Thursday, September 10, 2009

Obama gave his pivotal healthcare speech last night. The public option remains...How did a trillion dollar plan turn into a zero cost plan? Will the plan pay for abortions? Or pay for illegal immigrants? I think so, despite what the O said.

Obama ignored what happened in August...I think Obama should have offered a piece- meal plan instead of this big bloated bill. Too late...

A plan that 1. largely ended denial of service if pre-existing conditions prevailed 2. mollified concerns malpractice 3. somehow expanded enrollment into existing insurance structures , i.e. medicare medicaid, Va Vets administration,etc...4. if 70% of healthcare costs are lifestyle related, then we can change that. Obama's speech to the kids should have been an exhortation to eat right and exercise...

....the above ought to have been offered instead of HR 3200.


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