church, held everything in common, until the destruction of the temple in 70 AD.) In the Bible, chapter of Acts, communism is preached as being the economic order commanded by the Lord.

The Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock initially wanted a communist system....

One of The Archbishops of Canterbury -William Temple (1942?) was a Marxist.

" Labor is prior to, and independent of, capital. Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not existed. Labor is superior to capital, and deserves much the greater consideration."
President Abe Lincohn, first Congressional address, Dec.3 1861

Marxism is mainly incorrect due to its severe economic determinism and materialism. Marxists believed everything was environmental- change the outward economic modes, then a 'New Man' would emerge.....This view ignores the imput of autonomous, crucial, non-material factors and interventions- religious inspiration (the Protestant Ethic), biology and genetics, art, etc.
The economic base was falsely thought to ALWAYS determine the 'ideology'....but history disproves this...

Lenin's introduction of the New Economic Policy (NEP) in 1922-1923 is viewed by many as being as the burial of orthodox Marxism.

The trade union labor movement blunted the appeal of Marxist socialism, mainly by satisfying the workers with concessions, diluting revolutionary fervor.
Martin Luther promlugated a curious mysticism. Just believe, and then you will be justified.


Muslims and Jews and Christians got along fairly well for over a thousand years...(military-political struggles between the factions were not about faith issues-Ottoman thrusts toward Vienna, ...the Berber strike into France, etc., were about wealth and power) When the European Knights attacked the Palestine area during the Crusades, the local rulers could hardly believe that foreigners could be so uncouth and barbaric. The Christians seemed to be savages in the eyes of the defending Sultans, and to a certain extent this was true (The Knights did not bathe, and Richard the Lion Hearted once led a needless slaughter against civilians- this is still talked about today in the region). The muslim warrior Saladin, a model of chivalry, is still a hero to many today- even to Israelis !!

By the time of the 7th crusade, Muslims had had enough. The Mameluke General Babyars repulsed the invasion, then repelled the Mongols (about 1260 AD). ( Go into a coffee-shop in cairo today, and chances are you will hear a minstrel singing the exploits of the Mameluke savoir of Islam).
The people of the area now had hardened their attitude toward Christian Europe, a tendency that has persisted to this day....

Before about 1885, there were no Zionist Jews in Palestine, Galilee, Samaria....They later illegally went there and then took over. Within the Koran, a duty to defend the 'Ummah,' or community of believers, is stated. As long as the US funds Israels war machine, and the IDF creates desperate refugee camps where innocents die daily, then the US leaves itself open to attack from resistance organizations. (Incidentally, Hezbollah condemned the 9-11 disaster).

Some Jews think God gave them their land in Israel-Palestine, that they are just returning to their ancestral home, so they are justified in their actions. Some argue its a question of stewardship, they have come and they have turned the desert into a modern state.

1. Just because my ancestors originally came from Europe, doesnt mean that i can illegally colonize Switzerland and form a militia and start attacking the locals.

2. Americans took the land away from the Indians and have built a modern state, but that still doesnt make it right. Maybe the US government and society should fold and return the continent to the native Indians....

As far as the God stuff goes, well....

Saturday, July 22, 2006

The major corporate media outlets have sucessfully demonized "conspiracy theories." But investigators dont build their ideas out of thin air- pieces of good evidence are woven together to arrive at a certain conclusion. Legally, a conspiracy is when two or more people get together and plan to commit a crime, and then later do something (furtherance) to help cause their planned crime to happen. Any prosecutor will tell you that conspiracies are common, [that] they occur all the time. So to doubt a well-investigated claim of conspiracy means that you have to believe in the "extreme coincidence theory."
During the Cold War, a high government official remembered his sunday school lessons about Joseph and the Pharoah, and the dream about the seven lean it became US policy to store enough foodstuffs deep underground to feed the entire country for three years, in case of emergency.
Bush has deliberately depleted these reserves.... Now, there is nothing left in stock. Why?
The humble bee faces extinction. Climate change has allowed a parasite to proliferate among bee populations, causing a drastic decline in numbers. A few species have already died out, and if the rest go, so will about a third of all flowering plants. Almost half of human food sources are derived from bee-pollination activities, so a severe famine could be in the works.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Holy Mushroom

...."It will not come by waiting for it. It will not be a matter of saying 'Here it is' or 'There it is.' Rather, the kingdom of the father is spread out upon the earth, and men do not see

..." split a piece of wood; i am there. Lift up a stone, and you will find me there"...

..."Do not stop seeking until you find. When you have found, you will be disturbed. Then you will marvel. After that you will reign, then you will have rest."...

"Whoever discovers the interpretations......will not taste death...."

Jesus, in the Gospel of Thomas.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Millennial fever struck Europe and the Near East in the 17th century- many Christians thought the Lord would return in 1666. The Jewish Zohar suggested the year 1648, and a citizen of Syrma stepped forward to claim the role of the long awaited Judaic Messiah- young Sabbatai Zevi. He travelled about the Levant seeking opportunities and converts- gradually many came to believe he really was the Jewish Messiah.....England was abuzz with speculation, and Oliver Cromwell revoked the order banning Jews from the country, because it was thought that Israel was about to be restored and the real kingdom of heaven was at hand. ( Jews had been banned from England since Magna Carta, about 200 years)The sudden appearance of a Polish prostitute who thought she was destined to marry the Messiah seemd to strengthen the movement...But Zevi angered too many Rabbi's by abrogating too many traditional rituals...Then Zevi was arrested in Constantinople by agents of the Sultan. In prison a rival messianic claimant had an audience with the inspired yet forlorn Turk, highlighting the probable absurdity of his claim...then Sabbatai suddenly converted to Islam ! (to save his neck). Amazingly he continued to attract followers, while he played one side against the other ( He argued to the Sultan that he converted to attract Jews to Islam, and he said the same to Jewish elders...) Zevi died alone and neglected a few years later, but today about 100,000 Turks still adhere to his 'brand' of Judaism.

Sabbatai Zevi's 'career' seriously damaged the worlds Jewish community- governments sought reprisals for causing such trouble(once an army of Zevites was said to be marching toward the capitol, and the garrison had to be readied...). There have been extremely few messianic claimants within Judaism since these events.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Congo activist Andre Matsoua is believed to be the Messiah by many Africans- officially he died in prison over 50 years ago, but legends persist that he rose from the dead, performed miracles, and is allegedly still active in Congolese affairs.
The Provos were countercultural youth in Holland who would provoke the police to act violently to their non-violent actions- once they passed out currants in public, and the cops started smashing skulls. The Provos began in 1965, preceded by the Teddy Boys and were followed by the Hippies.

Friday, July 14, 2006

The Unification church(The Moonies) owns a newspaper empire, including United Press International (UPI). They also own, to a certain extent, the Republican party, pumping the presidential primaries with many millions of dollars which helps select which candidate becomes the nominee.


We should colonize the Moon and Mars, and we need to to build several giant space stations - these efforts should protect our genome from a catastrophe here on Earth, allowing our unique central nervous system to expand outward toward the stars. A plague, famine, or war could end our hegemony here any day now, and it is critically important that we survive- a destiny beyond our solar system awaits us, if we are wise and bold enough to grasp it.

Ideally, only a few cities would exist on each continent, each with a population under one million. These city-states would be autonomous yet affiliated with all the others. Citizen assemblies would vote on most issues, and have the power to recall all officials.The prevailing ethic would be self-development with free inquiry and respect for everyone and nature as the guiding mores,...logic inculated early on in all. The pursuit of wealth, most private property would be viewed as a form of infantilism. Accumulating social merit to be the motive for advancement...the direction that science and technology will take will be routed through the seive of certain principles, according to several factors 1. enhancement of community 2. respect for life 3.

We will first learn how to live to be 150 years old, then we will work on physical immortality.

Alas, it seems we will end up with a seriously degraded planet, the select few managers hiding in comfort in enclosed communities in the hills, while the poisoned peasants scratch for crumbs outside. It's up to you.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

So Israel has gone nuts. Their bombing of the Beirut airport has endangered many American lives- yet Bush supports the action, abrogating his responsibility to protect our citizens. Everything the Israelis learned about how to deal with the Palestinians, they learned from the Nazi's and their methods in putting down the Warsaw rising of 1943. This event provided the template for the Israeli state's future policy concerning the Arab question. Sharon, Netanyahu, Begin, Meir, and Ben-Gurion were rabid rascists that acknowledged that they were the agressors in the Middle-East, AND in Germany. The Israeli government is largely controlled by the Russian-Ukrainian Jewish mafia (RUIM), and its tentacles reach deep into the US and help shape our policies. ( Alot of our top leaders are Zionists with dual citizenship with Israel-Wolfowitz,Chertoff,Feith,et al).

The fact that most Jews went to their deaths in WW2 without resisting, ... has partly led to the current Israeli inflexibility.
It has been suggested that Israeli military forces are superior to any single European Nato nations forces- this is true.

There will never be peace until the Palestinians have a complete state,or there is a single yet two religion state.... and all sides should share Jerusalem, making it a new international city administered by the UN. (or at least run by two sides, like Berlin during the Cold War....) Why should the world be blown up over a mere 40 acres of land-the Temple Mount and Dome of the Rock area ? Buber was ahead of his time.

"We must expel Arabs and take their places." David Ben-Gurion, 1937.

[The Palestinians] "are beasts walking on two legs." Menachem Begin, June 25, 1982, in a speech before the Knesset.
George Van Tassel dug a cave beneath the worlds largest free standing boulder, near Joshua Tree in southern California. There he heard voices of aliens, and these voices instructed him. He built nearby a fantastic dome building, said to be the most acoustically perfect in the US. Its purpose was to 'bathe' the body in soundwaves that would electrically recharge the individual and promote health and increased longevity.Van Tassel began this project in the early 1950's, and continued working for 18 years. Recently the great stone split in half, fulfulling an Indian prophecy of a new world to come

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


After Roman authority collapsed across Europe(410-476 AD), a supposed Dark Age set in, full of ignorance and woe- while not exactly true, society was quite primitive in areas like Britain or Gaul until about 1200- but before that the region had a center of learning often overlooked by history-

Saint Columba was a monk based in Ireland, when he transcribed a Psalter and took the original copy- this action infuriated a powerful Chieftain and led to a bloody feud and the battle of Cul Dreinhme, in 561 AD. Columba fled to Scotland, full of guilt, and began a zealous mission that earned him the ownership of the island of Iona. Here a grand Library was built, a mystery to this day (what happened to all the books?).

Iona became the center of 'Celtic Christianity.' Here, Easter was calculated to occur on a different date, the concept of Limbo and Original Sin were altered, and ecclesiastic authorities openly defied the Pope, without suffering consequences.

According to legend, St. Columba once confronted and rebuked the Loch Ness Monster.
One of my favorite actors is Klaus Kinski. Once he had a part reading a monologue as Jesus Christ. While he was reading, he became convinced that he actually was Jesus . During the filming of 'Aguirre Wrath of God,' director Herzog complained that Kinski kept slipping into the persona of Christ, and was otherwise difficult. Eventually Herzog pointed a gun at Kinski, ordering him to act for the camera. The Indians on the set wanted to kill Kinski, but Herzog restrained them- he needed Klaus too much...

I also really enjoy the work of actor Edward G. Robinson.
If cultural relativism were true, then one could never condemn another cultures practices. Slavery and other assorted evils would be just another peoples lifestyle, or tastes. There does seem to be an absolute higher versus lower standard for everything, but actually proving, say, Mozart is superior to,say, Jazz, is hard. Nonetheless, the wretches of the earth do need to be lifted up from their brutality.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Reagan came to power in 1981 and declared war on excessive government. He promptly increased the number of federal workers about 20 fold, and ran up (then) record budget deficits. Under his watch, America witnessed the creation of a "permanent underclass."
(Sociology professors in the mid 1970's urged their students to go out in the streets and study the homeless- it was thought that in a few short years, there wouldn't be any homeless people in America. Hardly anyone imagined we would be so reactionary so soon).

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Raoul against the King

The assassination of President John F. Kennedy- many groups were involved, many smokescreen theories have been put forward. The drugs and arms industry, combined with the fraudulent banking systems, were ultimate causes, ...greed and revenge.

In 1944, the Pentagon signed a treaty with the Sicilian Mafia. When the CIA was formed, they began to utilize mafia structures worldwide to help carry out their secret operations.

Castro kicked the mafia out of Cuba in 1960. A plan was hatched to kill Fidel, involving the FBI,CIA, the mafia, Cubal exiles, and various right -wingers.

Bay of Pigs, 1961. Cuban Missile crisis, 1962.

Kennedy promised to smash the CIA "...into a thousand pieces."

While Attorney General Bobby waged a merciless war against the Mob.....

President Kennedy had made alot of enemies- he was viewed as being soft on Communism, and he wanted to prevent Israel from acquireing the Bomb. The issue of opium production probably formed a backdrop for the events...Kennedy may have also wanted to nationalize the Federal Reserve, ....

"The Committee"- about 100 highly placed individuals- financed, organized, supervised, and "gunned" the operation...

The Hit squad that was to have originally taken out Castro was turned around.
Three shooters were flown to Mexico City from Europe, and entered the US through Brownsville, Texas. These three were French Corsican Mafioso. They took-up positions in Dealy Plaza- fired at least four shots (two of the shots were almost simutaneous), then they hid in a safehouse in Dallas for ten days. David Ferrie then flew them in a private plane to Montreal, after which they eventually left North America.

On the grassy knoll, disguised as a police officer,was Lucien Sarti- he fired the fatal head shot.

For awhile Oswald was being groomed to take the fall ...his whole life was being infused with incriminating evidence, but he was innocent. When it become evident Oswald was not going to confess, Jack Ruby was coerced into killing Oswald- Ruby was going to be implicated in the plot unless he did as he was told. (He was photographed on November 22 driving a pickup truck with Oswald as a passenger). Ruby was later poisoned and died in prison about 850 days later.

The assassination took place with the full knowledge of Lyndon Johnson and J. Edgar Hoover.

A major player behind the scenes was one August Joseph Ricord, a heroin peddler, among other things. A motive for the war in Vietnam was opium.
President Nixon may have been genuinely interested in curbing the drug trade ( which skyrocked after Kennedy's death) , and the Israeli connection persists- after the Arab war in 1967 Israel effectively became a colonial power, and was nuclear tipped by this time. Nixon was able to divide the Israeli lobby with his generous aid....eventually he ended the Vietnam War, ended the draft, and forged a lukewarm peace with Russia and China (the right-wingers and zionists hated Nixon for this-a U.S. tilt toward the Arabs away from Israel seemed next...)

Nixon went after Ricord. Then he insisted that Mexican authorities arrest Lucien Sarti- they tried to bring him in, and he supposedly died in a hail of bullets- April 27,1972.

Before all this, Bobby decided to run for president in 1968- if he won, he would unravel the plot against his brother, so he had to be eliminated. Sirhan Sirhan was hypnotized for the hit.
Now Teddy kennedy needed to be neutralized. Killing him outright would be too obvious, coming on the heels of the deaths of the other two brothers. So a career destroying scandal was needed, and promply provided.

Nixon had to go- he had angered too many powerful interests, so this task was taken care of also. Within this milieu the pro-defense 'Scoop' Jackson hawks began to come to the political forefront, and todays neo-con pro-zionist 'leaders' partly originated from this era. (Kristol, et al, supposedly were Trotskyites at one time, but i have my doubts).

The Warren Commission was an obvious whitewash, and Pennsylvania Senator Arlan Specters invention-"The single bullet theory"- is a laughable fraud.

Gary Hart made a special trip to a French prison to meet a certain inmate, Christian David, in 1977, to try to verify the details of the plot, ....

Senator Patrick Moniyhan seemed to know a great deal also....

There exists a photo taken just outside of the Texas Book Depository on November 22, 1963. To the side you can clearly see the figure of a tall, lanky man who bears a remarkable resemblance to George H. W. Bush. Our later CIA director and future President remains one of the extremely few individuals who was an adult on that day who claims he does not have any memory or faintest recollection of what he was doing, or where he was, when he learned that the President had been shot. He was in Dallas,
(Air Force General Lansdale seems to be was walking next to the infamous 'three hobos' in one photo taken in Dallas on November 22, while officially he has no comment about his actions that day also...)

(Mondoloni....Ladislas...Etienne ..Chiappe...Angellete?)

Part of the above is a theory devised by Rivele, gleaned from the French inmate, Christian David. The former KGB 's inquiry agrees with the general idea presented, although some details and the names of the other shooters are disputed. The case for Sarti remains strong.

Wallance or White?

Statecraft is witchcraft

St. Augustine of Hippo (circa 400 AD) is largely responsible for our current state of sexual paranoia and hysteria. His sex addiction apparently cured by religion, he condemned sensuality with fanaticism.

The four cardinal virtues - prudence, temperance, fortitude, and justice to govern them, are derived from Plato.

Augustine devised the concept of two worlds or kingdoms- the one here and now, the Earthly realm, and the world to come, the heavenly one. Augustine thought two sets of laws were in play, but both derived from the same source (?) . This Manichaen idea was to have serious consequences- the cults that wield political power on the Earth today saw early on that this world of matter has one law, seperate from heavens law, so if we want to rule here, we have to forsake Gods rules and adopt the Devils. An extension of this sentiment is the extreme and brutal realpolitic that our leaders so ruthlessly pursue,.... the worship of money, power, and death.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Every moment our idea of reality is but a 'ghost' memory -
Whenever Bush is in trouble, we soon learn of another 'Al Qaeda' tape, full of threats. The idea that our 'enemies' are so politically naive as to provide the administration with a boost whenever the chips are down is laughable. We will never capture Bin Ladin, because he does not exist.
Ben Franklin wrote an unresearched paper condemning Cotton Mathers method of smallpox innoculation, and as a result untold thousands needlessly died.

In the French and Indian war, George Washington refused to fight the Iroquois Indians out in the open- he would burn their fields and homes, trying to starve them into submission.
Washington lost as many battles as he won during the Revolutionary war. His real talent - keeping the army intact.

The American Revolution was largely triggered by a reasonable tax imposed on the Colonials to pay for defense of the frontier from hostile native attacks. This tax directly caused paper to become more costly, and infuriated the press- it reduced profit margins , so editorials lashed out at the allegedly oppressive agents of the king, thus raising public support for independence.
(Sam Adams at one point created a groundswell of support for the war, almost singlehandedly).

The Anti-Federalists wanted a loose confederation of states, and opposed the Constitutional Convention in 1786-7. They correctly saw that the proposed federal union would eventually curtail individual liberties- so the Bill of Rights was inserted into the Constitution to(somewhat) placate their concerns. But Jefferson, Patrick Henry, George Mason, and Sam Adams still refused to fully support the birth of the new nation under a centralized, federated, form.

The main problem with the theory of seperation of powers, the division of government into three branches, is that there is no real mechanism to prevent one party or faction from gaining control over all three.

Corporate Republicans, various conservatives, and their 'Vichy' Democratic allies have gotten their way on the big issues about 75% of the time, since 1980. But they still bemoan the sorry state of affairs in the America that they have largely created.

The extreme right has basically prevailed, yet they still attack the(so-called) opposition on extremely minor points like the ACLU's attempts to keep church and state seperate, wedge issues like abortion, 'liberal' judges (a myth- 80% are appointees of the Right), gay marriage( an absurdity- marriage is a religious ceremony, not a state one ordinarily, and most of my generation rejected-theoretically- all marriage as being oppressive, while gays seem to rush to embrace tradition).
The only real issues we should care about are how to improve the living conditions of working families, how can we save the environment, and how to end excessive corporate and state control over our lives and end these foolish wars that are intended to distract us away from the political criminals in charge of our destiny.

The media is owned by very wealthy people who try to keep certain information out of reach-

President Jimmy Carter ramped up arms shipments to the Indonesian government to help put down the rebellion on East Timor- 200,000 were killed.
Carter gave support to the brutal Somoza regime in Nicaragua up to the very end. Likewise for El Salvador, the dictator Marcos in the Philipines,and the Shah of Iran. Thus Carter helped murder over a million people.

In the 1990's, Carter helped broker the worst possible agreement between the factions in Haiti.

Jimmy Carter's public persona as a moral human rights champion is a vicious lie.

The late 70's saw the nation embark on intensive de-industrialization policies that created the low wage-service sector, and debt ridden, economy we see now.

President Clinton gave arms to Turkey, which were used to burn down civilian villages of the Kurds. He also signed into law the anti-terrorism statutes which eventally led to the the Patriot Act, he probably took bribes and kickbacks from Chinese and Indonesian bigshots, and he forced Serbia into war; all this, when he wasn't roasting children in Waco, Texas.

The Civil War was fought over broad economic issues, of which slavery was merely a part. After the war, many blacks migrated north and became a source of cheap factory labor..(wage-slaves)

The Southern states had freely joined the union. Most scholars agree that they had a legal right to voluntarily leave it. The North, a foreign enemy, violently invaded Confederate territory, triggering the war.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Ancient Roman coins have been found buried in the US... Phoenician inscriptions carved upon south western canyon walls ... antique Celtic artifacts discovered in the Midwest....

Very old skeletons have been unearthed, some over 8 feet tall, and samples now resides in a Nevada museum.
The remains of a 700 AD Celtic-Irishman has been found in Appalchia...

Beneath Rock lake, Wisconsin, rests several sunken pyramid structures that the local Indians claim were made by mysterious 'others' .... the entire region has many copper smelting blast furnaces and mines, which predate the colonial era, yet are not associated with Native Americans...

Stone walls span many acres in several states, some may have been constructed by Madoc, a Welsh prince who possibly sailed here in 1170 AD...... Chinese relics indicate that they were in Califonia before the whites...

Breton fishermen probably harvested fish from the Great banks off Canada during the 14-and 15th centuries, and kept quiet about it, to protect their prize...

Columbus was last.
"The President is merely the most important among a large number of public servants. He should be supported or opposed exactly to the degree which is warranted by his good conduct or bad conduct, his efficiency or inefficiency in rendering loyal, able, and disinterested service to the nation as a whole. Therefore it is absolutely necessary that there should be full liberty to tell the truth about his acts, and this means that it is exactly necessary to blame him when he does wrong as to praise him when he does right.

Any other attitude in an American citizen is both base and servile. To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public.

Nothing but the truth should be spoken about him or anyone else. But it is ever more important to tell the truth, pleasant or unpleasant, about him than about any one else."

-- Teddy Roosevelt, May 7, 1918,
in The Kansas City Star
The countries second wealthiest person, Warren Buffett, is getting rid of all his American money. His actions imply that the American economy is finished, and will collapse soon. Apparently Mr.Cheney agrees: Mr. "Deficits don't matter" has transferred millions of dollars of the loot he has gained from the illicit Iraq war into inflation and tax proof funds, and he has put about 20 million into European bonds.
Corporations once paid 50% of all taxes collected. Now the figure is less than 20%.

Welfare never was more than 1% of the federal budget, and was about 2% of most state budgets.
The FBI refuses to put Usama Bin Laden on its top ten most wanted list for the World Trade Center bombing (they say there's not enough evidence). UBL is on the top ten list for embassy attacks in East Africa, 1998, only.
Prof. Milgram conducted obediance to authority tests at Yale in the early 1960's. The results showed that a majority of Americans are extreme sadists.

Monday, July 03, 2006


The Bush-ites want war with Iran. Our troops are already on the ground there. Most of the Generals and Admirals in the Pentagon think they the Bush-ites are nuts, even Jack Straw-the British statesman that ardently supports the Iraq conflict- seeks to dissuade the Bush team. The deep seated psychosis which afflicts Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice and co., seems to know no bounds....The Bush-ites claim the Iranians are building an atomic bomb, just like they implied Saddam was. The CIA says Iran is many years away from this feat, so there are other reasons- to further the junta's agenda of mineral-stealing, to distract people away from the legion of failed and fascistic domestic policies,to expand the empire. If Israel gave up its illegal nuclear arsenal of bombs (200+), then certainly the mullahs could be convinced to scale back their atomic efforts.....

The election in Mexico is deadlocked....

The Republicans in Florida in 2000 hired a company called ChoicePoint to draw up a list of 'felons' , so they could be scrubbed off the voter rolls- 95,000 were named, only almost all of them were NOT felons, and the vast majority of names on the list were black Democrats. Then Choicepoint was paid by Jeb Bush's office NOT to doublecheck its list, which is illegal. If the list had never been made, Gore would have won Florida by about 80,000 votes , instead of losing it by about 500. When investigative journalist Greg Palast tried to interview the key politicos involved in the payoff to not re-check the list, officials literally ran out of the interview, 60 minutes style, attempting to hide from the cameras.

Choicepoint corporation was sent down to Mexico, apparently to perform a similar service on behalf of the administrations client neocon candidate, Calderon. The populist candidate, Obrador has cried foul, and will to take to the streets. (Unlike Gore- afterall, the US race was just a contest between two millionaire frat boys...).
The US government has built a massive 'laser' array in the remote Alaskan northland, called HAARP. This unusual grid supposedly can fry a 30 mile wide hole in the ionosphere. HAARP can be used to peer into the Earth to detect missile silos on the planets other side, HAARP allows submarines to communicate better, and supposedly these lasers can direct Ultra Low Frequency (ULF) waves towards our minds to alter our perceptions and moods.

The Inslaw-Promis software developed in the 1980's supposedly offers 'trap-doors' for all computers, enabling the intelligence community to eavesdrop on every electronic financial transaction on the planet.
Credit card companies are the only merchants in America that are allowed to change the price of their product AFTER the consumer buys it.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

March !!!

In 1975, Morocco wanted the Spanish colonial territory of Spanish Sahara. So the king issued a call to all "believers" and about 300,000 citizens answered. This unarmed mass marched to the border of Spanish territory, and the opposing soldiers held their fire. This event led to an accord that eventually gave Morocco most of the disputed land. Sounds like something we need here.
Capitalism has severely damaged the personality of every single person i have ever known.