Sunday, August 09, 2009

Ordinary citizens are up in arms. People are now camped outside of their Congressman's offices- this hasn't happened since the Vietnam war.
The gig is up. The Feds are running scared- in desperation, they have begun to send hired thugs to town hall meetings, to bust up the opposition ( i.e., ordinary outraged folks ). Media, normally compliant to the powers that be, are now having to bail their reporters out of jail. Their crime? Filming a protest. Arrests are happening all across the country. The protests are non partisan- its not just anti-Obamacare types. Its the whole mess- the banker bailouts, the deficits, the loss of our manufacturing base, the corruption, etc.

A majority of Americans want to sweep the "rulers" out and have the fat cats arrested.We are sick of all the lies and thefts. Almost every high official has to be arrested and jailed. I implore the thugs to back off, I urge the political mafia to disband. Police and soldiers are beginning to rebel-more and more will refuse to fire upon the people. More and more police and soldiers have pledged to support the people and will refuse to attack the citizens. Obama and Bernacke need to turn themselves in to the proper authorities right now- the gig is up.

The only thing that can save the "administration" ( the extremist internationalist freak banker death cultists) is a false flag.


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