Sunday, September 13, 2009

God will not forgive us if we fail

The war is now folks...the war is happening right now...a tiny minority of global elites are waging war for total domination of the planet. Its time for you out there to grow a spine and get mad. You have to get angry. You have to fight. Resist the mandatory tainted vaccines. Resist the futile banker bailouts. End the unholy wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan's Swat valley...Resist the increase of government - corporate power.
The globalists will spike the markets upward to about 12,00o, enticing investors back in... then the globalists will knock the market down again, stealing your hard earned income. The currency will collapse. Its collapsing already- it hit record lows this week. Have you ever wondered why none of the economic talking heads ever encourage investors to buy gold, silver, or land? The globalists want it all for themselves.

9-11 was an inside job- a cursory look at the evidence can convince you in minutes...yet the establishment aggressively knocks the idea. One of the 9-11 commissioners is actually writing a book exposing the work of the 9-11 Commission. Never heard about this? Do you watch a lot of TV? I thought so. Six of the ten 9-11 investigative Commissioners have already denounced their own work. The government wouldn't let them do their job. Documents were withheld. Witnesses lied. You don't know about this? TV is a lot of fun, isn't it? (9-11 Commissioner Senator Max Cleland resigned in disgust, and called the final version a "national scandal")

The war is now. Your children are not safe. The globalists want them-dead. They want you dead too. 9-11 allowed the elites to erect most of the architecture needed for the creation of a fascist world government. You've heard of the EU? What about the AU (African Union)? Whole regions are moving toward single currencies...but only the nation-state can provide the necessary fuel that's needed for creative greatness. Cultures are organic, they take time to develop. Internationalism saps creative energy. A totalitarian global state... a welded- together planetary culture, forced into a shotgun marriage... filled with electronic noise... cannot succeed. Enslaved men don't excel.
Resist globalism, corporatism, bureaucracy, centralization... ignorant and venal tyranny.

The poisons are in the air... pesticides are cooking in your oven, they are on your dinner plate. Is that apple in your hand safe to eat? Do you ever wonder why the First Family refuses to eat anything from a supermarket? You didn't know that, did you?- all of our Presidential First Families refuse to touch food that is normally available to us mortal peasants. They know its detrimental to health. Throw that poisoned apple at your local banker or politician...

Congress wants to outlaw garage sales and backyard gardens...they have already outlawed a large measure of our First Amendment free speech rights with the passage of the Hate Crimes Law ...After January 1, 2010, most vitamins and herbs will be restricted or banned. You never heard of Codex Alimintaris? I didn't think so...You did nothing when the (un)Patriot Act was passed, you played dead when the Commissions law was signed...You are under constant camera attack...the American gulag is being constructed right now in front of your you choke upon the poison gas of modernity... Bankers clutch you by the ankles and hold you upside down, catching your cash as it pours out of your pockets...all the while you grin and giggle like an awkward girl... Once the elites have enough control, they will murder most of us...the financial oligarchs want a final revolution to purge the planet of the "useless eaters"...the cancer and hiv injectors are coming straight towards you, you are being put up against the wall, rifles are being lifted to your assassins shoulders...the Air Force drones are being loaded with nerve gas, you are being herded into the cities control grids, soon there will be nowhere left for you to hide...
The dirty war is now, but the resistance is growing. We are on the march- the empire is on the run! Lies cannot stand forever. Its time for you to choose- - - be on the right side of history.

Folks, we could lose this struggle. If we lose, it will be because you sat around with your head up your ass, watching TV, video games, porn, or sitcoms, eating junk; listening to all the lies and vegging out. Stop sucking your thumbs and get a clue. There has been no real change of power in DC in decades...'Resisting with truth' is the spiritual psychological act that redeems. To save your soul you have to get mad. You have to get angry. You sit there like a toad on a lily pad, but you are about to boil in hot water and dont know it...If you cant find your courage, you dont have any honor or self respect. To preserve your humanity you have to resist the evil thats all around you...
If we lose this war, it will be because YOU let it happen.

Get in your Governors and Senators face. Shout at the Devil...Harangue your editor and local radio personalities...March on DC and surround the White House and DONT go home until you get the justice that you came for.

We probably wont be able to arrest the criminals who lead us until several things occur: We have to change the election laws- convert over to paper ballots counted by citizens and results announced in local newspapers before the ballots are sent to campaign finance reform, end the status of corporations as being legal "persons," shorten the length of time a campaign takes to eight months for president. Make lobbying illegal for former officials. Weaken the structure and control of the two main parties; independents ought to make up about a third of all legislative chambers. Then we issue arrest warrants for Bush, Cheney, Rice, Greenspan, et al.


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