Sunday, July 01, 2007


Some information about Teddy Roosevelt: He wrote 37 & read over 30,000 books.

His first wife and his mother died on the same day, within hours of each other, in the same house. Teddy reacted by going to North Dakota where he became a cowboy ( he was at this time a 'city-slicker' from the urban east) He never fully recovered from this tragic loss.

In 1898, at age 40 and without any real military experience, he led a armed force up Kettle & San Juan Hills in Cuba, becoming a national hero in the process. He was completely unafraid as bullets killed men charging beside him...

Teddy almost died as a youth, due to his severe asthma. He threw himself into vigorous physical pursuits, curing himself with what he termed "the strenuous life."

He was a boxer, cowboy, assemblyman, naturalist, big game hunter , explorer, author, trust buster and friend to labor, proto-environmentalist, builder of the Panama Canal, and one of our greatest Presidents.


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