Sunday, August 09, 2009

Illegal immigration harms blacks first. Blacks are the first casualties in this (illegal) immigration increases, black prosperity that were traditionally considered to be "black"...- maids, janitors, security guards, kitchen crews, various laborers, etc...have now been taken by illegal aliens.

These were toehold jobs, which allowed socio-economically deprived blacks a stepping stone up. Illegal immigration is bad all the way around, but is especially bad for disadvantaged blacks.

The tendency of many blacks to view 'blackness' (or " negritude") as being a very broad concept, a concept and racial idea that embraces peoples who are not really black or black African (Indians are sometimes said to really be black African, which is an absurd notion..., etc.) ...This is a dangerous idea, as many blacks seem to consider most Latinos to be in some way as being part of the black African diaspora. They think most Latins are sort- of a light skinned black or mixed black group-"black " enough-and both groups are oppressed by "whitey"- so the two groups ought to be allied.

But this is a bad and false idea- the vast majority of Mexicans and Latinos are quite racist, they do not like blacks at all, there is only a small amount of black blood within the Mexican genome.

Since Latinos steal black jobs, American blacks ought to be on the front-line in opposition to the invasion.


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