Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The world turned upside down

Rep. Conyers recently ridiculed the idea of reading Congressional bills....Pelosi called legitimate town hall protesters "un-American"...( Has she ever heard of 'tar and feathering'?)

First, these bills have no business being over a thousand pages long. They are sometimes written by foreigners ....of course the bills should be read! Rep. Dingell, Waxman, and Rangel supposedly wrote the health-care bill. I Pulled it up online- its the biggest piece of crap Ive seen in a long time, too technical.

Obama's proposals call for wiretapping of all of your computing and telephone communications; Jihadists are no longer the enemy, returning vets are*; and now if you object to the passage of a bill that no-one in Congress has read, you get labeled a Nazi and a Klansman.

When will you wake up?...Obamacare actually reduces or rolls back the Great Society and New Deal, its not a European style socialized medicine. Its a rationing and a control issue.


* Homeland Security issued its infamous MIAC report three months ago- America's new enemy has become returning veterans. Instead of directing our fight against foreign terrorists, we now target native military personnel. White men and gun owners are the new bogeymen, to the nth degree. But this new dangerous group believes in things that the majority of all Americans believe- small government, low taxes, an end to futile foreign wars...if you believe in these things, the Obama-ites have declared you to be a dangerous Ku Klux Klan hick.

The administration is attempting to dehumanize the vast majority of ordinary American citizens. Obama and his croneys hates your guts.


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