Wednesday, December 26, 2007

scandalous safety-valve

"Dr." Martin Luther King Jr. (his real name was Michael King, it was never legally changed, or at least there is no record of a change taking place) was found to have plagiarized almost half of his doctoral dissertation for Boston university (1955) by a committee from Boston U. in the 1980's. They didn't revoke Dr. Kings degree, because they said it would serve no useful purpose (read: cowardice).

Dr. King was also the subject of extensive video and audio surveillance by J. Edgar Hoovers FBI (ordered by Attorney General Bobby Kennedy from 1963-1968)- these tapes were sealed by a federal judge until the year 2027. Why? It seems Mr. King, a married family man with four children, was not only committing adultery every chance he got, but he probably used donated church funds for alcohol- fueled sex parties that may have involved white prostitutes; and he sometimes beat the women he was involved with. I don't know if this is absolutely true or not, but it seems suspicious that the surveillance tapes would be sealed if they only revealed that Mr. King harbored unorthodox theological beliefs, or showed that he was a communist sympathizer. When civil rights leader Ralph David Abernathy wrote his autobiography "And the walls came tumbling down" in 1989, he revealed a portion of what I have just written.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. helped contain the rage within the black ghetto cauldron- without his work, there would surely have been a dramatic increase in militancy, which would have almost certainly resulted in a mini-civil war, where the white power establishment would have eventually completely destroyed the black community, either by murder or exile. Kings efforts prevented this.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

As mayor of New York City, Rudolph Guiliani was successfully sued 27 times by citizens for infringing upon their first amendment rights.

Fractional reserve & credit, fiat illusions

Congress may have given banks the authority to issue loans, but I have never seen or even heard of the statute that would allow banks to issue lines of credit.

One theory: Banks take your credit application, and use it to add value to their own resources- they simply manufacture extra 'money' on the spot ( these are electronic functions on computers) then they extend to you a line of credit, which is really your own money, in a sense. Then they want you to pay them back your own money, plus interest.

Everything in society is designed to convince you that you must have credit. But when you try to obtain any, you notice that every policy, every different card, offers essentially the same contract-take it or leave it. There is no real competition ( for/at each separate income level of the applicant).

Saint Aquinas argued against the use of 'interest,' calling it 'double billing'- you paid once for the original product, and then you pay again for the use of it.

The Old Testament, the New Testament, and the Koran, all strictly forbid charging 'interest.'

In Dante's Inferno, usurers were relegated to one of the inner circles of Hell, along with the blasphemers and the sodomites.

Credit card companies refer to customers that always pay on time, and seldom use their cards, as "Deadbeats."
Once one accepts that life is very hard, then life becomes allot easier.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Inside, outside

A former President of Italy (Mr. Cossiga- he served from 1985-1992) recently was interviewed by Italys oldest and most widely read newspaper, and he said that it was common knowledge within Europes intelligence communities that the CIA and Mossad orchestrated the events of September 11, 2001.

Cheney-Bush recently tried to ship atomic bombs to the Iranian theatre, but they apparently were stymied by a patriotic mutiny, for which several officers have already been murdered (see my November 17 post).
Soon thereafter, 16 US spy agencies issued a national intelligence estimate (NIE), which declared that Iran stopped work on the atomic bomb in 2003- effectively removing Cheneys reason to go to war. What really happened: the sane faction within our government realized that the executive branch was about to trigger WW3- we were probably only days away from the fatal escalation that would have surely ushered in a new dark age- so they put brakes on the plan, knowing how mad it all was. Putin contributed (again) with this stand-down, with his emergency flight to Tehran to offer support to the innocent and -about -to -be murderd millions of Iranian people.

2,000 years ago Cicero warned against the "treason from within."

You may ask how could a small autistic clique commit such evil deeds- but I ask you, how can 300 million Americans allow these thing to go on?
In America, public money is private, and private money is public. Institutions are allowed have total access to ones intimate financial dealings, yet the people are not allowed to fully scutinize the books of large corporations or government entities.
All of lifes riddles can be solved by a study of cinema.

Sunday, December 16, 2007


Scientists are devising instruments that can alter your DNA-from a distance. Genetic material codes using the same type of template that language formation uses-the rules for transcription and linguistics are essentially the same. This leads to a sound or musical theory of gene manipulation, which can also be transformed into laser light modulations. Subjecting your body to certain notes might rearrange your DNA-Dr.'s Gariaev and Yu Dzang Kangeng in Russia have been able to subject a live chicken embryo to the correct frequency, transforming it into a duck embryo. They have been able to use this technology to coax adults into growing new teeth. Maybe in a few years, we will be able step into a machine and emerge as the person we always wanted to be...

This may be why mystics chant.

Saturday, December 15, 2007


When federal agents burned to death the Branch Davidians on April 19, 1993, 21 children died.

Two years later, when Tim McVeigh allegedly bombed the Murrah federal building in Oklahoma as revenge for for the Waco disaster, 22 children died (includes three pregnancies) .

Koresh went to Israel in 1985, where he was abducted by the CIA/Mossad, disguised as aliens from Orion. This was when his 'mission' was implanted into his mind.
A skull found in Norway possessed a peculiar deformity, which enabled scientists to determine that is was Andean-Incan, from about 1050 AD. The conjecture is that Vikings sailed to Peru, and carried off the Indian-maybe willingly- back to Norway. This proves that Vikings explored most of the Americas, and not just parts of the northeastern coast. (The Incan was formally buried, with honors, among other leading Vikings-leading to speculation that he was an friend to the Norsemen).
This year, a clam hauled up from 250 feet deep of water off the coast of Iceland was determined to be 405 years old-making it the worlds oldest living creature.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

In th last 3,421 years of recorded history only 268 have seen no war.
99% of all living creatures die by being eaten alive.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

"Helel Ben-Shachar"

The word 'Lucifer' appears once in the Bible, in the Old Testament book of Isaiah. In the original Hebrew, the word was 'Helel,' and did not refer to a fallen demonic angel, but rather to a fallen earthly king. The Greek or Septuagint old testament, compiled about 300 BC, uses the word 'heosphoros,'and means essentially the same thing as helel- a morning light, or Venus. When St. Jerome produced the Latin Vulgate version of the bible (about 385 AD), he replaced the Greek/Hebrew term with the Latin 'Lucifer.' It was at about this point in time that the confusion about Lucifer=Satan came into play-Church father Tertullian picked it up about 180 AD ( The ancient Israelites had only a vague concept of demons, or the soul and the afterlife, for that matter).

In the Book of Mormon, whole passages from the book of Isaiah are repeated word for word-the claim being that the original author of the Book of Mormon had access to the book of Isaiah , since they were supposedly written about the same time (600 BC and forward)- and Joseph Smith merely translated what he saw. (The Mormon peoples fled the middle east about this time, and settled in the Americas, taking a copy of Isaiah with them, and thus passages from it ended up in the Book of Mormon- this is the official line of the Mormon church) But Smith included the word 'Lucifer,' a Latin word that did not exist in 600 BC. If Smith had really been translating from a 600 BC or so year old text, the word he ought to have put in his work should have been the Hebrew 'Helel,'or the translation of Helel in 'reformed Egyptian' and/or maybe the 1820's English equivalent substituted for it. What he actually did was copy from the bible that was in common use around his locality at the time, the King James version, which contained the erroneous 'Lucifer=Satan' concept.

Mormons believe that some Israelites settled in the new world, forsook their native Hebrew, and used the language of their enemies- 'reformed Egyptian.' But no such language ever existed. The Book of Mormon is written in an Elizabethan-King James style (compiled 1611 AD), something that could not happen if it was translated into 1820's American English from 'reformed Egyptian' circa 600 BC-421 AD, when the civilization of the transplanted Israelites were supposed to have vanished in the Americas.

In 1823 and 1825, a book called 'View of the Hebrews' was published by Ethan Smith (no relation to Joseph Smith) who happened to be the pastor to Oliver Cowdery, a later close confidante of Joseph Smith. This work has many parallels with the Book of Mormon, which was first published in 1830. 'View of the Hebrews' has Indians with an Israelite origin, a ocean voyage with a religious motive, and a buried holy book-all elements that are contained in the Book of Mormon-even the phrases "curious workmanship" (VH,p.4,par.2, and BM 1 Nephi 16:10),"Reckoning of time" (VH, p.207,par.7, and BM 3 Nephi 8:2),"Path of duty" (VH p.199 par.1, and BM Helaman 15:5) appears in both works. 'View of the Hebrews' was available in Joseph Smiths hometown library throughout the 1820's and probably was a source for much of The Book of Mormon.

The Martyrdom of Joseph Smith in 1844 created many competing factions within the Mormon church- who would lead the flock? Should there be a dynasty, led by blood relations of Smith, or should the church hierarchy lead?Out of this confusion arose one of the oddest sects within the Mormon umbrella- the Strangites.
James Strang was a recent convert to the LDS Mormon church, yet when Joseph Smith died, Strang claimed angels appeared and anointed Strang the leader and prophet-successor to Smith. Strang even produced a document claiming to be a letter from Smith confirming that Strang was the intended choice to lead the Mormons. Strang then said he received communications from heaven, giving him the knowledge of the location of buried records; the Voree plates, and the plates of Laban. Strang dug these up, translated them, and produced new scriptures for his sect-the 'Book of the Law of the Lord.' There are even signed testimonies by several witnesses, stating that Strang discovered the hidden sacred plates by divine inspiration. Persecuted, Strang tried to settle in Wisconsin, then Mackinac island, Michigan. Two disgruntled ex-followers shot him in the back in 1856. Today, about 300 followers persist, reading Stragite scripture and awaiting the second coming.
To be a Strangite, one is suppose to believe that Joseph Smith communed with angels, translated lost holy records while founding the one true church, suffered martyrdom, and then the whole process exactly repeated itself with James Strang. Strange indeed.

To compound the Luciferian issue, several times in the New Testament Jesus Christ is referenced as "the son of the morning" (22 Revelation, 2nd Peter 1:19).