Thursday, September 03, 2009

Il Duce

Obama wants to address the nations youth...a first. With plunging poll numbers, this is a transparent attempt top drive a wedge between parents and children. Obama wants to bolster his position by reaching out to a fledgling Maoist-esque youth brigade. In the campaign he said he wanted to form a private army, loyal only to him...the Americorp bill is designed to turn youthful volunteers into machine gun toting this his bid?
(On the Dept. of Education website last week, it read that after the televised speech, students would write letters to themselves explaining how they could help the President. This message has since been scrubbed off the DoE website).

Obama tried to set up a special hot line to the White House, to allow citizens to snitch on other citizens who opposed the health-care bill. Obama has said that his opponents need to "get out of the way."

Obama is a bad man and a he's a creep.

The health-care plan isn't 'European socialist.' If only that were true- that would be a thousand times better than what has been proposed- the Congressional plan is merely a bailout for insurance firms. (Britain's National Health Service really isn't that bad. Its a question of funding).

We are shutting hospitals every week, we are experiencing a severe doctor shortage. How can we then pull into the system an extra 40-50 million people ? House Bill H.R. 3200 is absurd and can never work, and will raise taxes, increase deficits, and weaken the currency.

Obama is wasting a great deal of political capital, all for this fake plan...if his advisor's were more intelligent, the proposed plan(s) would have been piecemeal reform oriented (the Dems have the votes for any moderate or center-left bill...easily).

27 Czars? Obama has created extra-legal posts. This is nothing less than an attempt to subvert proper legal channels for "change."

Obama seeks to seize total control of the Internet. The Cybersecurity bill is danger in its most extreme form- I bet you young liberal people out there who love Obama and see him as the harbinger of a new dawn in America- i bet if you knew the danger we are all in, you would hate Obama. You are fools. Obama is the embodiment of theft and lies. Break out of the left-right paradigm before its too late. Wake up.

Obama, resign...and turn yourself in to the DC chief of police.
McCain, resign from the Senate and turn yourself in to the police for abandoning POW's in Vietnam and then covering it up. Both voted for the bailouts. Prosecute both and stick them both in the same cell, for life, on one bowl of gruel a day.

The school speech originally wanted kids to write essays on how each kid could help their leader, Obama. These letters would be collected by the teachers; they would eventually find there way into a DC office vault. When the going gets too tough for Obama, a few years hence, the most supportive of these letters would be dusted off...This ploy to pry kids away from their parents could break the camels back and usher in the demise of this administration.

As the super recession worsens (yes, its getting worse), the administration makes its moves toward total control- free speech ended with the Hate crimes bill, the gun grabbing is underway, yard sales will be regulated, the cap and trade bill will completely de-industrialize the country, backyard gardens are about to be outlawed, martial law plans are being openly touted by our leaders...
Obama is the anti-Lincoln. Lincoln freed the slaves- Obama wants to enslave us all. Lincoln kept the country together- Obama is splitting it apart. He will spend all the money and default the currency... the people will rise up and the 400,000 foreign troops already here will attack the people.

Obama now has opponents on his Left- Pat Cadell ( Democratic party strategist, pollster) and Camille Paglia ( anti-feminist feminist scholar and essayist) both have made grim observations about the administration. Paglia has called for Nancy Pelosi to resign as House Speaker...Cadell has warend that the Dems have become dangerous radicals.

Obama wants to federalize the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts to enlist them into his budding 'civilian security force' are being taught to snitch on their it any wonder some parents objected to Obama speaking to the students, telling them that he has a relationship with them?

Obama is an effete snob surrounded by arrogant, intolerant America -hating bigots.."Obama will plunge America into civil war and revolution."


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