Thursday, July 09, 2009

Rumble in the concrete jungle

A well dressed foreigner assaults my friend Kent...Ironically, if the man had never started shouting, Kent would have never noticed him, and the guy would have never been in the video. (Look for the mans jaw to go slack about 2/3 into the video- its a priceless moment).

(The Supreme Court has ruled that the individual has a right to privacy only when they can be said to have a reasonable expectation of privacy...when you are walking down a busy street, you don't have a right to any privacy...You do have a right to privacy when you are in a bathroom stall, but the courts have ruled that you do not a right to privacy inside the doorway, or near the sinks, in a public bathroom, esp. if said bathroom is suspected of being a site for illegal drug dealing /use...hmm).


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