Monday, August 28, 2006


The refusal to surrender to extraordinary pains,
a suffering partly brought about by an intense awareness of the yawning,tragic gap between the real and the ideal,
tragedy cannot suffocate the vision, born of defiant hope for a better world,... the promise of experimental discovery, the triumph of reason, remains unkept......Even though the iron workings of time and cruel fate may reveal a pile of dusty dreams devastated by the machinations of ignorant greed- there can be no surrender.
Our thoughts have led us to the edge of this abyss- instead of abundance and peace, our unused capacity lays fallow before the whims of almost clever apes. I demand paradise, here and now, forever.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Unfortunately, it appears that the West African Black Rhinoceros has just been poached to extinction. (National Geographic News, World Conservation Union-IUCN).

About 3,000 other Black Rhino's remain- in 1960, there were 100,000.

They are killed mainly for their horns, to be used mostly in China for rheumatism and arthritis treatments (not to renew male virility as commonly thought). They are also poached for decorative knife handles throughout the middle east, particularly in Yemen.

There are five surviving subspecies of Rhino. Only about 50 Javan and 200 Sumatran Rhino's survive.

Trade in Rhino parts has been internationally illegal since 1980, but the slaughter continues...

"Only after the last tree has been cut down, only after the last river has been poisoned, only after the last fish has been caught, only then will you find that money cannot be eaten."

Cree Indian Prophecy

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Cynical faith

"If you love God, burn the church."
-Jello Biafra

"The clergy has always, [and in every land], been hostile to liberty."
-Thomas Jefferson

"Christendom has done away with Christianity without being quite aware of it"
-Soren Kierkegaard

"Instead of being born again, why not just grow up?" -Anonymous

"Everyday people are straying away from the church and returning to God"
-Lenny Bruce

Religion .n. Daughter of hope and fear, explaining to ignorance the nature of the unknowable."
-Ambrose Bierce, the Devils Dictionary

Faith commercialized, ...the church industry potentially threatens us all
Biofuels ultimately wont work. The land is needed to grow food crops.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Sleep paralysis affects many of us,... all cultures are familiar with the nightly visitations of the 'Old Hag.' You are wide awake in the dark, and there is a grotesque creature squatting upon your chest. You want to scream, but you are frozen, you cannot move, you are helpless.


In 1896-1897, the US experienced a wave of sightings of 'Mystery Airships.' Dirigible in structure, thousands saw them and numerous newspapers wrote about these strange craft in the sky, presaging the current modern UFO phenomenon.
One such ship supposedly struck a Judges windwill and crashed. The humanoid occupant was later buried in the local cemetery, where, in the 1970's, ufological investigators attempted to examine the remains - they found the exact spot, but were chased off by police officials. When the ufologists later returned, the 'grave' had been removed....

(Remember- manned flight first started after 1903, and advanced dirigibles of the type observed in the 1890's were not invented until the 1920's)

Another wave of dirigible sightings happened in 1909, and 1913.

Some newspapers speculated that the Martians were invading. Most thought 'mad scientists' were to blame- derivatives of Frederick Marriott's and Dellschua's designs are thought the most probable culprit.

A whole range of human experience can be studied from these events- Lying, mass hysteria, xenophobia,
Or....the events were part of a alien control system designed to manipulate human consciousness, but for what purpose?

(Ever get the feeling that we are a species inside a 'fishbowl?')
Daniel Ellsberg, of Pentagon Papers fame, has recently suggested that the administration receive legal action due to the evidence surrounding the events of 9-11 ( the prewarnings, building 7 collapse, put options sell-off, etc.)
Switzerland has a car cooperative with over 50,000 members- they share, and no one owns, these cars.
Less than 50 years after Muhammad's death, Islam had spread to become a world empire stretching from Spain to India...This advanced civilization had no rival for hundreds of years...until....something happened. Starting about 1500,a general decline set in, and Islam has never recovered....the Mullahs wondered why this had happened, and the answer they came up with was- the believing community was not strict enough, there has been a falling away, a loosening of morals....So the clerics in Saudi Arabia concocted fundamentalist Wahabism in the mid 1700's.....
This eventually led to the publication of 'Milestones', by the radical Qutb, who was executed by Nasser in 1966. Jihadists everywhere fervently read and believe this tract, which indicts the West for its primitive decadence, and offers Sharia(Islamic Law) as the solution the the worlds problems.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Living Utopia's

The Zapatista Autonomous Municipalities in Chiapas,Mexico, rotate their leadership, never allowing anyone to stay on too long, lest they grow too accustomed to power... Everyone is offered a chance to be chief- without renumeration.

Gaviotas,in Columbia, rules by concensus, likewise for the Japanese communal farm. Lugari founded Gaviotas in 1971, and has created a model eco-village, amidst a warzone, and the village has reclaimed the forest (planting 1.6 million trees).They also have invented numerous technologies to cope with their circumstances- a water pump that doubles as a childrens see-saw, a new type of wind mill, methane gas from cow waste, etc.

The Stelle Group in the US set up a humane pseudo-capitalistic co-op system, as well as our countries first reverse osmosis water filtration system and our first solar powered telephone and internet grid.

Operant conditioning. Sustainability.

Paolo Solari and his city in Arizona- Arcology....
"As above so below" everything has a corresponding conterpart, two worlds interact

Isiah's bane

The current Neocon clique likes the analogy of 1938- universal principles exist, and Hitler is replaced with "Islamofascists." Nixon and Reagan (surprise) are often cast in the role of Neville Chamberlain. What the Neocons claim to want is the forced imposition of the American Empire across the entire sphere of central Asia, and beyond. While Wilsonian in nature, neocon goals reject reliance upon international treaties and diplmatic norms. Thats why they harbor contempt for Nixon- detente and containment policies are viewed as appeasement- the re-approachment with China and Russia, and ending the Vietnam War, are thus seen as capitulations. The Neocons wanted victory, not accomodation. Reagan earned their wrath by retreating out of Lebanon after the barracks bombing in 1983.....

The Neocons live in a dream world, and they threaten us all- if we treated other countries fairly and with respect and didn't meddle in their internal affairs, they would not hate us. Imposing the American-corporate way of life upon other cultures is wrongheaded and arrogant. The Neocons really want universal fascism, a new feudalism...
(i'm sure the people of Tajikistan can hardly wait to become like us, with homeless people everywhere, serial killers lurking behind the Bushes, overfed McDonaldland people, drive by shootings, etc.)

The great journalist Seymour Hersh claims that, basically, America has been taken over by a cult.

A specific instance- the Cia with Britain deposed the Iranian President in 1953- oil was involved , as usual. We set up the Shah in power, and trained his secret police-the Savak. Eventually, the Iranian people got tired of being tortured and deprived of material goods- the Pahlevi's never spread the wealth far enough ,and they were widely seen as being decadent- fundamentalism arose, and in came the Ayatollah. If we had never kicked out the president in 1953, the 1979 revolution would not have happened, and we probably would not be in the mess we are in now in the region. Within the agency, this tendency for an operation to go very bad in the end, over a period of years, is called 'blowback.' An ethical foreign policy not based upon narrow business interests would prevent a world of strife and chaos and problems. Ask yourself- how many 'Jihadists' hate Finland? Belize? or Mongolia?...

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Graeco-Anglo moderation, Gallic leisure, Latin festival...
Israel, the 4th strongest military force in the world, lost the Lebanon war, against 3-5,000 Hezbollah fighters.

Putin, despite his many faults, probably has (temporarily) checked the Neocon agenda to expand the conflict into Syria and Iran. Putin has restored Russia's economy enough to allow him to 'defend' our targets with generous aid -cash and arms.

The scandals swirling around Bush are so numerous i've lost track of them- the Plame affair, Gannongate, Chalabi and 'curveball,' the WMD that never existed, Goss and his Lt. stepping down from the CIA because of a sex scandal in the Watergate Hotel, our ambassador's overseas involved in human trafficking, Abu Graib, the rigged elections, 'Coingate' in Ohio, the top civilian administrator's of the Pentagon on trial for what amounts to treason (Feith, Livingston, et al), Ken Lay and Enron, the the secret energy task force, Mr. Casino- Abramhoff and his lobbying-bribery efforts, .... and on and on and on. Add to the mix the jobless economic recovery, our porous border, and the bogus war......
At least during Clinton and Reagan i was able to keep track. The only reason Bush and company aren't in Jail - is because the media covers for them- few know anything about theses crimes.

The Neocon's main historical regret- they wish there had never been seperation of church and state( Kristol thinks 'tradition' makes people more compliant, and the clause in question fostered secularism). They also wanted to drop the H-bomb on Hanoi in 1968.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Cure?

Cancer has a cure. The pharmaceutical industry, the AMA, the FDA, the ACS, and other groups actively inhibit real relief from reaching those suffering from cancer. Deadly orthodox therapies are pushed instead- Chemotherapy is really World War 1 mustard gas... Statistics are fabricated to present the illusion of progress against the disease (some doctors actually will roll a dying patient out of their hospital room and floor, so that they will be able to claim the patient did not die there or under their immediate care, and thus the dead victim never shows up as a negative statistic). Orthodox bio-medical treatment has a sucess rate of only about 5%. Suppressed therapies like induced fevers or B.E. have sucess rates approaching 75%. The cancer industry is a closed- minded cartel similar to the oil industry- i refer the reader to any of the writings of Dr. Ralph Moss. (Laetrile really works)... The five year survival rate is a hoax- if you are alive five years after diagnosis, you are considered to be statistically healed, even if you die in the sixth year....

Cesium Chloride, Pancreatic enzymes, acid -alkaline balance, NO sugar, Vitamin C, lysine, proline, Green Tea extract, improved Laetrile, Coleys Toxins, EDTA chelation, Blood Electrification, and watch out for (de)toxemia...

-for starters...

Monday, August 21, 2006

i'm still in bondage

The horror of slavery still exists- at least 20 million humans are currently held in bondage around the world today. Several countries 'tolerate' the institution even though it may be technically illegal-people are forced to cut the sugar cane in Hispainola; in Pakistan and India about 300,000 children are shackled to their work stations to make carpets. About 100,000 blacks are kept as chattel slaves in Sudan, held against their will by Arabs who view the practice as their 'right' and tradition. Mauritania is a center of exploitation, as are several other african nations.... In some places, parents sell their daughters into prostitution.
Colin Powell once informed the UN that about 30,000 people are being kept as slaves in the USA...most of these are illegal immigrants locked in sweatshops, but some are the mentally ill who are led away from their mental hospitals by local police officials and taken to 'farms' where they perform drudge work and are kept locked up at night.

Originally, slavery in the 13 colonies wasn't racially based. English law forbade making a Christian a black Christians could not be slaves. The first 50 years of the Virginia colony had both black and white slaves, and black and white indentured servants. The indentured servant system often ended up in slavery due to ever-rising levels of debt owed to the master- thus many whites were in effect de facto slaves, and the Virginia Assembly had to write many laws dealing with the situation of indentured/enslaved whites, and fear of a poor-white-slave uprising was common. Only gradually did slavery become just for blacks, in the late 1600's.

(A certain black worked his way to freedom, and set up his own plantation, with his own slaves, and he also had four white servants- the farm was called Angola, and is a tourist attraction today).

The harshness of slavery gradually increased, after a few minor revolts.
The really bad form of the institution arrived in South Carolina from the Barbados.

Blacks in Africa caught slaves to sell to white ship captains, but to me this is inaccurate- white people never kept slaves- it was the capitalists who dealt in the slave trade, since only the well to do actually owned any.

White European governments ended slavery- 1807 (Britain) 1833 (France)

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Tips on how to live to be 100

1. live on the second floor
2. be married
3. be spiritual and attend church, temple, etc., on a regular basis (or have a great purpose)
4. dont run for president (see how they age?)
5. have a high income and dynamite health insurance
6. live in a 1st. world environment/country, preferably in a smaller, somewhat rural community
7. Dont worry too much
8. eat lots of fresh, raw vegetables
9. get medical exams on a regular basis- you better like your physician !
10. work to improve the overall health of the world ( if you are going to stick around awhile, you dont want to live on a nightmare planet)
11. get your aerobic excercise, but dont overdo it (careful about harming your ankles and knees!)
12. dont kill yourself
Amazonia update: On the drought in Brazil and the risk of a run-away greenhouse effect due to excess carbon, released by wood-gas from forest fires.... The original evidence suggested that if the drought persisted for just one more year, most of the forest cover would go up in smoke in one year. Only about a tenth of Amazonia would burn in 2007-2008, if the dry spell continues- there is difference between absolutely no moisture reaching the tree roots versus a 'drought'.
Recently the physicist Stephen Hawking asked for a plan to save the human race on an online forum, and he specifically mentioned the possibility that we might trigger a rapid runaway greenhouse effect very soon- i'm unsure if he was referring to the crisis in Amazonia.

How all that smokefrom the forest fires will effect the worlds weather is uncertain (Global dimming).
The current "liquid bombers" case is another false flag operation designed to frighten people into submission. Alot of news coverage for several days, and what have we learned? The alleged bombers did not have any plane tickets, did not have passports, did not have any bombs, and did not have bomb components. The alleged scheme to build liquid bombs inside airplane lavatories is absurd- to construct the type of bomb in question, one would have to slowly mix the seperate chemicals,drop by drop, then let the end result sit awhile. To attempt this inside an airplane lavatory while in flight simply would not have been feasable.
Additionally, suspects in the 'plot' has been traced to Pakistan, and to the ISI (CIA). In other words, its a false-flag pseudo sting operation, meant to boost Bush and Blair during a turbulent summer.
You inherit from yourself, ...Mind is the builder.
A Law should be passed changing the name of Rap music and Rappers to Crap music and Crappers.
The adage "The road to hell is paved with good intentions" is ridiculous.

I have always thought that the expression "...the exception that proves the rule..." was kinda curious and odd .

Friday, August 18, 2006

Good Samaritan laws work well in other countries- passerby's are legally obligated to render whatever assistance they can to those in severe distress; one cannot just walk away from another's dire plight.

The end result of a law ought to be considered- you might object that its an unecessary governmental intrusion into a persons life to force them to be 'Good Samaritans.' But since screwed up people are legion, without positive governmental influence, the end result would be more pain for the community.

Government is just an aggregate of individuals who set policy and write laws.

All ex-officials should be prohibited from engaging in lobbying on the behalf of major corporations.

The Feds ought to 'pull' the charters of Exxon, Monsanto, Citibank, Walmart, Merck,...

The raft of proposals i have listed within these pages can be enacted several ways

1. through a constitutional convention-(too hard and risky)
2. citizen action at the state level, when the voters actually become the legislature- referendums, etc. ( wont work in most cases- Federal law always trumps state law)
3. convincing congress to sponsor a bill-(can only happen if enough people scrape the calluses off their collective ass and threaten to vote their reps out of office
4. collect millions of dollars and run for office yourself( has to happen everywhere to even have a slight chance of working)
5. secede,

Currently, Vermont has the best shot at sucessfully breaking away from the national government- after all, they were once independent, from 1777 to 1791. Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys fought the British AND the Colonial forces during the Revolution...Hundreds of Vermonters today are organizing to form the second Vermont Republic....

Things can be done on the local level to improve the situation- Green party candidates have won seats on city councils and then have instituted roadless rules or areas, banning the building of more highways in their region....
Running for sheriff, the school boards, state delegates, etc. offer the best opportunities for reform, as long as the current national monopolistic clique continues to have a deathgrip on our collective psyche.....

6. General Strike and Revolution

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

'Redneck' is not really a socio-economic term. It really means a person whose ideas about the world are based upon ignorance, effectively covering most of us.
People think that savings accounts under $100,000 dollars are insured by the government. This isn't really so, because the government and the financial institutions are flat broke. To cover a run on the banks, they would have to issue IOU's or resort to printing more pieces of green paper.

Alot of what goes on in financial circles is just the movement of electrons through cyberspace.

Monday, August 14, 2006


My Epistle to the world- what we true patriots demand :

1. The immediate arrest of George W. Bush, Cheney, Condi Rice, et al.... A trial in the Hague for war crimes.

2. The immediate nationalization of the energy sector, with laws mandating conversion to non-polluting fuels/power sources.

3. Immediate repeal of all Bush enacted laws.

4. Partial nationalization of the pharmaceutical industry

5. Universal health care

6. Ban Fox news, CNN, and MSNBC. Bring back the FCC's fairness doctrine. Sell off, trust-bust, or nationalize, the media empires

7. The immediate arrest of most members of Congress.

8. Universal, quality education for all Americans, with a national standard for all

9. 'Old Jerusalem' to become an international city administered by the UN, with imput by the concerned factions. Israel to return to its pre-1967 borders. End dual citizenship for Americans.

10. Dissolve the new Directorate of National Intelligence ...put the CIA under the control of the State Department

11. A peoples assembly to be formed, which will have an elected ruling council, to act on behalf of the people during the transition back to our Republican roots

12. The national government to begin bankruptcy proceedings for itself, .... scrap the federal reserve and usher in a neo-Bretton Woods system with low interest credit

13. The new President to officially apologize to the world for America's many and perverse crimes against humanity

I accuse Americans of gross sloth, I accuse our so called leaders of venal ignorance and blood lust beyond control, i accuse the corridors of power of corrupting our soul and throwing away our future, i accuse the voters of being mindless sheep, i accuse !

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Pipe ceremony, tea ceremony,.....
The extended family system works best.

Friday, August 11, 2006


Cheney and Rumsfeld and company are desperate to attack and neutralize Iran. As the administration sinks lower in the polls, only a staged 'false flag' pretext can 'justify' their scheme. The battle plans were drawn up years ago- since we are already overextended conventionally, we will use small, tactical nuclear weapons, and Rumsfeld really believes this will inspire dissident elements inside Iran to rise up against the Mullahs. It won't- our attack will unify the Iranian nation. To rationalize the impending assault, the pretext must be nuclear in nature, and probably will occur here in the USA. The symbolism of the target must maximize the anger of ordinary citizens, i.e., a heartland assault (Ohio?). The incident might be minor, like a dirty bomb that only kills a few hundred, or we could lose a whole city.

The adminstration is so out of touch with reality, and so sadistic and pathological that they might actually do it. Right now the Republicans are about to lose both chambers- and could face criminal inquiries as a result- they need another 9-11 to maintain their sick grip upon the American imagination.

Roosevelt allowed Pearl Harbor to happen ....the Battleship Maine was blown up so we could go into Cuba in 1900...the gulf of tonkin event in 1965 was largely manufactured and led to our immediate escalation of the Vietnam conflict..... top Pentagon brass devised a scheme to bomb our own civilian airlines in 1961, so we could blame Castro -'Operation Northwoods'.

The Neocon plan can be thwarted- if word gets out to enough people beforehand, the way it was probably averted last August.

America has been taken over by a cult- the extreme Neo-cons. Their goal is an American Empire with no rivals, - Iraq being merely a forward base for gobbling up the mineral wealth of central Asia, before Russia,China, or India seizes the opportunity. The Neocons scorn democracy and thrive on deception, they are followers of the late crypto-fascist Leo Strauss. Michael Ledeen and George Schultz are pulling the strings of Cheney-Bush. The PNAC declaration and scheme for tyranny is available for all to see.

There can never be a 'war on terror'- terror is a tactic- its like saying there is a war on 'bombing.'

'Democracy' is the Neocon code word for imperial international corporate feudal-fascism.

There is hope- the individual can change, and organize, until the current clique is ousted by public opinion and we are restored to a Republic that minds its own business, dealing squarely with other nations ...

As i write, the former ambassador to Azerbajan (Mr. Escorbido) is trying to convince the Azerbajis to completely support our coming attack on Iran- we need their airfields for the operation...

Thursday, August 10, 2006

If you kill several people, you are a serial killer. If you kill thousands or millions, you are a head of state. But if you kill everybody, you are God.
Only in America could the term 'Do gooder' take on a negative connotation. I suppose we should be come 'Do badders' instead.
We are trapped inside the PNAC and AIPAC vice.

(Project for a New American century & American Israeli Public Affairs Committee)

The AIPAC, or Israeli death and murder lobby of the Likud party, is better organized and financed than the AARP and the NRA combined. The AIPAC can defeat Congressmen in elections, and shapes our foreign policy.

Jews provide the margin for victory in close presidential elections in several states-New York, New Jersey, California, Illinois, Florida.

The Commandments

1. Honor your guide
2. Keep the blood true, your honor holy
3. Avoid all hypocrisy
4. Holy is your health and life
5. Holy is your truth and fidelity
6. Be ready to help and forgive
7. Maintain and multiply your heritage
8. Joyously serve the cause with work and sacrifice
9. Live dangerously

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Japanese popular culture is saturated with violent images, and Tokyo has a population of over 13 million, yet women can walk alone at night, anywhere they want, and they are safe. Why?

A group ethic/value system prevails as opposed to the classicalWestern liberal tradition of individualism.... 'Communalism' was the feudal norm and still lingers...

But during WW2- the Japanese were taught to despise those who surrendered, dying in battle was a glory to be sought....and in the mid 1930's a brutally harsh training program for new military recruits was enacted, which inured soldiers to pain, making them devoid of any sympathies for 'enemies.'

But this does not fully explain the Rape of Nanking in 1937 - over 400,000 civilians were murdered, about 80,000 women were sexually abused.

The group ethic broke down bigtime.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Who's lookin at whom?

UFO's are not from outer space. They are from inner space.

A force seems to control humanity, bending us to an alien will- they manufacture prophets, messiahs, cults, worldviews....

The occult answers more than physics, chemistry, and biology does.

The demon, the elf, the alien invader, the shamanic vision-beings, they are all part of the same phenomenon.

The Watchers are indigenous- humans are the 'other'. If we stare into the mirror too long we might see that we are something else.
American Indians knew words were not just symbols for things- the sounds associated with the saying of each word carried a meaning specific for whatever was being referred to, ... since breath meant life,

Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Commons

when it comes to action,The two major parties are almost identical, at least on the national level. The differences between the two are small, and only occassionally do these minor distinctions matter (at least to a few). the Abortion issue and stem cell research immediately comes to mind. Consider Federal and Supreme Court nominees: the picks of both parties have expanded police powers and increased corporate control over ordinary citizens, albeit at a slightly different pace.

Both parties voted for the Patriot Act, Homeland Security Act....Most Dems supported the contrived Iraq war, and during their convention in 2004, they even failed to condemn the doctrine of pre-emption....

But the psychology of the Democratic and Republican person in the street IS different from each other, on average - Dems tend to beore nurturing in attitude, while Republicans tend to be more strict or domineering .....

Alot of harsh anti- crime legislation has been enacted over the past 35-40 years, in response to the actions of A VERY FEW INDIVIDUALS. We are suppose to change our law codes because of what a handful of people do, out of a population of 300 million? (The Levi Amendments of 1976, Clintons anti-terrorism law of 1996, ... the general loss of privacy due to the aftermath of 9-11, event which was largely caused by our misguided policies in the Middle East- if we had a different policy, if we dropped realpolitic and treated other nations with respect, and if we had a cultured and inspired elite (Confucius), then the rest of the world would respond positively.

Its been said that if you economically socialize a people they will become dependant and helpless....
But socialists mostly want certain sectors to become part of the commons- if a worker is injured and goes to hospital and gets billed a years worth of salary for one months worth of treatment, should he be condemned for not having the cash on hand? Does socialized medicine make such people 'dependant' upon the state or should medicine become part of the commons in the way most of our highways and fire departments are? When medical treatment was available to kings and beggars in about equal proportion about 200 years ago, [medicine] didn't need to be considered something that we all should hold in common,... but modern prices have changed the argument. Again- should ordinary people be critisized for not being able to cough up the mega bucks needed for life-saving treatments?

A broad alliance finally worked out a universal health care plan this year in Massachusetts (signed into law by a Republican governor-Mitt Romney) ; hopefully it will be emulated throughout the other states soon, enabling people to live longer, healthier lives. (The new rules make health insurance mandatory-like car insurance- if you are too poor, your employer helps pay).

When Kerry ran against Bush it seemed like he didn't try very hard- the argument against Bush was devastating, but Kerry refused to use it-Kerry could have used winning issues like national healthcare, increased wages for workers, the environmental crisis, etc. Instead, he spent three weeks arguing whether or not he once threw some medals over a fence.......

The right-wing in America caricatures the left- usually attacking the pseudo, fringe PC left (the anti-fur people, the ACLU's attempts to remove religious symbols from courtrooms....). The authentic left wants higher wages, less corporate control, a single payer healthcare system, local government control, and a protected environment....things that the overwhelming majority of citizens want....

Both parties are owned by the same financial interests...take their orders from the same corporations....
the illusion of opposition is maintianed by using 'Hobson Choices.' On TV political shows and elsewhere, two viewpoints are contrasted, but in reality both are false, yet one is stronger than the other....

Twice in my life the size of government and deficits swelled to insane proportions- with Reagan after 1981, and with George W. Bush after 2001. Both created more laws and regulations, in just three years than Clinton did in his entire eight years in office. So this seems to be the real difference between the parties- Republicans spend alot, increase government, and cut taxes to the super rich (top 1% got 40% of the breaks each time), while Democrats are fiscally more conservative.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Most of what passes for religion is really just rules for doing or not doing things. Endless commands leading to what ?

Inspired, peak experiencing individuals like Moses and Mohammed tried to get others involved with the bliss they thought they had found, ...but [their effort] ended up in dry routine and dogma, defeating the purpose their 'faith' was suppose to serve

People will be the way they are regardless

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Cheney -Bush should pay for their wars out of their own pocket, or at least offer Mercenaries a percentage of the spoils. (Executive Outcomes has an excellent record compared to the UN ).

People who support the war should go overseas and fight it.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Encoded within our DNA are other universes and Gods, waiting for contact, ...we are hopelessly culture bound, trapped in too few dimensions, and require jungle vine soma to experience the Logos.

The machine-elves have always been with us....
The question of black African-Negroid genetic influence upon regions outside of sub-Sahara Africa: the evidence for ancient Egypt is mixed, alternating through time - a Pharoah about 1,850 BC forbade 'blacks' from entering Egypt beyond a certain point, and many Pharoahs were blond....but a Nubian army took over Egypt about 750BC and ruled for 60 years...much earlier the Nile kingdom once extended its sway far south into Kush, so there must have been a certain amount of mingleling...).

The Fellahin of Egypt today bear some traditional black African features, as do many of India's Dalit ('untouchable') population..... Ethiopian mercenaries went to India for awhile...

Though most Indians are certainly descended from the central Asian zone....

The idea that Australian aborigines and Papuans are 'blacks' is probably erroneous, they seem to be distinct groups.

Most Argentines are part 'black': the country once had an enormous slave population, but nowadays you can hardly see any trace of them in the populace-they have been absorbed.
Its more stimulating for the economy for someone to be on welfare than it is for someone to work a minimum wage job.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Soon to Asphyxiate?

If.... the rains don't fall in Amazonia next season....Then... the region will burn and die....releasing an amount of carbon equivalent to what humans have burned in the last 45 years...all in one year. Then the rest of the world will experience famine, and suffocation will follow- killing almost everyone on the planet- all before 2012 AD., a few years hence.

The fossil record indicates that Oxygen in the atmosphere once was about 38%, by 1900 it was 30%, by 1940 it was 25%. Right now it is 19-22%, and anything below 15 % humans begin to die (some large cities now register below 15%).

The release of the Carbon contained within the vegetation in Amazonia (through forest fires) will kill most of us very soon. The Amazon river basin can only sustain three years of drought- Pray for rain!
We will have to hide deep underground, useing special oxygen machines to keep us alive and safe from our fuelish folly.

The esteemed Woods Hole Institute has suggested this sequence of events......
Never before in history have so many been fooled by so few.