Thursday, August 20, 2009

Textbooks say that since 1900, western science has extended human lifespans by about 20 odd years ....this is a myth. What has happened: in the Western countries over the last 109 years, infant mortality rates have plunged.
In 1900, If you survived to age six, you probably would live be about 65 or more- not 50, like the textbook charts say. Just look at a list of famous people from way back- there are umpteen instances of individuals living to a ripe old age.

On tattoos:

most people get them because of a herd mentality, they get them because their friends are getting them....In old age, as the skin wrinkles, these tattoos will look like hell. Then there is the element of 'cultural theft'...

...a lack of a thematic aspect often prevails...and only about 10% of tattoos are aesthetically pleasing.


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