Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Pleasure seeking is morally sound and acts as preventative medicine against pain.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Illegal immigrants in the US murder 12 Americans every day- more than what the insurgents in Iraq are doing.
Pope John Paul 2nd. should have been criminally prosecuted for the Catholic church's child-sex abuse cover-up ( the buck doesn't stop with a bishop or cardinal, it stops with the head of the organization-the scandals raged all around him during his tenure, yet he seemed immune from scrutiny). The international arrest warrant for the Pope from Interpol never materialized.
25% of Americans do not have any friends. ( The same organization that conducted this study, using the same methods, 20 years ago, found that 15% did not have any friends).
85% of the population are misshapen and bad-looking.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

The inspiration for Bram Stokers Dracula and three time ruler of Wallachia, Lord Vlad Tepes Dracul,was a conscientious and dutiful monarch who did everything in his power to keep the heathen Turks out of his country ( even if it meant impaling 30,000 captured soldiers, etc.) Vlad's patriotism and defense of the faith even earned him the favor of the Pope. His alleged excessive cruelty made him the subject of much 'bad press,' but he did what he had to do- he saved the nation.
Women who have had abortions are routinely denied jury duty in cases involving the death penalty (denied due to defense objections).
Only the stupid breed.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Captured 'Al Qaeda' members/documents have given testimony that 'suitcase-nukes' have been smuggled into the USA- the bombs were obtained in a former Soviet republic, and drug cartel routes were temporarily 'rented'- the nukes came across the Mexican border via Brownsville, or through a tunnel near Juarez or Tijuana into the states, with Latino gangs assisting the 'Arab-Afghan' holy warriors. Another suitcase nuke supposedly arrived via New York harbor and northern New Jersey. Argentine intelligence agencies corroborate the story ( Many radical Muslims live in the tri-border region along Argentine border with Brazil and Paraguay).

Congress has declared that a WMD attack upon America is 'inevitable.'

Al Qaeda's second -in-command has recently released a videotape in which he oddly repeats the same nonsense phrase three times.

A few days ago Homeland security chief Chertoff said he had a sick feeling in his gut over a probable terrorist WMD attack on US soil this summer ( why doesn't he elaborate or come clean?)

Two months ago Bush gave himself dictatorial powers, in the event of another 9-11. He also said we would have "A bloody August."

( The suitcase nukes are hard to trigger-building a 'Dirty' bomb would be an easy alternative- industrial/medical radiation is readily available to most hospital workers, it can be found in some pipes used in certain industries, and many gauges. And the southern steppes of the old Soviet Union literally have radioactive debris scattered all over the ground- just walk up to a chunk of metal with a Geiger counter and if it sings, you have your material (but you might get sick- low-rent-a-thugs would be used for the initial acquisition. Also, about 50,000 smoke-fire alarm detectors have enough radioactive material in them to use in a Dirty bomb (which is just a conventional bomb with radioactive dust or pellets sprinkled inside). A Dirty bomb itself wouldnt be very harmful- it would be the PANIC that would do the most damage).

If the towel-heads ever did manage to detonate a Hiroshima- sized bomb in downtown Manhattan, over 100,000 people would die that day. Another million would probably die in the next few weeks. A million jobs would be lost overnight, plunging the nation into another Great Depression. Stocks would collapse, Gold would soar to about 2-3 thousand dollars an ounce . Martial law would be declared, thousands of dissidents silenced or corralled,the draft would be instituted within weeks, and we would invade Iran (even if they didn't do it).

Monday, July 16, 2007

One of the main differences between rich people and poor people: the poor think in terms of the immediate experience, everything is of the moment, instant gratification rules; while the rich take a long view of circumstances, planning and mapping out their lives over the long haul. Poor people are fatalistic, eating,drinking , and making merry because they think they will be dead soon; while the rich don't think they are ever going to die and believe they are in control.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

People who don't keep up with current events, who rarely read the news, who don't know much about history or geography, etc., ought to be disenfranchised.
'Pauline' Christianity (derived from the Apostle Paul, of course) came out the main winner among competing early Christianities. Christendom and world history has been radically shaped by the ideas of St. Paul- he wrote much of the New Testament, but 1. Paul never met Jesus 2. Paul never quotes Jesus 3. Paul never directly refers to any of the miracles of Jesus.

Monday, July 09, 2007

The big lie

Political correctness asserts that all human groups are interchangeable and equal. I happily go through my life knowing that there are allot of people out there who are smarter, stronger, and more creative than I am. The talent differential between individuals is obvious, yet PC demands that we accept that all groups are about the same, and any apparent difference is solely due to preventable environmental factors. What is wrong with acknowledging differing aptitudes between peoples? If I want an opera or pasta dish, I can go get an Italian. If I want beauty and intuition, I find a woman. A knife thrower and horse breeder, a Gypsy, etc. (Most stereotypes are mostly true-like it or lump it). All groups possess skills and talents useful for the furthering of the human project. Yet, I don't mean to imply that one skill is equivalent to another- this isn't so. Skills do not equal raw intelligence-if this were true, most animals would have to be considered as our equal, or even our betters- this isn't so, due to the uniqueness of our central nervous system and our destiny beyond the stars. There exists an absolute standard for higher versus lower thoughts and ideas-the Platonic forms. If 92% of the Nobel prize winners and patent holders happen to be able to trace their ancestry back to a narrow geographic band across Europe, so be it. Male Ashkenazic Jews and the Nordics predominate among the technical sciences that literally produced the 19th and 20th centuries, and I don't see very many people objecting to this situation by retreating into the forest to live in huts.

Newton and Leibniz independently invented Calculus in the late 1600's, the application of which created the modern world, as accelerated by the Lunar Society in the 1760's (James Watt and Joseph Priestly were members). Calculus involves (lunch break).
The tragedy of the human dilemma: the belief that the end justifies the means; and the erosion of the spirit through dogmatism and certainty.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

'Military-Industrial' 'hot' Hillary 'hotdog' Clinton gets money from fund-raisers hosted by Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch.
The stereotype of the Mohawk Indian as being a fearless ironworker up high, unafraid of heights, is only partly true. These Indians are not really born with an innate capacity to balance upon a steel girder 1000 feet up in the air:

Mohawks were first employed in 1886 to help construct a bridge near St. Lawrence. The boss noticed that they were very agile and sure of foot, so more were hired. Since jobs were scarce on the reservation, eventually 25% of Mohawk male employment involved 'skywalking'- the pay is too good to pass up (about $37 an hour, with benefits).

The tradition is passed down from father to son. How do they do it? They slowly put one foot in front of the other, staring straight ahead. They never look down.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

The 'noise police' have been activated in NYC. They go around ticketing for having excessively loud boom boxes, air conditioners, stereos, motorcycles, etc. Its about time. I wouldn't hate humanity so much if they could just learn how to be quiet.
The Druze are a secretive sect derived from Islam who live mainly in the Lebanon area. They must tell the truth to their own, but they are allowed to lie to others, if circumstances necessitate it.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


I remember a very long time ago a friend once refered to the downtown people as 'vermin.'
I remember being horrified at this abuse hurled toward our unfortunate downtrodden- another friend was shocked also.

Now I believe most people are 'vermin.' The majority of people are completely lacking in grace,taste, and erudition. They annoy and infuriate. Do they know the difference between a hydrogen and a helium atom? Can they find Madagascar or Bhutan on a map? Are they polite and quiet?
The hopeless majority must be exterminated. Death to the uncouth ! Destroy the monosyllabic ! Down with reverse-Darwinism !

Sunday, July 01, 2007


Some information about Teddy Roosevelt: He wrote 37 & read over 30,000 books.

His first wife and his mother died on the same day, within hours of each other, in the same house. Teddy reacted by going to North Dakota where he became a cowboy ( he was at this time a 'city-slicker' from the urban east) He never fully recovered from this tragic loss.

In 1898, at age 40 and without any real military experience, he led a armed force up Kettle & San Juan Hills in Cuba, becoming a national hero in the process. He was completely unafraid as bullets killed men charging beside him...

Teddy almost died as a youth, due to his severe asthma. He threw himself into vigorous physical pursuits, curing himself with what he termed "the strenuous life."

He was a boxer, cowboy, assemblyman, naturalist, big game hunter , explorer, author, trust buster and friend to labor, proto-environmentalist, builder of the Panama Canal, and one of our greatest Presidents.
Mexico City is sinking. Built upon a drained lake bed, it has sunk over 30 feet in the last century.