Monday, August 03, 2009


Obama's not -so- latent racism reared its ugly head last week...

Famous Harvard Prof. Gates tried to enter his own home, arousing a justifiable suspicion from a confused neighbor....Police arrived and confronted Gates.
The police had to secure Gates home, and make sure no one was forcing Gates to shoo off the cops. Gates became enraged, the argument went outside, Gates completely blew up, created a disturbance, and got himself arrested for disorderly conduct. The charges were dropped about twelve hours after.

Obama brought all this up in a public address...He began by saying that he was ignorant of the facts of the matter...and then he proceeded to put both feet into his mouth. His statements endangered the lives of every police officer in the country. Later, he said all of this was a "teachable moment"...teach us what? How rich black men are constantly harassed by white cops? Or teach us that black men have a chip on the shoulder that no amount of success or wealth can remove, which distorts their concept of reality and turns them into permanent crybabies?

Gates and Obama jumped on the racial profiling allegation, which was groundless ( the cops showed up not knowing what color a suspect to look for- the 911 caller never clearly got that info out).

Obama still refuses to apologize to the police.

Obama is on record as being named 'Barry Sotero' while in Indonesia. Did he ever legally change his name back to his birth name? If not, then he committed massive felonious fraud whenever he signed his name for cash, or registered in states, during his presidential campaign.

"I'm not Hussein, but use Hussein to swear me in, I'm not a Muslim, but in Cairo I'm almost a Muslim, but I don't have any Muslim roots, no taxes for the middle class, but we might tax all your purchases and health benefits... let me apologize for America...I'm so smart, but don't ask me to show you my grades or papers, I'm Hawaiian, look at my slippery 'certification of live birth', don't ask my Kenyan grandmother where I was born...she's senile, don't ask the Kenyan ambassador where I was born , he's crazy, he doesn't know what hes talking about...I'm black, but my mom was white, but i'm not really white at all, blah blah blah"

What a phony baloney. Lock him up.

If you criticize Obama you are usually attacked as a racist. Race race race race race. That's all you from the alleged Left. But Obama loaded his administration with lobbyists "You're a racist!"
But Obama wont end the Iraq war and corporate occupation of Iraq..."You horrible racist!" But the bailouts will destroy the dollar "Racist!"... But 'Cap and Trade' allows the government to kick you out of your house if you don't comply... "Racist"... North Korea is running circles around us..."racist"..Race race race race race race raceraceraceraceraceracerace.


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