Friday, December 21, 2007

Inside, outside

A former President of Italy (Mr. Cossiga- he served from 1985-1992) recently was interviewed by Italys oldest and most widely read newspaper, and he said that it was common knowledge within Europes intelligence communities that the CIA and Mossad orchestrated the events of September 11, 2001.

Cheney-Bush recently tried to ship atomic bombs to the Iranian theatre, but they apparently were stymied by a patriotic mutiny, for which several officers have already been murdered (see my November 17 post).
Soon thereafter, 16 US spy agencies issued a national intelligence estimate (NIE), which declared that Iran stopped work on the atomic bomb in 2003- effectively removing Cheneys reason to go to war. What really happened: the sane faction within our government realized that the executive branch was about to trigger WW3- we were probably only days away from the fatal escalation that would have surely ushered in a new dark age- so they put brakes on the plan, knowing how mad it all was. Putin contributed (again) with this stand-down, with his emergency flight to Tehran to offer support to the innocent and -about -to -be murderd millions of Iranian people.

2,000 years ago Cicero warned against the "treason from within."

You may ask how could a small autistic clique commit such evil deeds- but I ask you, how can 300 million Americans allow these thing to go on?


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