Monday, September 28, 2009

In the beginning...the One created a polar opposite. This was pure ego. Later it shattered into infinite pieces, called individual souls.

We travel along a path of pain, called evolution. We suffer. We will suffer until the futility of our path is made clear...we can break away from ego, or DNA, or evolution and pain, by reaching toward the One. Up until this point we are not free. Our egos cannot be satisfied here, we have to merge with the One.

Most people pray when the 'chips are down,' asking the Creator to intervene to stop the pain. This is as if Gods Will is variable. In reality, God is not changeable, so what is happening to us is part of Gods will, and it is good. We should pray to have our hearts moved enough to be able to percieve the goodness all around, which we cannot see, because we are walking the path of DNA and pain. Ask for your heart to change and then you will be free.


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