Thursday, July 23, 2009

Most liberals are racists (wittingly or not). They despise white people and Euro-centric culture. But what will they replace the achievements of Thales, Plato, Saint Paul , and Jefferson with? A homogenized, diversified, corporate PC-dom? Controlled by international banksters? The logical conclusion of diversity would be a bland sameness, once everyone is blended together into one end product.

Most blacks despise white liberals, because blacks hate to be patronized. (Yet) as a black girl once said to me " blacks have whitey eating out of their hand."

Obama is the first openly racist president we've had in over 80 years...look at his church of over 20 years...He disavowed his white heritage very early in life, even if he did run a "white campaign." The audio tapes of his autobiographies carefully omit ceertain written passages...these self censored written sentences reveal a man almost brimming over with black rage and a hatred for "whitey"... he even maligned his dead grandmother, by wildly distorting an incident in her life that involved her fearing almost being beaten to death by a black man, then Obama later used the event to say that even her grandmother once expressed an unfounded fear of blacks...

The mercurial 60's black militant Eldridge Cleaver wrote in "Soul on Ice" about how multiculturalism equals black racial suicide...integration will ultimately result in the extinction of the black race; when blacks embrace intergration, they embrace their own demise... it is an expression of self loathing.
This was true back then, but nowadays the integration idea extends racial suicide (and racial self -hate) to all the races, but especially the white European and their diaspora ("Soul on Ice" is a good read, I highly recommend it).

A sickly sweet 'tolerance' rules the mainstream...I can hear so many weak knees a'knockin all around the country....the noise of cowardice keeps me awake at night.


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