Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm not happy with my recent posts. I want a vacation. I want to get out into the country and breath some fresh air.

I ate some pigs feet today. They add flavor to rice and whatnot, but I prefer pork neck bone cuts for that.

Nathans (Famous) hotdogs are world renowned... they got started in Coney Island around 1916, undercutting the competition by selling them for 5 cents.
Old timers say hotdogs from way back were superior to todays dogs- the mustard was better, the bread was better, etc.

If you put kethcup on a hotdog in the New York area, people will look at you like you just commited a crime. Youre suppose to load it up with mustard and saurkraut, and devour it while holding it with one hand.
On the other hand, If I pay for something, Im gonna eat or drink it however way I want.

I haven't eaten a hotdog in 25 years...maybe its vacation time...


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