Friday, October 30, 2009

Due to sustained psychic attack and home invasion by invisible eight foot tall fuzzy monsters, I can no longer continue this blog.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Playboy Interview

The following is a reprint of the interview I had with Playboy Magazine in August 2004.

The Playboy Interview: Zero

A candid conversation with the high priest of metaphysical mischief and re-interpreter of history...

Just a few short years ago only a few bartenders, beatniks, and some local cops around his home town knew of Zero...but with the publication of his remarkable "Manifesto," he is now characterized by such disparite media as The Village Voice, The Times of London, and Pravda, as being "The hottest philosophic property around." Whereas before, only a handful of pool hall habitues and a few academic admirers followed his abstruse online articles, he has since won a world wide following for his brilliant- and frequently baffling-theories about history, politics, and correct dietary practices; his name (muZerohanisme) has entered the French language as a synonym for 'perplexed erudition.'
Though his books are written in a difficult style-at once enigmatic, epigrammatic and overgrown with arcane literary and historical allusions-the revolutionary ideas lurking in them have made Zero a best selling author.
Despite protests from outraged scholastics, and, well, just about everybody else, who claim that Zero's ideas range from demented to dangerous, his free-for-all- theorizing has attracted the attention of top executives, government policy wonks, the Reverend Billy Graham, and the Punk rock movement.
Of his own work, Zero has remarked: "I dont pretend to understand it. After all, my stuff is very difficult."

Playboy: We'd like to start at the beginning. Besides being a poet, mountaineer, internationally respected chess master, and incendiary blogger, you've also been called a visionary. Do you recall any visionary experiences while growing up?

Zero: I had some amazing projections when I was a kid. I kept most of these and merely expanded upon them. These visions are the source of my strength, they keep me going today.

Playboy: What were these visions like?

Zero: They were feelings of wonder. I projected myself towards what I might personally , humanly, do in terms of creating any kind of reality. I was born in a place so far away from my dreams, you had to be there to picture it..

Playboy: are you talking about Omaha, Nebraska...what some call the badlands?

Zero: I always called it the quicksands.

Playboy: Why did you leave Nebraska?

Zero: Well, there comes a time for all things to pass

Playboy: More specifically, why the dream of Africa?

Zero: It was a dream of the rural richness of spirit

Playboy: But that dream turned into a nightmare. Tell us about Rwanda...(the question refers to the Rwandan genocide in 1997)

Zero: I made a mistake. Those machetes - I didn't know what was coming down. I should have walked away, but I didn't.

Playboy: You transported thousands of machetes into the country- there is a photo of you directing Hutu's... You narrowly escaped being put on trial in the Hague...

Zero: I didnt know what was going on until after the fact. Being deported, then held by United Nations police on my way out...I didn't know what was in those trucks until it was too late. I've paid a price...and...

Playboy: After getting that sorted out, you found yourself in Washington. Your discovery there shook that town, and the country, to its core. How did it come about about?

Zero: Well, I was broke. To get by, I thought I'd write for some newspapers. I got this gig, which sent me down a murky path. Inside the archives it was there. And then I caught all of Hells wrath...

Playboy: No one thought such a thing could be. The President ...

Zero: ...finding out that Richard Nixon was really a woman got me in almost over my head. Some things arent meant to be found out. Who could have imagined it? But I had the proof- our former prez was a woman. Her disguise put Hollywood make-up artists to shame.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Most of you know about how your internet searches can trigger robotic responses putting corporate ads into your email boxes....How about your telephone conversations? This happens to me- I am on the phone and mention something, something that has not been part of my online life at all- the next day, inside my email box will be an ad relating directly to just what was mentioned on the phone.
By age 50, men have more estrogen than women.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Before December 7, 2009, I will address the nation. I am preparing a live speech, about one and a half pages long. This speech will be designed to completely electrify the listener. I have thought of a way to reach about 30 million Americans, by stringing together multiple media sources over the course of about two or three days. This will happen.

I will call all the talk radio programs- Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, Coasttocoastam, Howard Stern, Left Jab, Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, etc. I will call C-Span and my local radio stations...I will make a Youtube that will go viral....If money allows, I will speak at the National Press Club (that costs about $2,000 to rent)...

My speech will outline the problem, offer solutions, appeal to the individuals nobler instincts, and throw down a challenge.

Points to be covered: the erosion of liberties (parts of the Patriot Act, the militarization of the police, the Kelo Supreme Court ruling, the end of 'posse commitatus,' credit card company abuse of the public, etc. ) the lies and corruption ( Nafta actually made it harder for small businesses to trade across borders, no WMD, unanswered questions of 9-11, elections are rigged, lobbyist control) the economy is based on debt...what to do about it:

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I am the last free American.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

It was a cool overcast day yesterday- we drove for about 50 miles before finding the site. We parked and clambered down the steep bank to the orange colored creek....The bank was wide, broken rocks were everywhere, the orange coloration gave the area a weird feel . The creek meandered lazily. This was good spot to try- the depth and current was just right.

Nothing lived here. Not one bird flew in the sky. We didn't see a single set of animal tracks... no fish, nor even a single water bug could be found. The orange rocks seemed suspicious -the water itself was clear, but the rocks and the soil were discolored...we were near a power plant, but maybe there was another cause....We had entered a dead zone in pursuit of a goal, a task to find something precious and rare.

Where I live, there is a 15 mile wide, 200 mile long gold bearing pyrite reef. There are 200 defunct gold mines. We were about two miles from a dozen of these mines...we found ample evidence of prior gold diggings all around the creek.

I built a special device- a sluice called a Henry Henry. We had pans- after three hours of work, we had samples that were too small to determine exactly what they were... These will go to the lab for analysis.

(before heading out, I had this dream this morning: I was standing by a road that seemed like one I know three blocks from me....but I wasnt home, I was in Philadelphia. A car speed past, I heard gunshots. To my left, about 100 meters away, a black woman fell backwards. I saw to my right a bronze maverick or pinto like car was speeding away. I saw a black man in a white tee shirt- he was the shooter. I called 9-11...the operator berated me- she said "How can you witness a crime when your at home fixing coffee?" I yelled at her to tell her that I was not home, I'm here on the street, etc.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

When your head is buried in the sand, the Junta's boot will be buried in your ass.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Out of the ashes...

The six million number of Juden slain in the Holocaust...It would be a crime and it would be immoral if the Nazi's murdered just 6,000 Jews- I agree with try to dispute the number of victims...whats the point?
Because the six million number is sacred, it is a sacrosanct symbol beyond disputation. This is the official line. I find this disturbing and curious almost beyond comprehension...The six million figure is a magical talisman used to justify the expansion of Jewish-Zionist influence in the world? The six million number creates a rationale for a nearly blind support for the victims, who are now set up in a contrived state in the middle east. Israel has gotten over a trillion dollars from Germany over the past few decades; the US contributes billions in aid to Israel every year...
If you write a book arguing that only about one million Jews died due to Nazi have broken the law in several countries; you will suffer persecution in almost every country on earth. You could end up in jail.

No-one is lobbying to make 'Moon landing denial' a criminal offense...No one wants to lock up anyone who says that the Warren Commission was a fraud...Goon squads don't arrest people who think Bush let 9-11 happen on purpose (so far). Why is it that Holocaust denial-ism generates such punitive legal measures? I can claim that Genghis Khan was a misunderstood leader who tried to unify Asia, that he never wiped out XXX village...but once one announces that one wants to (re)examine what happened in the concentration camps circa 1942-1945, then all hell breaks loose....Why can't one "deny" or question the extent or nature of a particular mass murder? ... I find this circumstance highly suspicious. Truth does not fear investigation.
At least 80,000 allegedly died at Sobibor, in an area almost the size of a living room. Why not dig up the grave and give the dead a decent burial, and thus deliver to the revisionists a staggering body blow?

The ban on historical research concerning the scope and nature of the the result of a plan enacted by a handful of the victors of World War Two... and this plan/propaganda is, mainly, intellectually dishonest, full of half-truths, distortions, and lies, and serves a malignant political agenda. The winners write the history books and sing the tune anyway they want...

We have a crime scene-the camps-yet no forensic investigation is normally allowed...We have photos of mass graves full of dead bodies, but didn't most of these people really die from typhus? We have a supposedly centralized/coordinated scheme by the National Socialist Party to exterminate a people, yet we have no execution order.

We have claims of execution type gas chambers, but the rocks that once constituted the walls of these chambers contain only negligible traces of any poison gas (zyklon-B, or cyanide)...They ought to test positive for large amounts poison gas, if gas was indeed released on or very near these rocks over a continuous or extended amount of time..Professional gas chamber builders from the US have examined the alleged Nazi gas chambers, and found them to be completely inadequate for the task of mass murder. The reconstructed replicas of today don't have the right doors or windows, they could never function as real gas chambers. How could the builders of these replicas make such a huge mistake? A real mass execution gas chamber needs a chimney of a certain height, yet allied bombers who flew over the camps never reported seeing any such very tall chimneys, nor their shadows.

We have testimony from high ranking Nazi officials during, and after, the Nuremberg trials-Rudolf Hoss, commandant of Auschwitz, mainly ; but this testimony was given under intense duress or torture...
Mass shootings occurred on the eastern front, but context is totally lacking in any explanation as to why these events happened.

About 800,000 people allegedly died at Treblinka- the bodies were buried, then dug up and burned. Yet ground -penetrating radar shows that the ground all around Treblinka- to a depth of over 25 feet- hasn't been disturbed since the last Ice Age. Where are the graves?

The war memoirs of Churchill, Eisenhower, and deGaul- a combined 7,061 pages... all fail to mention the Holocaust, gas chambers, or any major persecution of the Jews.

What really happened and how many died? I'm not sure. Could most of the deaths have resulted from an organic and spontaneous progression, enabled by war and a war time bureaucracy, coupled with the usual privations of war as Germany went down in flames? If German citizens were starving and dirty, isn't it to be expected that their confined enemies would not be first in line to receive whatever food or soap available, and thus this lack caused pestilence and death to spread unchecked through the ghettos and camps? Did a clique of vengeful victors based mainly in Moscow, London, and New York/ DC concoct a colossal hoax ?

The Versailles treaty (1919) concluded the 'War to end all wars'....this document dealt a crushing blow to Germany, sowing the seeds for the Second World War, the treaty created a thirst for revenge..(reparations ensured that Germany would never recover; she had to unjustly accept blame for starting the war, her colonies were stripped away, as well as all of her air force, etc. )
The Versailles treaty was scripted, in part, by Jews. The treaty allowed foreign Jews to confiscate large pieces of German industry and other resources.

Side issue: Most Jews initially wanted Germany to win World War One- after all, most Jews did speak German and many had relatives in Germany- Jews hated the Czar and his Pogroms and wanted Russia to lose. During this time, agitation for a homeland was intense-a deal was struck- International Jews made an agreement with Britain- if America entered the war on the British side, in exchange Britain would ensure that a Jewish homeland would be set up after the war- thus the Balfour Declaration was born. Jewish agents made sure America entered the war- the Lusitania was sunk- the switch had been made, the Zionists now wanted the defeat of Germany, America's entry in the war on Britain's side made the soon -to -come defeat of Germany possible.

Organic culture, glued together by a language, growing over centuries, flowering with the rise of nation-states...this is what gives a people or the individual their strength and soul. Jews didn't have a state, they did not work the land, they did not work with their hands. They adapted by becoming financiers, rent-lords and merchants. The Talmud condemns gentiles in the most vile terms...Jews are permitted to rob and cheat gentiles, etc.
Judaism is peculiar among the revealed faiths- Islam and Christianity both want converts, both praise Jesus, both agree that Gods love is meant for everyone. Judaism will have none of this- Jews are taught to stick to themselves and they dont seek converts; their religion says that Gods love is especially directed towards them, that they are Gods "Chosen people." The Talmud says Jesus was a wicked man who will suffer in Hell.
Having no state and being predisposed toward tribalism, their first loyalty is to each other and their community ...and not to the country in which they live in. They are unpatriotic in the sense that their primary loyalty is to 'International Jewry.' Jews peddle unnecessary academic abstraction (from Marx to Derrida) while practicing a murderous usury.
By their own admission, Jews are subversive, in the sense that they think they tear down myths and fables, mores and folkways. The Frankfort School is representative of this tendency...This neo cultural Marxist assault on 'tradition' is designed to weaken the nation-state and corrupt the individual, thus allowing 'Internationalism' to succeed. The institutions are to be captured, so a rejection of God, family, and country can be inculated inside the mass mind.

Here, you might say that the Zionists and /or Israel ought to be enthusiastically supported, since Israel is our main ally in the Middle East. But I say to you- I don't remember the United States having any enemies in the region before Israel was, many Rabbis reject the notion of a Jewish state.

We have a centuries old conflict between two rival groups, each imagining they are superior-one camp consists of the collectivist yet also ultra- capitalist, cosmopolitan forces of philosophic abstraction and usury... versus the yeoman farmer and his family on their acre, which developed into the north central European states. Both groups achieve far above all other human groups- a cursory examination of who wins Nobel prizes or who registers a patent...reveals that 95% of the worlds creators are either Ashkenazim Jews or they are Nordics.. (Recent history shows that north east Asians are gaining, though). Great races produce great nations, which can be opposed by parasitic and envious groups (Jews will get plastic surgery to make themselves look more Nordic, yet you never hear of a Nordic ever getting plastic surgery so they can look more Jewish).

The moment Hitler ascended to power in Germany, International Jewry declared war on the Reich- economic boycotts were initiated by foreign Jewish organizations. Anglo-Zionists manipulated the start of World War Two through a web of entangling alliances and an aggressive military buildup by England...

The Nazis wondered how to deal with the Jews. At first, the Nazis offered Jews safe passage out of Europe- as long as they didn't go to Palestine. Jewish leaders rejected this offer, knowing full well that this rejection would result in the destitution and deaths of countless Juden- these leaders wanted Jewish martyrs, so the impulse toward a future creation of a Jewish homeland in Palestine could snowball.
When Jews did occasionally offer to sail German Jews out of the Reich to safety, these Jews wanted exorbitant amounts of money from fellow Jews to do so. This Hebrew greed resulted in countless loss of life among the Jews..Later, the 'Madagascar Plan' was a desperate attempt by Nazi leaders to rescue the Jews from the erupting conflagration- the Jews would be relocated to Madagascar, where they would live in peace, once Hitler had secured Europe. In this sense, Hitler tried to save the Jews. As the war progressed, the Madagascar plan was scrapped as being too impractical, due to Allied offenses which prevented the operation.

Fact: Jews were commandants for at least two of the concentration camps (Dr. Eleke Fritz Scherwitz and Arthur Pisk) .... About 150,000 soldiers of Jewish descent served in Hitlers armies.... Future Israeli Prime Minister Yitzak Shamir and German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt both volunteered to fight for the Reich. Hitler personally signed orders for individual Jews to be allowed to rise to certain ranks within the Reich. Jews voted for the Nazi's is large numbers. A prominent Jew lobbied the Reich for the right of Jews to wear 'yellow star' armbands (Georg Kareski ).... Hitler set up a special city in Czechoslovakia, just for Jews, where they could live in peace and even have fun and frolic in total safety while the war raged around them (Theresienstadt) .... A commandant at Auschwitz was dismissed by higher Nazi officials, due to his mistreatment of inmates...The oft cited story of 'human skin lampshades' is a story that has been traced back to the cruel action of one single wife of one officer; this story is only true in just one single instance, and even so it has never been absolutely documented with certainty...Jewish groups collaborated with the Nazis (Haavara, Israel Freedom Movement or NMO) since Britain held Palestine and was denying them their homeland. Many Jews felt that if they allied with Germany, they might get their own state...Everything about how the Israelis have learned about how to deal with the Palestinians in the occupied territories, they admit they learned from observing how the Germans put down the Warsaw uprising...A majority of today's Jews are not descended from the ancient Israelite s; most Jews today are a mixture of north Turkic/Mongol and eastern Slavic phenotypes, with some German blood added to the mix-thus they have no legitimate historical claim to Palestine.

December 7, 1941: Pearl Harbor ensured that the US would enter the war- the German High Command knew that unless they won the war soon, they would be defeated, once the resources of the American nation was thrown against them...

January 20, 1942, The Wannsee Conference: high ranking Nazi officials met in a wooded suburb outside Berlin where they allegedly formulated the "Final Solution," which was a plan to evacuate the Jews from western Europe and north Africa and put them in work camps on the eastern front.
By the spring of 1942, the offensive against the Russians had stalled; the Germans learned that the Allies intended to utterly destroy Germany after the conclusion of the war- the Reich would be broken into several smaller pieces (this did happen) and the German people themselves would be scattered to the winds and destroyed forever ( this almost happened: The 'Morganthau Plan' was a scheme to completely erase the German race from the planet...(Henry Morganthau Jr. was the US Treasury secretary in Roosevelt's Cabinet. The plan was to strip a conquered Germany of ALL its industrial infrastructure and turn her into a backward agrarian dump) this was a Jewish plan for the annihilation of Germany and all Germans... while Jewish scientists began to build Atomic bombs in the American desert, which were intended to be dropped on Berlin,Vienna, Hamburg and Cologne...the Volga Germans did vanish forever, being murdered by Stalin...After the war ended, about three millions German civilians were allowed to perish in concentration camps that the allies set up...

The German High Command knew these things - they knew that they would probably lose, they knew that their country was destined to be destroyed forever, the German people were meant to be liquidated by the victors...they also knew that the International Jew had started the war.
The German soldier in the field saw themselves as glorious heroes fighting to create a new and better world...a world without disease, where everyone was healthy and understood higher mathematics, spoke five different languages, played seven musical instruments, etc.
As long as hundreds of thousands of German youth were dying on the eastern front- the Jews would have to pay.

For several months (years, actually) before hostilities broke out on September 1, 1939, Polish gangs had been assaulting and killing ethnic Germans inside Poland. Hitler demanded that Poland relinquish a ten mile wide strip of highway, so Germany could be connected to Danzig, a majority ethnic German city disconnected from the rest of Germany. Hitler wanted to protect the Polish Germans. His ultimatum was refused, so Hitler invaded Poland...this was intended to be a local German-Polish war, but due to the machinations of England, this event became a tripwire that resulted in the declaration of war between Britain and France against Germany. Hitler was horrified-Germany was not prepared for this war- no matter how you look at it, the military of the Reich in late 1939 showed no signs that it was gearing up for a major conflict. A scheme for world conquest was not on Hitlers plate.

(Side issue: the undemocratic tendency of the Nazi's was a natural outgrowth of German history. Democratic institutions never existed in Germany until the artificial Weimar Republic was imposed upon her (1920) at the behest of the victors of WW1 . Bavaria had a King until 1910...'democracy' is inherently destabilizing, the nation must be united).

Hitler had a great admiration for Britain- the thought of waging war against the Brits nauseated him. This is the reason why the first six months of the war has gone down in history with the moniker "The Phoney War" - so named because the fighting was light or tepid; there was no real heart in it on the western front.

(Side issue: the German military possessed brilliant tactical ability, yet suffered severe strategic defects. Hitler, and, to a lesser extent, the German High Command, offered no real coherent overarching strategy for success in the war. Indeed, the Generals and Hitler can be said to have been bumblers- the different branches of the military did not know how to cooperate with each other, etc. Marshal Von Bock correctly tried to capture Moscow, instead of heading south like Hitler wanted him to, yet he eventually failed to take the city- his troops lacked proper winter clothing. This might have been the key issue and the precise moment when the drive east stalled.
Fighting a two front war and starting the eastern invasion three weeks late, as winter approached- this is an example of very bad strategy. The front suddenly became too long and reached too deeply into enemy territory, the German army could not adjust in time- there was no real plan to fix this problem.
Marshal Rommel knew how to win the war- yet he was eventually forced to commit suicide over the justified and necessary plot against Hitler. Rommel offered the Reich the best hope for an evolution into a humane and chivalrous Pan-European Order-if he had assumed power after Kursk. If Rommel had won the battle of El Alemein, he would have gone down in history as the greatest German military leader of the century. The tendency to resist the worst elements of both socialism and capitalism...was contained within Utopian National Socialism as amended by Rommelism and Ernst Junger. This was an aborted revolution that should have grown to fruition. (El Alemein was lost due to a lack of gasoline for the tanks. Losing air superiority over Malta caused this. )

(Side issue: Britain did not gain anything from winning the war. The start of the war was meant to aid and liberate Poland- after the war, the Soviet terror took hold of the Polish nation. After the war, Britain was so weakened that she lost all her colonies. IF England had sided with Germany, like most of her leadership wanted, she could have ruled her colonial empire, side by side with Germany, for at least another hundred years. It was one man- and one man alone- who kept England from surrendering to Hilter- that man was Winston Churchill. Little did he know then that eventual British victory actually spelled the total death of the British empire).

Throughout most of 1940, Hitler wanted a truce with Britain. This is the reason for Hitlers puzzling behavior at Dunkirk- most historians cite this as the point where Germany really lost the war- people have scratched their heads- why did Hitler allow the evacuation of over 350,000 enemy soldiers at Dunkirk? The Brits and the French were trapped on the beach, they could have been wiped out... Hitler could have then gone on to conquer England. Why did Hitler hesitate? He delayed because he simply did not want to fight the English, a people who he felt were his cousins. His gallant gesture at Dunkirk may have ultimately caused him to lose the war.

The utopian vision of Nazism failed with the defeat of the Rohm faction.

Aftermath: April 1945- Bolsheviks swarm over Berlin, raping almost every German woman between the ages of 13 and 60. The war weakened Britain enough to allow India to gain her independence- the post colonial genie was released from the bottle. Israel followed in 1948- in this sense, Adolph Hitler is the father of Israel. By 1961, almost all of the third world peoples had declared their freedom from Europeans, even if it meant an immediate lowering of living standards and a dependance upon multinational corporations who owned the dictators nominally in charge.

The third world peoples have risen up, the old world hierarchies have fallen. The civil rights and liberation movements have linked with feminists, gays, false environmentalists, and other assorted statist or so-called social justice groups...represented in the United Nations, using the media, Hollywood, Wall Street and various bogus sovereignty shredding trade agreements such as the World Trade Organization and NAFTA...all to implement an agenda of revenge and death. How often is it that you turn on the TV and see a commercial or show where a 'white man' is presented as the chump or villain?
'Tolerance' is a (usually) misguided idea we learn from the TV and in the classroom. How many of these above mentioned organizations or movements are run by Zionists? Most are.

Israel is a mafioso colony, nested by RUIM- (Russian Ukrainian Israeli Mafia). Israel and Zionism, through their pressure groups AIPAC, the Anti Defamation League and Southern Poverty Law Center, bully our Congress and society into submission.
The intent of the financial oligarchs: to break the idea of the family, to lower the population of north central Europeans, to turn power over to the formerly subservient sectors, to turn the individual into a wreck or shell of a person- they have largely achieved their goal. The financial elites dont care if some of their own get snared in the trap- they are in denial of this possibility. Obama was selected by the Zionists Soros, Axelrod, Emanuel, Spielberg, et al... to usher in the total rule of the New World Order (using multiculturalism and political correctness as clubs) which is just cover for ethnic based usury and false worship... we are witnessing wholesale transfers of power from the private sector to the public, and a transfer of authority from nationalism to a UN/WTO superstate... a planet-wide bureaucratic dictatorship erected under the rubric of "global governance," the goal is to slash our population and "protect" the Earth from the plague of humanity. Super-capitalism combines with collectivization under the same UN tent...this is the end of nations, as called for in the UN charter....

The notion of 'diversity' is actually designed to eliminate diversity, in the long term. If you blend several groups of people together for a few generations, you don't end up with diversity, you end up with a universal sameness or a bland mongrel homogeneous population that has lost their cultural roots; you get a people who will embrace an artificial electronic mono-global culture, front-loaded with ignorance and stupidity. Electronic communication is the wicked tool of the diversifiers...Once a people lose their hard won heritage, they are more ripe for a total corporate and governmental conquest-(worker) internationalism is weakness in itself, because ones roots have been cut... this false internationalism is directed by mega corporations who do not care about the individual or the workers.

'Social capital' is created when individuals positively interact with each other in the community- girl scouts, Jaycees, little league, bowling teams, book clubs, friendships, etc. As communities become more diverse, social capital collapses. This has been proven. People talk to each other less and less when diversified social enclaves are the rule. Even as these enclaves arise, each one will come to resemble each other, regarding certain views, due to the influence of Marcuse, PC, and the Frankforters: traditional marriage will fall, borders will be erased, the Constitution will succumb to Internationalist creeds, rampant intermarriage will destroy heritages... High culture will be replaced with electronic noise and communal/ corporate imperatives; the workers will be enslaved even more, and the individual will be damned. All of these things can be blamed on Zionists operating out of the Frankfort school of neo-cultural Marxism, using TV , film, and schools as weapons. Everything that is essential and great emerges only when humans have a home and tradition, and change must be linked to this tradition. Germany in the early to mid 1930's offered a third alternative between Soviet collectivization and capitalist democracy in the West- a chance for the concentration of the spirit of Man. Greatness stands within the storm.

A country cannot endure when it is made up of a patchwork quilt of 'homogenized' diversity. America always had diversity-whites, blacks, Indians... from 1890- 1930, almost 1/4 of all the people here were recent immigrants from south and eastern Europe. But this diversity was just what we could handle. The current added diversity- Mexicans, Haitians, Salvadorans, radical feminists, gays, Muslims - these newer groups dilute the Anglo-Saxon Protestant foundation of the country so much so that it threatens to tear the nation into several pieces. The nation should be about 85% family -oriented Aryans, operating within the Judeo-Christian tradition; or the bulk of the people should be complete honorary members of this group. It may sound like a contradiction- rising ethnic enclaves actually representing a mindless uniformity or mass conformity, but its true.

A new segregation is needed. The strength of the Folk arises from blood and soil. We need to end most immigration until the unemployment situation stabilizes.
The excesses of the social revolution of the 60's needs to be undone- this is easy to do- have you ever seen a happy well adjusted slut or druggie?

Unless the global trend toward diversity is halted... the Masai, Scotch, Hmong, Ojibwa, Ashanti, Estonian, Vietnamese, Hungarian, Zulu, Kurd, Thai, Cherokee ... etc....all these groups will vanish forever. The mosiac patchwork of peoples will die. We will end up with a group of one people, all dumb sheep.

This is the grand betrayal of America and the West... to hammer the last nails into the coffin of the republic. This will happen because most Americans are weak cowards-you pay your confiscatory taxes every year, but you cannot find any law that says you have to. Most of you cannot do fifteen pushups or walk five miles- you are pathetic. You cannot read a serious book. You don't know anything.. "Discipline" is the dirtiest word in the language to you.

All of this is a direct result of the outflanking and defeat of institutional Nazism in 1945.

The Allies bombed the soap trucks and trains in Germany- so millions of Jews in concentration camps died of typhus.

The above is just a hypothesis. Reality is processed through the intruments we use to perceive it- our brain, nervous system, eyes....these filters can fail- I might be living on Mars underground, centuries ago, and am now dreaming this stuff around me. "Perception is a gamble"....

This post is not meant to be construed as an endorsement of Hitler or the Nazis. This post is just a thought expiriment.

Postscript: recent research indicates that the Nazi's and the Third Reich were absolutely ambivalent about race. The crude biologism that is pushed by mainstream historians seems to be a gross distortion. Despite a few German laws to the contrary, millions of non-Germans volunteered to fight for Germany. Latins, French, Slavs, Arabs, Turks, Half Jews, Mulattos, and even thousands of full blooded Jews and full blooded black Africans fought for the Nazi's. Hitler seems to have shown a personal racial ambivalence on numerous occassions, in his letters and conversations. Lynching was still occuring in America, while it was absolutely forbidden in Germany- Germans were not allowed to attack blacks. Hitler was more concerned about merit, and not about biology. Character, talent, and spirit were to be the determinents of the new rising European aristocracy.
Remember who belonged to the Axis powers: Japan and Italy.
To the global elites... we are just numbers in a computer and a revenue stream. The peasants are vermin to be exploited.

The pharmaceutical industry delights when cancer strikes one of us- they get about $500,000 per victim. If a cancer stricken slave rebels and cures himself naturally, and then sells apricot seeds to other cancer patients and collects over a thousand testimonials supporting alternative cancer cures....then he gets to spend five years in prison. This has happened. A former slave being in prison represents another revenue stream for the elites....

75% of all Oncologists won't touch poisonous chemotherapy with a ten foot pole..why should you?

We live in an artificial matrix... a false make believe fantasy world created by a nexus of media and educational organs. Open your eyes...

Monday, October 12, 2009

Until a few years ago, the divorce rate in India stood at about about 1.5%, compared to the nearly 48% rate in the US.
Getting angry for one minute suppresses the immune system for eight hours.

Consuming one 12 oz. can of soda cuts immune system function about 50% for about six hours.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Obama got the Nobel prize for Peace. Where's my prize for literature?

Nominations for the prize closed on Febuary 1- about ten days after the pretender -in -chief became our fake president. For ten days work he gets the peace prize?

The rules for getting the prize were broken- they clearly state that the recipient had to have had a positive result for their efforts. Obama's result? Dropping bombs on little kids heads in Afghanistan and Pakistan...cracking skulls in the streets of Pittsburgh and New York....allowing the Israelis to bulldoze more Palestinian homes in the West bank...passing a record high defense appropiations bill, all the while he and his friends calmly contemplate mass murder against the Iranian people merely for wanting nuclear energy...etc.

If Obama actually goes to Oslo to accept his re(a)ward, he will look like a jackass.

This is like Hitler getting the Peace prize after invading Poland in 1939.

Obama has set back race relations about 35 years. When black Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm ran for President in 1972, you could ask her ANY question without being labelled a racist.

Obama is the first President to chair the UN security council. To do this, he has to swore an oath to the Unite Nations charter- a treasonous act at odds with our Constitution. Impeach him now, and after he is removed from office, indict him and put him where he belongs- in prison for life, in a cell next to Cheney, Bush, Rice, Rumsfeld, et al. Throw Bob Dole and both Clintons in the klink too. Heck, the traitors are too numerous- put away every senator, congressman, cabinet secretary going back 25 years....Tom Brokaw, Dan Rather, most media talking heads, put em all in jail for life, busting rocks. Lock up most of the university chancellors and think tank heads...Our roads and bridges need to be repaired- lets kill two birds with one stone. Add most of the current state Governors and Federal Judges...put the people in the street in prison for ten years, if they actively supported any of these aforementioned buffoons. Put Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity in solitary confinement for life...round em all up, put them away...throw away the keys...These people are traitors- I HATE TRAITORS.

The Obama phenom swayed a naive and biased committee...this, as he : prepares to veto legislation that would require intelligence officials be more forthright when reporting to Congress...he stands "idly by" while a coup ousts the humane President of Honduras- the coup plotters have serious links to Mossad and the Clintons...Obama has reactivated the Fourth fleet in the Caribbean, and has established seven bases in Columbia, increasing US troop strength there... all to threaten the experiment in Venezeula, and bolster the criminal regime of Uribe. US troops have been stationed in the Kidgum district of Uganda, where the childrens Lords Resistance Army (LRA) is active. We are about to get sucked into a war in Yeman...Obama has re-legitimized torture...

The real economy is crumbling around us...the credit default swaps continue. 100,000 families were tossed into the streets recently, after their mortgages failed. The dollar is under sustained attack by private offshore banks...we have to restore the republic- end the Federal Reserve, shred NAFTA and its spawn, cancel all derivative debts....close most of the 700 military bases we maintain overseas (in comparison, China has zero bases abroad)...and put in prison the devils in charge.

The satanic networks that run this planet...operate by their attachment to a certain vibrational construct. These elites are actually trapped within a box- they are disconnected from what's really going on- the higher dimensions of love and knowledge elude them. Whats happening now is a vibrational shift that will utterly sweep aside the satanists- Soros, the Clintons, Kissinger, Buffet, et al. They are doomed creatures. They are exiting the stage of history.Their control system is coming down. It will crash hard, the Spirit of '76 lives...Gods kingdom will prevail.

Congress is worried about one thing, mainly : since the Fed pumped about 50% more money into the economy in the span of about one year, the fear is now about how to suppress a hyperinflationary spiral that will cause the people to turn out their (s)elected officials...

Thursday, October 08, 2009

On friday morning, NASA will bomb the Moon. I lobbied against this- I'm sure my senators are too dense to see how this is a desecration... I bet they viewed my concern as loony.

I'm preparing an extensive future post- the Moon use to have life and creatures crawling all over it, and may have someone or something on/in it right now. Stay tuned here, or your evening news, for the breaking, civilization shaking story.

Hypothesis: on Earth, a secret clique possesses technology that makes what we normally see all around us look like tinker toys. This technology was either retreived from alien artifacts, or the research of the Nazi's in the 1930-40's led the victors to suddenly come up with marvels that we can hardly imagine. Did we go to the Moon and Mars in the late 1950's-early 60's?
High ranking officers in the Pentagon are chaffing under Obama's unconstitutional rule. Coup rumors are swirling- the Generals are sworn to protect the Constitution against all enemies- domestic or otherwise.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

This blog was written, in part, to enlighten you. I hoped to help you to become like me- to walk down the street and always inwardly chuckle at the folly all around you. I wanted a certain perspective to be inculated within you, dear reader. To take to heart a few key you can be happy every moment of every day, like me. I write to lift you out of your brutality...

Sunday, October 04, 2009


In the early to late 1500's , a tribe of Indians in Virginia consolidated themselves into a rather large Confederacy. They were the Powhatan, a name taken after their title for their supreme leader. These tidewater Indians numbered about 20,000 souls, grouped in about 30 affiliated tribes, each headed by Weromances, or chiefs.

The English settled Jamestown in 1609. The colony survived by the skin of their teeth- having to fight three conflicts with the local Algonquin Powhatan Indians. (The first Anglo-Powhatan war(1610-1614) was a back and forth conflict that ended with the whites acquiring more riverfront territory from the Powhatan...the marriage of Pocahontas and Captain John Rolfe signalled the end of the war. Many of todays leading Virginia families can trace their lineage back to the child of Pocahontas and Rolfe, making these Virginians part Indian).

The second war: Opechancanough ("he who has a white soul" ) became the second leader to deal with the invaders...In 1622, he launched a broad offensive along the entire length of outer edge of the English settlements...347 whites were killed. A surprise attack on Jamestown itself was narrowly averted when a friendly Indian alerted his friends. There were several instances where this same type of warning was given, so Indians who were friends with individual white families saved dozens of lives (these Indians were not later considered to be traitors, though).

Opechancanough had killed about 1/3 of all the colonists. But he then did what flawed generals do- he didnt follow through on his success. Eventual white reprisals wiped out enough of the Indians summer and fall food crops that Opechancanough decided to come to the parley table. He showed up with his retinue, and the colonists promptly poisoned to death about 200 peace seeking Indians. Opechancanough was poisoned too, but fled and escaped, as bullets fell all about him...

20 years of "peace" ensued. Opechancanough was the first Indian to realize the totality of the situation- his predecessor thought he could contain the strangers, use them for trade, and maybe allies against the enemy Shawnee to the west. But Opechancanough saw that the whites were coming to his land in large numbers almost every day. He knew that the entire land would soon fill up with these strange invaders and they would drive out or kill all the Indians. In 1644, Opechancanough went on the warpath again- over 500 settlers were wiped out, but by this time, this was a much smaller percent of the total amount of settlers, so the colonists quickly retaliated and recovered. The rebellion was put down.
Two years later Opechancanough was captured and brought in chains to Jamestown, and was paraded and dragged around in front of the Governor and other settlers. Opechancanough allegedly spoke to the Governor and said "If things were reversed, If I had captured you, I would not have treated you the way you are treating me. I would have shown you respect."

Soon thereafter, an angry jailer shot Opechancanough in the back. Opechancanough was thought to be 90 or 100 years old.

( Opechancanough is also thought to be 'Don Luis..' The Spanish Jesuits tried to settle Virginia around 1570....they took a voluntary guest back to Spain...Opechancanough received some education there and was christened Don luis by his hosts...He returned to Virginia, the Jesuit colony failed soon thereafter, and Opechancanough eventually turned against all white colonists ).

After the Powhatan were subdued by the colonists, they told them that they were induced to go on the warpath by a spirit they called Okewas. The Indians said Okewas made them fight-Okewas had to be placated with sacrifices of blankets, corn, and copper...He was a trickster-god
and was a lesser God compared to the Powhatan ruler of the universe- Ahune.
Andrei Gromyko, where are you now that we need you?

Thursday, October 01, 2009

The most commonly shoplifted book is the Holy Bible. When caught, the shoplifter tries to explain that they felt that they shouldn't have to pay to read God's word.