Saturday, July 23, 2011

Too late

It is hard for me to comprehend how low America has fallen- the border has been over run by people who basically despise us, they come here for one thing- cold cash. The Mormon church is now engaged is open treason against the republic- they want the Latinos to invade, because the church is now 60% Latino, worldwide. The Mormons have always been thought of as being stalwart conservatives, adherents to the Constitution, etc. No more. Their leaders are now totally enmeshed in high level capitalist games...We have the biggest teacher led cheating scandal in history unfolding in rural areas drug addiction (Oxycontin) is rampant...Half of our children are on food stamps.

CNN cheer leads the unwarranted and illegal attack against our new- found and now erstwhile friend, Muammar Qaddafi. We were told that we went there to save civilian lives, but now the drive is for regime change, to install bandits allied to "Al Qaeda."
When we bomb Libya's infrastructure into smithereens, just how many civilian lives will we kill, hmm?
The lesson: don't ever cozy up to the Americans- they will turn on you like the mad dogs they are.

Our young people are soft and lazy, having been captured by slick electronic gadgets, they are incapable of proper goal-formation. They have no heroes, no ethics, no faith, and no chance.

As the country careens toward a 'default' on its debt- both sides of the aisle are merely grandstanding, neither wants to catch the blame for whats about to happen. Neither side is showing any leadership- we should lock them all up now.
We are already inside of a dark tunnel of slow motion default- investors are stampeding toward the exits, America considered to be a bad risk. People are afraid of the government- will they tax me more? Will they impose a crippling regulation?

Congress is trying to pass a law that would forbid regular trucks on family farms from kicking up dirt and dust as they drive down country lanes...This is just a blatant attempt to shut down small farmers so their properties can be seized by Big Agri, or maybe even the Chinese military...?

The Governor of Idaho recently inked a deal to allow China to virtually own a chunk of Idaho territory, where they will build a factory-city. American cops wont be allowed onto the site...the products made there will be allowed to be stamped " Made in America"....

...While the TSA gate -rapes us at the airports....The Prez could end this with one phone call, but he will never make that call....its probably time to flee the country, or stand up to DC and collectively punch them in the face. We don't have much time left.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The economic causes of the war

In 1929, Major Clifford Hughes Douglas toured Japan. He was an economist , founder of 'social credit theory' who thought that central private banks ought to be scrapped (horrors!) and replaced with a state owned bank that issued credit and currency without interest obligations- the state would have its own money, and not be enslaved to loans that it had to pay double (interest) on. All of Douglas's pamphlets were translated into Japanese, and sold like hotcakes.

Also in 1929, capitalism collapsed worldwide.

By 1932, Japan had begun to implement the Douglas plan; they started a national, usury free bank. Also, each citizen received a dividend from industry and state enterprises, which helped consumption supply and demand, thus neutralizing any potential harmful inflationary pressures. The economy of Imperial Japan took off like a rocket...Britain and America languished, beat out by the nationalist Japanese. Soon Japan would be joined in economic recovery with Germany, which experienced a peace time economic miracle in just two short years under Nazi rule (by the end of 1935..before re-armament).

Before the reforms, Japanese private banks created money out of thin air, as a interest bearing debt, to be paid off by the innocent and un-responsible people (sound familiar ?). Once the government took control of the printing presses and started issuing interest free credit to the people, industrial production soared. From 1931 -1941, manufacturing increased 140%... During the same time period, GNP rose 259%...unemployment went from 5.3% in 1930 to 3.0% by 1938.

Britain, France, and the United States became fearful of being totally eclipsed by the success of Japan and Germany-Imperial Japan, unshackled by usury, soared.