Tuesday, September 22, 2009

H.R. 3200...page 424 (or so)....the main source for the "Death panel" rumor. Its a few pages where the discussion leads to end -of -life planning. A tangible death panel is never spelled out and any discussion that sounds like an endorsement of eugenics seems to be absent.

But when this part is combined with others-according to the bill, once a public option decision for care has been denied, there can be no appeal... during a time when cost cutting is the priority, and rationing might become the norm... The philosophy and writings of the people surrounding Obama -Ezekiel Rahm, Tom Daschle, science czar Jon Holdren- these people offer us the idea of forced abortions, putting sterilants in the water, no eye or brain surgery for people over age 60, etc......Obama himself as a Illinios legislator voted to pass a bill that would allow the killing of a late term abortion 'survivor.' If the partial birth abortion failed, the doctor could then kill the baby as it was being born. When I first heard about this Ididn't believe it, but its true. All of this, combining with a myriad nexus of cash strapped government bureaucracies...maybe the whole bill is a "death panel?"


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