Saturday, September 19, 2009

Obama does not radiate evil the way Bush-Cheney did...Obama himself might not be a rotten guy, but the people around him, the people who pull his strings...they are evil or borderline evil.

Obama's style is a welcome relief from Bushs blatant buffoonery.

Obama has done some good things- stem cell research is back on track. Permits for mountaintop coal mining removal have been suspended. If the news I'm getting about the FCC about Net Neutrality is true, then that is really good news.
At least initially, the world saw that we can shift gears in an attempt to correct an out of control administration (Bush's). The legacy of slavery and Jim crow can be negated, for the most part.

But the new administration is faltering. By not cutting a centrist course, Obama has alienated millions of voters who selected him for the job. By not keeping his campaign promises and stacking the administrative deck with corporate lobbyists, he has alienated many on the Left. He has proved Nader correct.

The August town hall meeting uprisings were generally spontaneous and about 99% non-racial. The Democrats and the midstream media are playing a very dangerous game- labelling opposition to Obama's policies as racism is not only wrong or incorrect, it could destroy the nation. If, God forbid, anything were to happen to Obama and a white redneck cracker is blamed, the cities will explode. Retaliatory murders will number in the dozens or more. Martial law probably will be declared, yet political violence will simmer and occassionally boil over for years to come. The violence could spiral out of control, and usher in a second civil war-a Helter Skelter that we might never be able recover from. The Democrats are using race as a strategy to shut-up the opposition; yet this false claim could be the countries undoing. The media needs to be responsible and back away from this idea before its too late.

Lets not forget- race was a motive FOR voting for Obama among many white liberals and blacks. If Obama were mostly white, his current die-hard supporters would not be so totally supportive of him.

Finally, he's not black. His mother was white, his father was black; and his father may even have been part Arab. If true, then Obama could be 25% black or even less. Obama never even met that many blacks until he became a late teenager. His racial make-up is not important. Its his political philosophy and acumen that counts.


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