Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The End?

Bats in the NE are dying in record numbers...no one knows why. The great Chinook Salmon areas in California have suddenly dried up- there isnt even one single solitary Salmon left.

Excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere depletes crops of their nutritive value- the food we eat today has a lot less B vitamins and protein than it use to have.

There are almost no wild bees left- and we need them to pollinate about a third of our food crops. The domesticated bees are hurting too- a situation probably caused by the use of Genetically Modified food ingredients, which impairs memory formation in the bee, and they get lost when away from the hive.

The sun's furnace is failing to ignite on time...

The Polar ice continues to melt-while our 'right-wing' continues to deny it.

The recent give-back or tax stimulus boost that most of us are getting just now is really meant to be used to fudge the GDP figures for this quarter, to make it look like the recession doesn't exist, and ostensibly help out the Republican candidate in the fall. Too little , too late.

Every time the Dollar loses 1% of its value, a barrel of oil becomes four dollars more expensive.

The only way to save the dollar from total collapse (and thus rescue the world economy) might be to raise interest rates, which is a very painful way to deal with the crisis. We are about to see hyperinflation combined with a steep downturn in production- much worse than the stagflation of 1979-1981.

For the long term, there are only three options: total collapse; controlled limited collapse; or revival. For the near term, expect only severe economic pain.

If your investments gain 25% on the market this year, you have actually lost money- due to the falling dollar and inflation. Wake up and smell the coffee- your leaders simply do not care about you- they do whatever they can get away with, acting out of personal and class ambition. If food riots come here, the plutocrats will be well fed and secure within their gated communities, while their flunkys aim the water cannons at the crowds, and cart off protesters to the new detention centers.

Bush or Cheny could make one phone call to Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia, and the price of gas would go down to $2.50 a gallon within two weeks...they will never make the call, because you are a sucker and put up with too much from your authority figures-greed seems to know no limit.

3% of all houses in the US are unoccupied- a record, since stats began in 1956. But 'Subprime' lending did not cause the economic slump- the big guys who leveraged and built the malls, office parks... gobbled up the smaller companies for pennies on the dollar, are more responsible than the little guy that got stuck with a loan he couldn't pay. Lack of oversight, which ultimately is really a lack of citizen policing/action...Apathy kills.

The ill-conceived war in Iraq remains a major cause of our financial troubles. It has pushed us toward bankruptcy- while the Federal Reserve simply prints more money to save their buddies on Wall Street (Bear Stearns bailout).

The oil companies are behind the current ethanol and biofuel scam- they own the set-ups, manage the production, partly own the support industries through linkages with the monopoly food carterls like ConAgra...and own the Congress critters and the Prez and tell them what to do, all the while directed by the big banks.
The' Common Good' is the last thing they ever want...If the oligarchs need to have a product purchased to make a profit, they can always find a market overseas-they do not need American consumers... many well placed individuals made a mint during the Great Depression anyway...

Bernake and Greenspan, Bush and Cheney...belong behind bars, doing hard time, busting rocks or on a chain gain in the south clearing the roadside next to their cousins, the rattlesnakes, beneath the blazing sun. Almost half of the American public feels the same way as I do, whether they can articulate it or not.

Cheney earned over 20 million dollars from the Iraq war- he promptly turned his dollars into Euros and European bonds-showing he hd zero confidence in America's future.

In the fall of 2006 the people put the Dems in charge of Congress- thinking that that would end the war. The Dems had the power of the purse- and they have done NOTHING to end the war.

This April has been the coldest one in my lifetime. The winter of 2006-2007 did not have a single cold day until Jan. 7th.

The Bush regime allowed 9-11 to happen- everyone involved in security was promoted (not fired). You are too self absorbed to resist. You are weak and ignorant. The Clinton's, the Bushes, et al, are murderous thugs, outa control Moloch worshiping freaks. You do not believe in America, you do not believe in the Bill of Rights. You have been co-opted and diverted. The upcoming election, the duel between Clinton and Obama , provides cover for the current regime.

Be warned- Just because you are not interested in politics does not mean that politics will not become interested in you.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

The 1997 Belmont stakes horse race: 'Silver Charm' was favored to win, and he would have become the first Triple Crown winner since 'Affirmed' won it in 1978. Three days before the race, I asked the Akashic records to tell me which horse would win. I had a dream- 'Touch Gold' won in the dream-so I made my bet based upon the dream- and Touch Gold went on to beat out Silver Charm and win the Belmont.
I also correctly picked the horses that came in second and third place.

Derby day is next week...

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Never bring a shotgun to a rifle fight.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


A feline I know; codename: "Kevin"

Monday, April 14, 2008

I rarely talk about myself here...

I live in a nice enough neighborhood in a medium sized city in the US. There is very little crime nearby, except maybe late at night. I live in a big house, by myself, and I don't know why. I have never met, and I have never spoken to,my rent-lord.
I have not watched a single solitary TV show for over a year and a half...but I do watch movies on DVD allot (I get most of them from libraries)-about 2,500 in less than two years (about 20 % have been documentaries).

Three weeks ago I dreamed I was standing in almost knee deep water. I was surrounded by shallow water, grass, a sort of river plain or estuary that was very wide. On either side I could see the edge of a forest-I was under the strong impression that this was south America. I was utterly alone, yet I felt I was on some great adventure.
when I woke up, I wondered if this was a place I had already been to- I felt sure that I had, but I could not remember. It seemed very real.
Last night I had the same dream.

On the morning of September 11,2001, I dreamed that I was in a certain part of town...it was dark. Tall-ish buildings were around, I was in(on) a long avenue or alley. I wanted to go down the street, but could not. Suddenly, I heard a very loud roaring or crashing sound coming from the very far end of the darkened street. Something very bad and strange had happened. I woke up with a start-it was 6 AM, sept.11

The room I sleep in has an energy that can cause one to succumb to the two great impediments against survival : a love of comfort; and complacency.

Postscript: Today, April 21,2008, is the 24th anniversary of my enlightening transfiguration. April 21 1984, a saturday, about 10:30 am-


The following is a rough draft for another project...

The planet is dying, and deforestation is one of the causes. Trees capture carbon dioxide from the air, and when trees are cut and destroyed, this carbon is released, aggravating global warming. The loss of a forest also increases the loss of water resources, and reduces biodiversity.

Forests and jungles are being cut down mainly for lumber, wood fuel, agricultural use and cattle grazing purposes. Expanding populations, debt obligations, market forces, and bad leadership are driving the disaster.

Afghanistan has lost most of its forest cover in the last two decades

Philippines has lost 90% of its original forest cover

Haiti only has 1% left- making it a giant Caribbean desert.

Madagascar has lost about 98% of its original jungle

(Israel is the only country in the world to end the 20th century with more trees than the area had at the begining of it).

What to do?

Make the IMF and World bank forgive certain debts that the most afflicted countries possess. Make it globally illegal for any couple to have more than three children. Expand the number of preserved parks and land, and enforce protection through the use of corporate security forces such as the now defunct 'Executive Outcomes.' Mass introduce new farming methods such as hydroponics, permaculture, and biodynamic. Re-introduce the electric car. Outlaw all biofuels- the clearing of large tracts of land in Brazil to make sugar cane just for biofuel is a glaring example of bad policy. Mass produce Hemp and kenaf, and plant more tree farms. Leaders should encourage us to consume less overall. A neo-Kyoto Accord conference should be to held. Vote green or ecologically minded-always. Waste water can be treated and used again, but most of it is sent out to sea, where it becomes lost. If we could overcome our collective "yuck" factor, filtered sewage water can be routed back to our underground aquifers.

We might be able to turn seawater into the prime energy carrier for our needs- if we can cheaply crack the covalent bond between oxygen and hydrogen, we could just use hydrogen for most of our energy needs. Australian scientist Janusz Nowotny claims to be able to do iit using a catalyst of titanium oxide. Aluminum has also been touted as a catalyst...
You run the seawater over a plate made up of the catalyst, then zap the water with an electrical shock (produced by a solar Stirling engine, the best bet). The hydrogen breaks free from the oxygen and you can then use it for power generation. Up to now, it has always taken more energy to crack the bond than you could ever get from using the hydrogen. But the claim is that now the energy expended is less than what you get back- far less.

The loss of the rainforest's- an event soon to happen- will alter weather patterns worldwide, poison the air, and maybe melt the icecaps.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

" The Bishop is insane."

- the author of this blog, misquoted in a local newspaper a few years ago
Americans are a peculiar bunch, but I do not feel that there exists any single, or few, overriding trait(s), at least not anymore.

WE combine many dual tendencies- we contribute to help others in need in a way that can cause people in other countries to become embarrassed for their own lack of charity...while at the same time we allow the greatest human atrocity of the last 60 years- American foreign policy- to go on.

Americans need allot of personal space ( in any other country, if you were to stand six feet away from the counter, you would not be in line- but here in the US, it's OK).

We drive slow in the fast lane ( causing accidents ).

We think burnt coffee from a certain unnamed corporation is an affordable luxury

Our tea is like dishwater

We drink wine that has been 'flavored' with oak chips, to compensate for not being aged in oak barrels

Our inner cities have been abandoned- a suburban morass has taken their place-shopping mall architecture is a brutal assault upon the soul, yet these monstrous structures flourish.

A 'national consensus' restaurant menu has destroyed our bodies. Food service chains take national cuisines-Mexican, Italian, steak, seafood- and from this melting pot emerges an awful, homogenized diet of blobs of grease and dough.

We are suspicious of 'high culture' or real art. We will embrace the 'middle-brow' and declare ourselves to be sophisticated.

Americans tend to blame themselves-things are their fault... if the chips are down, it is their responsibility to pull themselves out of the mess, they created it. (But there is a large segment of the population that believes the opposite ).

American women can be outwardly cold, and privately promiscuous. European women tend to be the reverse- outwardly warm and friendly, and privately reserved.

Most Americans do not know how to drink.

Many (most?) are too slavishly loyal to authority figures.

Being disengaged from the serious world around you is a virtue among most young people. The youth are too self-absorbed and narcissistic to give a hoot about the fate of the nation. Electronic corporate media has raped their collective minds.

In America, if you are physically harmed, say, in a park, it is always somebody else's fault, somebody should have done something to make the situation safer, you need to sue someone. In Europe, the attitude is : you are on your own.

Americans have a childlike attitude toward adultery.

We are skeptical about 'experts,' education, and science.

America does not have a sense of the tragic, but this may be changing. The Europeans always thought of us as being like simple children, we being shocked by life's tragedy and mystery, where they just see 'life.'

Our naive enthusiasm gave us a strength- we won WW2, went to the Moon, beat polio and the Soviets, etc. (sort of).

Before the early 1960's, we were tough, self-reliant, possessed a can-do spirit, and believed in ourselves and our historic mission.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The ice queen got us hot

It is possible that British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher started the current human-caused global warming controversy.

She came into office in 1979- one of her ministers-Sir Christopher Tickell- urged her to sound scientific and talk tough at world meetings or summits. She needed credibility, and she knew that most government officials did not know science (she did-she had a degree in chemistry) . She began to raise the alarm every chance she got- but the real motive was her struggle with the nationalized striking coal workers. She and her croneys wanted to switch England over to nuclear power for electricity generation- this would have been a repudiation of coal (and petrol). So she denounced coal burning and warned the world that coal burning emissions would melt the ice caps, poison our air, and ultimately destroy civilization. (Eventually England opted for natural gas for its electrical needs).

In the 1970's no-one talked about a looming human induced global warming danger. Instead, environmentalists were warning everyone about a possible new ice age ( there were real reasons for this concern in the 1970's- the instrument readings and computer models back then did seem to point toward a soon to come ice age. It WAS responsible to think that an ice age was coming- most of our science told us so.
However, the errors that led to this belief have been so well worked out, that we can safely assume that 1. The danger seemed real enough in the 1970's to be legitimately concerned- the mistake was understandable 2. Our current methods are 'good enough' to discount any threat of a new ice age, and we now know enough to be able to trust our knowledge this time around. We were wrong in the 70's, but we are about 98% sure that we are right this time-concerning the ice age issue.

Human induced global warming, enough to cause irreparable harm to the Earth, has been an idea since about 1890. But it was Thatcher who made it current, popular and chic.

The Earth goes through cycles of natural warming and cooling...on the issue of human caused global warming , I am neutral. My environmentalism is not based upon any hatred for the Industrial West or its expansion; it is based upon a love of nature. We can have both an advancing civilization and a pristine ecology, if only we could remove the technical/political bottlenecks. After the wake-up call of the 1973-4 oil embargo, and the oil shocks of 1979, the nation should have embarked upon an radical crash program to develop abundant, cheap, clean energy sources. (We may possess some mass-alternatives already, but these are being kept off the market). Instead, we eventually (s)elected oil barons to be our President and Vice- President. We got the wake-up call, but we hit the snooze button and rolled over, and now we are embroiled in a war in an oil zone that has depleted the treasury and raised the overall risk to our nation.

Talk about myopia and short-term greed run amok...
Tolstoy declared that the peasants are superior....because they have 'faith.' Only faith can give us truth, Tolstoy tells us.

Faith enables the peasant to live out his 70 years or so. How will this peasant endure eternity, if he needed a mighty faith just to cope with 70 years?
Wikipedia is OK for looking up most things, but I have noticed that when it comes to sensitive political information, Wikipedia offers a basically whitewashed version of events -either by the way it characterizes a person or happening, or by certain omissions that a researcher in the know would catch. Wikipedia is overwhelming pro-establishment (anti-populist).

A man was actually arrested in Canada due to erroneous information written about him on his Wikipedia site. The cops just went by what the wikipedia info said- they didnt check anything out any further.

"Truth" by consensus....like the potential mob rule of democracy...is dangerous.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The percent of taxes that triggered the Revolutionary War was just a fraction of what most Americans have to pay now- we work and give our earnings from about five months of labor to the Feds..and we keep the earnings from the other seven months-if we are lucky. This does not count state, city, local taxes.

What do these taxes purchase? Universal single payer health insurance? Your top-notch education? Your nursing home care,and your funeral? Safety on September 11?

The founding fathers would be horrified if they knew that most of us have to pee into a cup before we can get a job.

About 58% of all Americans have zero, or negative, net wealth.

If our leaders were simply making dumb mistakes, about half of the time the mistake would be in our favor- but this is not the case. Our leaders have deliberately dismantled the American opportunity system, because they are inter(multi)-nationalists.

Who rules? An interlocking directorate of major banks,oil barons, insurance and mortgage firms, Hedge fund operators and stock brokerage houses, a few universities and academics, several think tanks, the media, some Judges and go-to Law firms, and various intelligence organizations, along with a clutch of secret societies and their heads- about 50 individuals.

Americans have a sanitized 'Disneyland' version of history and politics in their heads- most are hopelessly brainwashed.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

I'm going to wade into the alternative cancer therapy debate, and offer a basic sketch.

What is 'cancer'? Cancer is the runaway division of cells... these cells are somewhat different or deformed, and larger, than normal cells. These cells then either crowd out normal organs and their functioning (tumor formation) and these cells and tumors can spread throughout the body (metastasize) via the blood and lymph glands, eventually killing the victim. About 600,000 Americans die from cancer every year-25% of all deaths. Cancer is caused by toxins in the environment, DNA mutations, heredity, viruses,and bacteria (?).

Everything that I have read about this subject has convinced me that the cancer 'industry' is out to make a buck off your suffering- do not believe the FDA or American Cancer Society or National Cancer Institute-these organizations are staffed by doctors who are on the board of pharmaceutical companies-so they only want expensive (profitable) treatments. These doctors may have relatives that get sick with cancer- why don't they try any alternatives? Because they are in deep denial.
The five year survival rate is a giant hoax- if you die after having lived with cancer for six years, you are still considered to be statistically 'healed'. The effectiveness of traditional therapy-surgery, radiation, and chemo- is quite limited- only a 2-4% success rate. (Chemotherapy is really World War One mustard gas- it says 'mustargen' on the bottle). Alternative therapies are routinely dismissed out of hand by the establishment-the experimental trials are rigged.

What's going on with cancer, really? 1931 Nobel prize winner Otto Warburg showed that: cancer cells respire through glycolysis, and not through oxidation, as do normal cells. Normal cells respire by oxygen, cancer cells merely ferment glucose.This breakthrough indicated that if one reduced the amount of sugar-glucose in the blood, one could impair the ability of a cancer to divide. If you deprive a cancer cell of its food (sugar), it will die (more later)

About 1906, a biologist named John Beard discovered that cancer seemed to be a false placenta. This meant that Pancreatic enzymes could defeat the disease ( they way they can inhibit a pregnancy (?) ). More on this later,too-this a a heavy topic that needs work.

What might heal a cancer patient? Here is a brief list, and in a few days I will develop these ideas...

Laetrile (Amygdaline) -if it is the right kind
Ellagic acid-found in red berries
DMSO- must be used with caution
Graviola- a berry from Amazonia
Coleys toxins, or induced fever therapy- developed in the 1930's... might have as high a 50% success rate. Hard to obtain
Ozone therapy- makes the blood and internal environment more alkaline (oxygen), and less acidic (sugar/glycolic)
Hyper-thermia can beat some cancers that are near the surface of the body, but the treatment might be too uncomfortable for some (heat kills cancer cells)
Green tea, proline, lysine
Pancreatic enzymes (Dr. Wolf or Gonzalez protocols- hard to get enough intact inside the system)
Cansema- a black salve for skin cancer. Main ingredient is Blood root.Use with extreme caution-can be quite corrosive, yet some people swear it works
Cesium- part of the Pancreatic therapy idea
Vitamin C
Reishi mushrooms

There exist myriad more options...I am not a doctor, so I cannot make any official recommendations for anyone suffering from cancer. What I have just written must be viewed as a thought experiment, this has just been me thinking out loud, and is not intended to be construed as medical advice, and may contain some factual errors. Go to your quack doctor for help first.

For more detailed information, read anything by Dr. Ralph W. Moss- he is probably the number one expert on Alternative cancer therapies .

I will fill in this entry as time allows.
Ecclesiastes 9:5

" For the living know that they shall die: but the dead know not anything, neither have they any more a reward; for the memory of them is forgotten."

Friday, April 04, 2008

The notion of 'Progress' that took root in Europe and America around 1800...implies that there is an absolute standard by which to judge other cultures...( if the West was headed toward some supreme climax or standard, then everyone else needed to get there too)
'Progress' helped colonialism and imperialism take over the planet.

An opposite idea- 'relativism'... has (had) inherent weaknesses... (Christendom was linear, while the tribal peoples of the world were cyclical in their myths and attitudes toward the cosmos)
The rise of NW central Europe over the peoples of the earth- like the discovery of America- was inevitable.

(It's very unfortunate that Western Civilization wasn't civilized enough to spare the natives).

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

It's ironic that one of the main weapons used against the Soviets during the Cold War was the argument that we were fighting against 'Godless communism.'

In the 1980's Reagan used thugs (the contras) to fight a proxy war in central America against the the people. The people were fighting for justice against the oligarchy, and the people were usually supported by the church. The American backed Contras raped and killed nuns and murdered activist priests- Bishop Oscar Romero being the most prominent victim.

The Central American"communists" were God-fearing, while the American system merely worshiped money and death.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Hope dies last (Slavic proverb).
I am not really anti-business or anti-profit. I am against corruption and exploitation and monopoly.
I distinguish between productive capitalism (good) and finance capitalism (bad).
The current world system is an artificial contrivance, designed by the centralizing transnational elites.