Sunday, August 02, 2009

Causes of World War Two:

1. The 1919 Treaty of Versailles ( heavily influenced by Jews) ...the treaty was meant to ruin Germany forever....triggering a thirst for revenge.
(Germany was stripped of all of her colonies, she was not allowed to have an Air Force at all, reparations were impossible to pay-off, Germany had to accept full guilt for starting the war,etc.)

2. The hyperinflationary spiral of 1923- triggered by financiers based in London, and then the effects of the Great Depression...helped propel the Nazi's into power.

3. The war-mongering of Churchill- he persuaded Roosevelt to join him in war against Germany- in 1938. A policy of a gradual British military encirclement of Germany had begun by 1935.

4. Hitler requested from Poland a mile wide corridor, to link up East Prussia to the rest of Germany. This was refused.
(Ever since the end of WW1 in 1918, Poles had engaged in sporadic pogroms agianst the Germans that lived in the months prior to the outbreak of open war in 1939, Poles had murdered thousands of ethnic German civilians).


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