Thursday, October 08, 2009

On friday morning, NASA will bomb the Moon. I lobbied against this- I'm sure my senators are too dense to see how this is a desecration... I bet they viewed my concern as loony.

I'm preparing an extensive future post- the Moon use to have life and creatures crawling all over it, and may have someone or something on/in it right now. Stay tuned here, or your evening news, for the breaking, civilization shaking story.

Hypothesis: on Earth, a secret clique possesses technology that makes what we normally see all around us look like tinker toys. This technology was either retreived from alien artifacts, or the research of the Nazi's in the 1930-40's led the victors to suddenly come up with marvels that we can hardly imagine. Did we go to the Moon and Mars in the late 1950's-early 60's?


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