Friday, September 11, 2009

Rep Joe Wilson (R) listened to Obama utter one lie or distortion after the other- an endless stream of vile filth flowed out of the Presidents mouth during the address to the nation the other night...suddenly, Wilson couldn't take it any longer, Wilson erupted... "You lie!"... a heartfelt outburst heard 'round the world...

He was right- Obama was lying through his teeth, like he always does. He can't help himself- thats the job of the president- they have to lie most of the time. They really dont have much else to do.

Even if the healthcare -bill crafters close the loophole that would allow illegals to help themselves to our hospitals- Obama fully intends to legalize these illegal invaders with an full amnesty, thus making 25 million American- hating parasites citizens, citizens who would be legally entitled to use our healthcare. Wilson got it right.

However- Wilson is a hypocrite. He voted to extend prescription rights to illegals. The whole address to the nation was just theatre- we select our presidents because they do know how to lie- it's a job requirement. Wilsons real crime was breaking the hypnotic cadence of Obama's delivery. Wilson broke the spell.


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