Saturday, October 10, 2009


Obama got the Nobel prize for Peace. Where's my prize for literature?

Nominations for the prize closed on Febuary 1- about ten days after the pretender -in -chief became our fake president. For ten days work he gets the peace prize?

The rules for getting the prize were broken- they clearly state that the recipient had to have had a positive result for their efforts. Obama's result? Dropping bombs on little kids heads in Afghanistan and Pakistan...cracking skulls in the streets of Pittsburgh and New York....allowing the Israelis to bulldoze more Palestinian homes in the West bank...passing a record high defense appropiations bill, all the while he and his friends calmly contemplate mass murder against the Iranian people merely for wanting nuclear energy...etc.

If Obama actually goes to Oslo to accept his re(a)ward, he will look like a jackass.

This is like Hitler getting the Peace prize after invading Poland in 1939.

Obama has set back race relations about 35 years. When black Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm ran for President in 1972, you could ask her ANY question without being labelled a racist.

Obama is the first President to chair the UN security council. To do this, he has to swore an oath to the Unite Nations charter- a treasonous act at odds with our Constitution. Impeach him now, and after he is removed from office, indict him and put him where he belongs- in prison for life, in a cell next to Cheney, Bush, Rice, Rumsfeld, et al. Throw Bob Dole and both Clintons in the klink too. Heck, the traitors are too numerous- put away every senator, congressman, cabinet secretary going back 25 years....Tom Brokaw, Dan Rather, most media talking heads, put em all in jail for life, busting rocks. Lock up most of the university chancellors and think tank heads...Our roads and bridges need to be repaired- lets kill two birds with one stone. Add most of the current state Governors and Federal Judges...put the people in the street in prison for ten years, if they actively supported any of these aforementioned buffoons. Put Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity in solitary confinement for life...round em all up, put them away...throw away the keys...These people are traitors- I HATE TRAITORS.

The Obama phenom swayed a naive and biased committee...this, as he : prepares to veto legislation that would require intelligence officials be more forthright when reporting to Congress...he stands "idly by" while a coup ousts the humane President of Honduras- the coup plotters have serious links to Mossad and the Clintons...Obama has reactivated the Fourth fleet in the Caribbean, and has established seven bases in Columbia, increasing US troop strength there... all to threaten the experiment in Venezeula, and bolster the criminal regime of Uribe. US troops have been stationed in the Kidgum district of Uganda, where the childrens Lords Resistance Army (LRA) is active. We are about to get sucked into a war in Yeman...Obama has re-legitimized torture...

The real economy is crumbling around us...the credit default swaps continue. 100,000 families were tossed into the streets recently, after their mortgages failed. The dollar is under sustained attack by private offshore banks...we have to restore the republic- end the Federal Reserve, shred NAFTA and its spawn, cancel all derivative debts....close most of the 700 military bases we maintain overseas (in comparison, China has zero bases abroad)...and put in prison the devils in charge.

The satanic networks that run this planet...operate by their attachment to a certain vibrational construct. These elites are actually trapped within a box- they are disconnected from what's really going on- the higher dimensions of love and knowledge elude them. Whats happening now is a vibrational shift that will utterly sweep aside the satanists- Soros, the Clintons, Kissinger, Buffet, et al. They are doomed creatures. They are exiting the stage of history.Their control system is coming down. It will crash hard, the Spirit of '76 lives...Gods kingdom will prevail.

Congress is worried about one thing, mainly : since the Fed pumped about 50% more money into the economy in the span of about one year, the fear is now about how to suppress a hyperinflationary spiral that will cause the people to turn out their (s)elected officials...


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