Friday, May 30, 2008


Before the beginning, there was 'Void.'...out of the void, arose the Tao. From the Tao issued Being, yet Being has always existed.

'Being' seperatad a part of itself from itself...the World-soul formed.

The Tao generated the polarity, the yes and the no. Then the triune God came to be, but always was. The Logos began- the cosmic sound and light. The other Gods were born, and now they are dying.

Creation, which is The Fall,...'Being' contracted itself , and molded the Sun and the Moon. The spirits fell to Earth- they are fragments of the shattered World-soul. We are God, seeking ourself.

Duality is a condition to be bridged. The gap between soul and matter, ordinary space-time and invisible spiritual planes...must be overcome. Proper attitude is essential.

A very subtle aspect of the self, akin to intellect, survives bodily death. The persona perishes in the grave.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

A law ought to be passed mandating that most alcoholic drinks be fortified with vitamins and minerals.
Religious ethical and moral teachings seperate us from the lower beasts. Without Buddha, Moses, Lord Pacal, Hiawatha, the Arch Druids...we would be lost.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It has been speculated that there exists a 'God' gene(s). I submit to you that there is a 'Messiah' gene. If one refuses the call, one will psychologically suffer. If you possess the Messiah gene, you can only obey.

These genes developed to ensure the survival of the primitive community.
Missouri and Ohio are the two main 'Bellwether' states- as they go, so will the nation, in general elections. Missouri has only missed once, since 1904- in 1956.

The Bellwether status will shift after 2008...Latinos will begin to turn other states, such as California, into Bellwether's.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ever since I was 15 years old, I have known that our planetary civilization would succumb beneath the weight of hypocrisy, apathy, lies, greed, and sloth by the year 2030 AD. There is no future.

If we are lucky, a few city-states will endure.
I wonder what an actual 'Jury of my peers' would look like. Would a 'Jury Nullification' defense, which is every citizens right, sway them?

Monday, May 26, 2008

Who's on first?

Various 'right-wing' radio personalities view 'Liberalism' as being equivalent to socialism and Marxism, and they see these forces as being in control almost everywhere. This is nonsense. Liberalism is distinct from socialism. Without Liberals and socialists, most people would be working 70 hours a week for one dollar an hour. Liberals saved America from Marxism and fascism during the Great Depression era. Socialists kept Europe from becoming Marxist-communist, when they murdered Rosa Luxemburg in 1919, quelling the radical revolt in Germany.

in the 1950's Communists adjusted to the resilience of neo-capitalism/Keynesian policy by devising 'Cultural Marxism',...(Gramsci and Lukacs) attempting to draw in middle-class support,since the 'worker' was declining in numbers. The New Left was born. But what eventually happened was that the 'Leftist' parties gradually adopted socially 'progressive' ideas, and eventual jettisoned the notion of creating a 'workers state'- most of the economic radicalism was discarded. Within the separate ideology called 'liberalism,' the same trend began to take place, and concern for labor issues declined. 'Civil rights' became the replacement cause.

'Critical theory' academics during the 1930's into the 50's have carried neo-Marxist ideas forward, but with extemely limited success...

In America,pseudo-liberalism is somewhat common; in most places real Liberals are a tiny minority,and traditional socialism is practically nonexistent. Both major parties are owned by the same handful of banks.Neither intends to put dockworkers, waiters, carpenters and cabbies in control of a future 'workers state'...but you wouldn't know it by listening to right-wing radio. The New York Times, Washington Post, ABC,NBC, CBS, and CNN are all capitalist corporations and defenders of high finance, and carefully keep the citizen down and ignorant while the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

'Conservatives' have consistently voted into office politicians that have increased government and corporate power. The interface between industry and the state continues...politicians may campaign to the alleged 'Left,' but they govern from the right. Europeans who visit the US are struck by how right-wing or centrist the Democratic party actually is.

Economic and governing units ought to be small and local, with mass participation. True free enterprise should be balanced with the local state assuming various roles. The distinction between management, owners, and the workers ought to be blurred. Eliminate the punitive corporate socialist (state capitalist) model.

Separately, the border has to be brought under control ; otherwise we will end up becoming an extension of Mexico. We cannot absorb three million grunts a year, every year. These people are not even literate in their own Spanish language.
Direct appeals to your local sheriff could help, as they often have unusual political powers. Nationalist third parties need to be formed, to take the Governorships along the southern tier of the country.
The US National debt is $9.4 trillion dollars.

(During the 70's, that would have been equal to all the money in the world).

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Conversion to either Christianity or Islam often depended upon where you were along the Vodka-Hashish axis. When the Medieval Byzantines expanded into Kiev, the final decision by the Chief to convert to Orthodoxy was made when he learned that Christians could drink alcohol.
When the Seljuk Turks swept down from the Asian steppes and made contact with the Moslem's in Persia, they converted to Islam when they learned that the use of hallucinogenics was permitted.
The recent rise in fuel and food costs have eliminated any gain the workers might have received from the soon to come increase in the minimum wage.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Around 1995 or so I hired a tutor from my local university to teach me the Russian language. Once a week, for about ten months, I learned my lessons. Then she invited me to go on the school class trip to Russia (one of my goals all along).

We arrived in Moscow in August- it was very warm, for the latitude.(Muscovites don't bother with air conditioning, since the summer is only about month long-even the government buildings I went into has no AC). Including myself, there were only five of us- the teacher did not come along. We were met by strange lady and taken to our flats, each hosted by a grandmotherly type of Russian. Yet the one I was assigned to was worldly, and all along we suspected that she understood English perfectly (she only spoke Russian to us) Me and this other guy from Texas- named Saul-roomed in her apartment, which was very small ( but all big cites have tiny apartments, don't they?)

My room did not really have a bed- it more like a wooden board covered with half an inch of foam covered with vinyl. For most of my stay, I was in great pain, sleeping only 2-3 hours a night. But otherwise, the place was modern.

For about an hour each day, I attended a class in the language. Two Swedes - a boy and a girl-were with us for this...

About three weeks later, the lot of us went to Saint Petersburg. Gradually, as I began my wanderings around these two cities, I began to draw the attention of the police, who are known to be very corrupt.
One day in St. Petersburg, I left my hotel room (called 'White Nights', because this far north the seasons could sometimes experience weeks on end without a true night, just like in Alaska).
I went into a place to buy some beer (in Europe, these are called 'night shops'- they are similar to the Seven-Eleven stores). In Russia, you are allowed to drink in public, but technically, it is against the law to be 'drunk' in public- but in my estimation the Russian definition of being illegally drunk in public would be impossible for most humans to achieve- it was not unusual for me to witness the most riotous carousing happening in plain view of the authorities, and there would be no response from the police).
Anyway, I bought my beer-I remember it clearly- it was a 16 oz. can, called 'Bear' beer- it had a white polar bear on the label, and the rest was dark brown. The alcohol content was high- 7.5%. I stepped onto the sidewalk, moved toward the curb, and pulled the tab, and took one gulp. It was about 4pm.

Suddenly, an armored personnel carrier pulled up. A Neanderthal cop stepped out and blocked my path. I turned, and saw the back door to the APC swing wide. I was pushed into the vehicle, sandwiched between two thug cops ( The police there are called 'militia.' I don't think they have the exact same correspondence to our big city cops. They could have been para-military forces. Russian police never need 'reasonable suspicion' or 'probable cause' to roust a 'suspect').

So there I was, captured by a Russian goon squad. They drove around and around, asking me questions. Since my Russian language skills were limited, I tried talking to the driver, as he was the only one of the four that really knew any English.
After examining my passport and visa, they told me that it was illegal for me to be in Saint Petersburg (travel to Russia then and now by Americans is granted just to specified areas, and the authorities were/are still very paranoid toward Yanks). We argued back and forth for what seemed to be a very long time-"What was I doing there? How much had I had to drink? Where was I staying in the city,etc?"
Finally, they pulled over and pushed me out of the APC- I was back where the incident began. Before rolling off, one of the officers wished me good luck, and then returned to me my bear beer ( I know for a fact that in the states, almost all cops will empty the beer on the ground in front of you, just to make you extra mad).
So there I was, back on the street, with my beer. I started walking toward the metro, and threw away the beer- I knew something was up. Two minutes later, at the metro, I saw the two police standing at the entrance, looking around the sparse crowd.I tried to sneak past them...but I was grabbed again- one officer took me by the shoulder, and pressed his hand on a panel on the wall inside a defunct phone booth. A secret passage-door opened up. The three of us stepped in, and I was inside a small police precinct. Toward the rear, there was a metal cage ( if you remember the sit -com form the 70's 'Barney Miller'...everything looked just like that). Inside the cage was an attractive blond girl, about 20 years old- she had a look of absolute terror on her face, tears were streaming down her cheeks. In front of the cage, behind a table, sat a jack-booted monster-Neanderthal thug goon escapee from a mad scientist lair -cop.

Two cops asked me some questions, and made me do the drunk test where you touch your finger to your nose. Their grasp of the English language was non-existent. The giant Neanderthal started to speak about money. I pretended not to understand. Tempers started to rise- he banged his club on the desk. Still, I pretended not to know what was going on.
In a sudden fit of frustration,I was booted out the door onto the ramp to go down into the metro.

I made my way back toward my hotel- but from a distance i could see several police officers roaming around near the entrance. I decided to wait in a nearby park, where I sat on a children's swing for about an hour, until the coast was clear. I returned to the hotel and told my host about what had happened. She was non-plussed...the rest of my stay was OK.

When I got back to the states, I told my Russian friend about the incident. She said I was very lucky- both sets of cops were attempting to get me to offer them bribes. They normally won't just take the money from you- you are suppose to offer, which I was never going to do. Another tourist i read about had the same thing happen to them, only when he refused, the cops grabbed his hand and threatened to cut off part of his fingers, one by one, until they got the loot.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

In the 1920's and 30's, a Mormon scientist working out of Brigham Young University invented a new way to turn coal into gas- his name was L. C. Kerrick. The 'Kerrick process' gasified coal easier than any other method, and did it cheaper, with few polluting byproducts.

New cleaner methods of coal extraction make this process even more viable- the Chinese government has embarked on a massive program to use its coal to break its use of OPEC oil. The Kerrick process has remained essentially the same after 80 years. (The Chinese merely looked at the expired patents to get the idea).

If a country has coal, it can have fuel. We have an abundance of coal- if we wisely extracted it to minimize the environmental impact (still hard to do)...we could reduce our dependence upon foreign oil as much as 10 % within a ten years.

(Coal mining in general is a very terrible way to get energy-it rips up the ecology on a large scale, plus the pollution from processing and burning coal make it a distasteful energy choice. But the Kerrick process, with modern modifications, is a much better option than current practices).
About 400,000 foreign soldiers are on US soil (Most are UN or NATO, ostensibly here for 'training').
A recent poll :
1% of teenage girls said 'helping others' was their favorite thing to do.

99% listed 'shopping' as their favorite pastime.
Afghan poppy (opium) growers are switching to growing wheat- they know that that is where the profits will be in the next few years.

Food will soon be more expensive than heroin?

Cloud of Unknowing

Plato offered us one of the greatest theories ever devised (discovered?)...that of the ideas, or more commonly, The Forms.

We are in the cave looking at the shadows on the wall....we are ignorant of true 'reality' ...the source...remains hid from our view.

Plotinus was a later Greek (about 250 AD)...he started Neo-Platonism, a mystical spiritualism more spiritual than any 'church-ianity'...

The 'One' is the prime source...from the one 'emanates' (contrast with 'evolves') 'Nous'...then the World Soul...nature is part of this, as are human souls, and matter. (Ex Deo...creation comes from the source, matter does not emerge from nothing, or Ex Nihilo) Ecstatic visions can bring us closer to the One. Contemplation becomes the method and goal of life...

Gnostics enjoyed a tortured relationship with the neoPlatonists and later mystics...

Kabbalah is a Jewish metaphysic...In the beginning, There was a primal unity...then, there was a rip in the unty of God....God contracted his light, to allow the creation of the material universe...(The Fall?) Between God and the creation, there is the Ein Sof (?)...infinite light. But there are ten powers or worlds between ours and the Ein Sof and God...(there are also four worlds involved in all this- i forget the real relation)...
From this idea, we ended up with Hasidic Judaism. The Hasidics were started around 1730 by Rabbi Israel ben Elieser, or Ba'al Shem Tov (The master of the universe).
Main ideas: Goal of human life is to bond with God...we can do this by communicating with him. How is this done? By seeing God within everything- God exists (literally) within all matter, yet God is beyond the world...we must rectify the populace...improve manners, cultivate joy. The creation has a divine destiny- providence moves us along, everything was meant to be...all will be redeemed in the end...

The Orthodox Christian church has a mystical tradition too- the Hesychasm.
One must withdraw the senses...repeating certain prayers, breathing exercises...the goal is Theosis...a form of deification of man.

Meme's are currently creating the Noosphere...Teilhard de Chardin in the 20th century spoke of a return to the source, via the expansion of mans intellect throughout the cosmos...Augustine: look inward, then up. The crucial question: are computers intimately related to all this?

Monday, May 19, 2008

Notes for a future post:

Timewave Zero and the Mayan long count calendar...the creation of the Noosphere through Meme-spreading...Teilhard de Chardin and V......we move toward the Omega point....the unique uniqueness of Christ....Eckharts prime base of the soul ...identical with God....the darkness beyond the Light, all is distinct and the divine darkness, all becomes one.
Pauline -Augustine Justification by faith...Gods grace is granted...or not. Predestination, hasidic joy not acseticism...everything was meant to be, god can be found in the everyday, the mundane, and in every moment.

Gos as uncreated...a base within the soul as uncreated (Eckhart).

the Christ drama merely replayed a more real truth

Relationship with technology and computers.
I did very well at the racetrack saturday- my exacta bet paid off. Big brown is poised to become the first Triple Crown champion since Affirmed won it in 1978.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Post Tenebras Lux

" After darkness, light"...

In the Old Testament we find the greatest short work from antiquity from Sinai-Israel...The Book of Job. (Originating sometime between the time of Moses and the Babylonian captivity -about 1,200 -550 BC. Structured as a prose-poem- parable in the middle, while basically a prose 'story' at the beginning and end). Job is suppose to have lived about 1,400 BC.

A council in heaven has an accuser, or prosecutor (maybe Satan?)...The accusation: God has the love of Job only because God pays Job off- with a good life. Take everything away from Job-will he still praise the Lord? God makes the bet that Job will still love him, even if he strikes Job down. The accuser seems to have the power to cajole God, and inflict the punishment(?) upon Job.

Bit by bit, Job loses everything- his wealth, his children. " The Lord giveth, and the Lord has taken away" Still, he will not condemn the Lord. " Though he slay me,yet will I trust him"(13:15)

The accuser presses on- "touch his skin...take away his health...then he will curse the Lord"
God causes Job to suffer a disfiguring disease. Job's friends come and sit in silence for seven days, then speak. Job must be guilty, and needs to confess..."Miserable comforters are ye all"...(or) God is indeed mysterious beyond any understanding. " Man that is born of a woman is of few days, and full of trouble. He cometh forth like a flower, and is cut down: he fleeth also as a shadow,and continueth not." (14:1).

Job cries out. He curses the day he was born. "Let darkness and shadow stain it...let the blackness of the day terrify it" (3:5)

Eventually, an intercessor mediates for Job...the 'middle-man' is God himself.?..or the Redeemer...Job is partly restored. "I know that my redeemer liveth."

What are we to make of this ? Is this a story about suffering and evil? An attempt to explain God's ways to Man (Theodicy)?
Or is this really meant to be a story about a relationship-the relationship between Job and God? The I and the Thou? Job assumes the view of Aristotle -annihilation is our fate. What about punishment and rewards?
Job also condemns his birth-date- is this a nod to astrology? Near the end of the text, a 'redeemer' intercedes on his behalf- this is God in another aspect...a forerunner of the Christian trinitarian concept...also, in the opening scene, the accuser (Satan?) is a part of the heavenly host or team, and not an outcast. In the end, at least to modern sensibilities,God seems to come off as a weird and cruel tester...why is there pain in the world? Because God made a bet with the devil? This answer cannot satisfy us...The Book of Job is more about the relationship between the principals involved.

A moral: we are suppose to examine our spiritual life.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ghost caught on security cam at Hampton Court Palace in England in 2003. Probably real, as any faking by the security guards would have resulted in their dismissal.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Free ride

Wealthy people expect the poor and middle class to sacrifice their lives for the country in time of war...while wealthy people don't even want to sacrifice a portion of their income for the nation...

Clinton cut taxes for the super wealthy much more than Bush2 has over the last eight years...

Since 1980. the super rich often feed at the public trough, using your tax dollars to finance their projects. They can do this because they are too well positioned in the political system- the laws are written in their favor (Corporate socialism).

Example: Warren Buffet, the richest or second richest man in America, built a new call center for his insurance company, Geico. He did not use his own money- he received a $100 million dollars tax subsidy to do it. Your tax money paid for his project. (This is very different from a super rich person merely avoiding their share of taxes...which happen chronically. This is the elite dipping into public funds to make more money for themsleves. You make it happen).

The super wealthy (those who have about 15 million up to several billions) pay on average about a 17% tax bite on their annual earnings- this is less a percent than the average poor person pays.

The idea that we have an excessive graduated or progressive tax system does not apply to the super rich. They enjoy all the benefit from being a member of our society, yet they pay the least back into the system.
Its ironic: most young Asians are learning the English language, to better cope with the modern business and academic world...while most young Americans are learning the Spanish language, to cope with the Latinization of the US...

Eventually, the Asians will start studying Spanish...or the 'Americans' will have to learn Chinese or Hindi, or some combo of the above.

The current trend will produce a US with a Latin 'grunt' population, overseen by a Indian/Chinese elite ( Mostly).

'White' blond hair and blue eyed people will become a minor minority...while very 'negroid' blacks in the US will almost totally vanish, being absorbed into the wider genetic population.

Friday, May 09, 2008

"90% of everything is crap" -sci-fi writer Theodore Sturgeon

"Sturgeon was an optimist" - me...and several others.
The main problem with the Germans: they have never been able to laugh at themselves.

Thursday, May 08, 2008


(As told to me when I was camping on top of Mount Shasta)

There once was a snake- a snake that became tired of being the 'bad guy.'
He went to a Guru..." Everybody hates me. I want to be liked. What can i do?"

The guru said to the snake " People hate you because you bite them. Stop biting people, and they might like you." So the snake slithered off, resolved to not bite anyone anymore.

Some time passed, and the snake returned to the guru. "Look at me! I stopped biting people, and all they did in return was stomp all over me!" The snake was in a terrible state, all smashed and bruised.

The Guru looked sadly at the snake and said " I told you not to bite anyone. I never said you couldn't hiss."

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The second coming

I had that dream again...alone in a south American jungle-swamp...

I walk around my big house at night in the dark...downstairs...second floor...third floor...most people don't like the dark, but I have taken strolls in the woods at midnight by myself, without a does not bother me.

Equivalent. How or what one does with their life...The family /career thing is overrated...ultimately, it does not matter what one does...

My late night radio show terrorized me again. Its better than a horror picture show...something about a supernova dosing the planet with gamma rays and knocking the earth off its axis-next year or so. Great. I thought I had the bee die-off and bird flu thing covered, and now I have to worry about falling off of the earth.maybe i should hide in a least the bill collector won't find me.

I once had the thought that the Id has become personified. A monster. A part of our primitive self...Jung talked about our 'shadow.' Jesus did not cast one in this sense, as he was totally integrated. He is the shadow, or Id, or primary source. A monster, in the forest-bigfoot, or sasquatch. Jesus Christ has come back, collectively, in the form of bigfoot(s). They live a certain way...they are here to teach us. Does this make me John the Baptist? Does this sound too outlandish ?

After the 1929 crash, buying on margin was curtailed, to help make sure another crash never happens. Bush removed this barrier, the individual and corporation are now way over extended.The super rich elites may want to destroy the economy, so they can buy the wreckage for next to nothing.

The Kentucky Derby was saturday...I made my bets... 'Denis of Cork' came in third, or "show" (also called 'in the money')...I won.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

When you live on a nightmare planet, living in a dream world becomes a logical option.
"Never impose upon others what you would not choose for yourself" -Confucius, from the Analects.

" Hurt no one so that no one may hurt you" - Mohammad

Do good and forget. Do not expect reward.

Why should I love my neighbors? They suck.
Why should I love my enemy? They are out to do me in.

The law of reciprocity is based upon mutual respect...?

The Silver rule: Do no harm.
( May originate with Hippocrates. Overcomes the deficiencies of the Golden rule).