Friday, August 14, 2009

A certain radio host has triggered a minor national furor with his advocacy for a poster plastering contest. The posters depict Obama as the the comic book villain The Joker. The posters label Obama as a socialist, fascist, or minion of the "New World Order."

Many people have gotten upset over these posters and call this poster campaign racist, un-American, or disrespectful. People who think this way have very tiny brains...raucous protest is as American as Apple pie. Previous semi-devious campaigns against politicians have been much more outrageous...(song jingles or chants that speak of the bastard love children of Presidents, etc.)

I fail to see how this poster is "racist." This just shows you how idiotic many (most?) Americans have become. Its not racist in any way.

I never listened to the Alex Jones show until I found a website devoted to debunking him...Jones waves official documents around, quoting from them to make his point, he refers you to the primary source, etc....yet some people think he makes things up. (Jones has been instrumental in exposing DynCorp and Halliburton's organized child kidknap and sex rings...without Jones, our families would all be a bit less safe).

Jones admits that he's only 95% accurate...You try to be 100% accurate when you have to be on the air four hours a day, day in an day out. Even if Jones was only 25% accurate, or some of his context is wrong, he provides a valuable public service- he alerts us to the creeping totalitarianism that is spreading all around us like a poisonous nightmare weed (Patriot Act, violations of the Posse Comitatus and Insurrection laws..Military Commissions law,the bogus new bankruptcy laws, the banker stick-up, etc.)

Jones has the First Amendment on his side- if he is shut down, you better run for it. Wimps and gelded Obama supporters are upset about the poster- they know the power of the image-those who object to the poster use race to drive a wedge into the debate. I would not be surprised if this poster business doubles Jones listener-ship. Or gets him into very hot water.

(It is Obama who started all of this racial division- he completely rejected his white half around the age of 16...The media is playing a very dangerous game, labeling anyone who wants smaller government, less taxes, an end to illegal immigration, voices a concern over the loss of gun rights-the majority of Americans- as being a crypto-Klan cracker. Dehumanizing the majority of ordinary citizens...will backfire, and the Obama agenda will crumble. Unless they pull a false flag, which they almost certainly will).

Obama is a thief who stole over a trillion dollars from you- he got to where he is by illegally busing out- of -state voters into the primaries, etc. If you don't "disrespect" him, he will certainly disrespect you until you have nothing at all.

(Alex Jones


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