Sunday, September 20, 2009

Letting go of the missile defense shield on the anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Poland... was the right thing to do (although it was bad timing). But the focus for a shield seems to have merely shifted south and east, to Turkey, the Balkans, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Israel.

Was there a quid pro quo? Will Russia veto a new round of UN sanctions against Iran, or not?

Iran is an exaggerated threat, period. They have no nukes and no ICBM's. Israel was over 200. If Iran attacked us, Iran would face immediate obliteration. Iran is not a serious threat. Neither is Russia.

Obama gave us a record defense appropriations bill a few months back. He doesn't blink when he contemplates funding the Pentagon, yet he tries to offer a healthcare bill with minimal costs. Defense contractors fund senators re-election campaigns, as do insurance firms. The health care bill ponies up over 30 million new customers for the insurance companies- the bill is a insurance company bailout, plain and simple.
Forcing poor people to buy health insurance- several thousands of dollars worth a year....and then fining them about four grand if they dont but into the absurd. And- what good is a tax credit for the unemployed to buy into the plan, if you can't redeem the credit? The senate "compromise" bill is as bad as the house plan. They are sick jokes.

In a dozen states doctors already have an average of about 1,300 patients each(?). Adding 30-40 million new patients will overwhelm the system. The doctor shortage alone is enough to make one want to scrap the bills. We need a single-payer not -for -profit national health system, one that pays doctors well, plus a concierge option for the wealthy...

Obama lied again- in an interview with Stephanopolis on Sunday morning, he said the plan involved no new tax. But on page 29 of the senate bill, it clearly states that customers would be subject to an "excise tax ( user fee)"
Obama didn't write these bills, I don't think he read them either. He must have been busy signing new illegal wiretap laws for the cops. (He just re-upped the Patriot Act).


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