Monday, September 07, 2009

Skeptics fail- they fail because they refuse to consider facts that dont fit their theory. Skeptics try to force an explanation upon us.

Debunkers of UFO's and Bigfoot discard the inconvenient piece of evidence...then offer an explanation that is inadequate. I've never read a skeptical essay on the UFO or Bigfoot phenomenon that took into consideration all the undisputed facts.

A furor just erupted over a certain officials alleged position on 9-11. The establishment media went nuts and labeled the idea that 9-11 might be an inside job as being beyond absurd. I bet they never examined the evidence. Let me tell you something- the majority of Americans question the official line on 9-11. Its not an extremist fringe kook idea. To demonize 9-11 "truthers" is to demonize the majority of citizens. The majority of 9-11 Commissioners question what really happened too...I dont have time here to go over the evidence- I've done that before...suffice it for me to say now that I agree with the former USA FBI director Freeh- we need a new investigation of 9-11.


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