Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The End?

Bats in the NE are dying in record numbers...no one knows why. The great Chinook Salmon areas in California have suddenly dried up- there isnt even one single solitary Salmon left.

Excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere depletes crops of their nutritive value- the food we eat today has a lot less B vitamins and protein than it use to have.

There are almost no wild bees left- and we need them to pollinate about a third of our food crops. The domesticated bees are hurting too- a situation probably caused by the use of Genetically Modified food ingredients, which impairs memory formation in the bee, and they get lost when away from the hive.

The sun's furnace is failing to ignite on time...

The Polar ice continues to melt-while our 'right-wing' continues to deny it.

The recent give-back or tax stimulus boost that most of us are getting just now is really meant to be used to fudge the GDP figures for this quarter, to make it look like the recession doesn't exist, and ostensibly help out the Republican candidate in the fall. Too little , too late.

Every time the Dollar loses 1% of its value, a barrel of oil becomes four dollars more expensive.

The only way to save the dollar from total collapse (and thus rescue the world economy) might be to raise interest rates, which is a very painful way to deal with the crisis. We are about to see hyperinflation combined with a steep downturn in production- much worse than the stagflation of 1979-1981.

For the long term, there are only three options: total collapse; controlled limited collapse; or revival. For the near term, expect only severe economic pain.

If your investments gain 25% on the market this year, you have actually lost money- due to the falling dollar and inflation. Wake up and smell the coffee- your leaders simply do not care about you- they do whatever they can get away with, acting out of personal and class ambition. If food riots come here, the plutocrats will be well fed and secure within their gated communities, while their flunkys aim the water cannons at the crowds, and cart off protesters to the new detention centers.

Bush or Cheny could make one phone call to Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia, and the price of gas would go down to $2.50 a gallon within two weeks...they will never make the call, because you are a sucker and put up with too much from your authority figures-greed seems to know no limit.

3% of all houses in the US are unoccupied- a record, since stats began in 1956. But 'Subprime' lending did not cause the economic slump- the big guys who leveraged and built the malls, office parks... gobbled up the smaller companies for pennies on the dollar, are more responsible than the little guy that got stuck with a loan he couldn't pay. Lack of oversight, which ultimately is really a lack of citizen policing/action...Apathy kills.

The ill-conceived war in Iraq remains a major cause of our financial troubles. It has pushed us toward bankruptcy- while the Federal Reserve simply prints more money to save their buddies on Wall Street (Bear Stearns bailout).

The oil companies are behind the current ethanol and biofuel scam- they own the set-ups, manage the production, partly own the support industries through linkages with the monopoly food carterls like ConAgra...and own the Congress critters and the Prez and tell them what to do, all the while directed by the big banks.
The' Common Good' is the last thing they ever want...If the oligarchs need to have a product purchased to make a profit, they can always find a market overseas-they do not need American consumers... many well placed individuals made a mint during the Great Depression anyway...

Bernake and Greenspan, Bush and Cheney...belong behind bars, doing hard time, busting rocks or on a chain gain in the south clearing the roadside next to their cousins, the rattlesnakes, beneath the blazing sun. Almost half of the American public feels the same way as I do, whether they can articulate it or not.

Cheney earned over 20 million dollars from the Iraq war- he promptly turned his dollars into Euros and European bonds-showing he hd zero confidence in America's future.

In the fall of 2006 the people put the Dems in charge of Congress- thinking that that would end the war. The Dems had the power of the purse- and they have done NOTHING to end the war.

This April has been the coldest one in my lifetime. The winter of 2006-2007 did not have a single cold day until Jan. 7th.

The Bush regime allowed 9-11 to happen- everyone involved in security was promoted (not fired). You are too self absorbed to resist. You are weak and ignorant. The Clinton's, the Bushes, et al, are murderous thugs, outa control Moloch worshiping freaks. You do not believe in America, you do not believe in the Bill of Rights. You have been co-opted and diverted. The upcoming election, the duel between Clinton and Obama , provides cover for the current regime.

Be warned- Just because you are not interested in politics does not mean that politics will not become interested in you.


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