Friday, November 30, 2007


Behind organizations that seek to persuade us that ET's are of an extraterrestrial origin you will usually find a officer of the Pentagon or CIA....

The evidence for 'Aliens' is overwhelming, but most of them are certainly not from 'other planets.' The reports describe beings too humanoid, breathing our air, unafraid of our germs; and they frequently display paranormal and extra-physical abilities (defying gravity,etc.)- aliens from other worlds inside our universe should not function or be this way.

They are probably from another dimension, and have a aeon's long relationship with the Earth and humans, and the global elite. The phenomenon is disguised as being extraterrestrial in nature, possibly to confuse the populace into submitting to some sort of universal control, when the time is ripe. Governments are responsible for staging many abductions (as well as some ghostly hauntings), and reports of crashed saucers are certainly erroneous or caused by experimental craft piloted by earthly humans (Aliens with super advanced technology probably would not be crashing their crafts every now and then). Individuals like Stanton Friedman, Richard Hoagland, Linda Moulton Howe,General Ware, et al, and organizations like the Rand corporation (a CIA front) attempt to convince people that the aliens are from outer space, when they are really from inner space- why? Some sort of control system seems to be afoot, leading us toward a technological/demonic destiny. (Abductees usually report great fear associated with their experiences, and the aliens use medical techniques that are primitive by our standards, they seem to derive pleasure from our discomfort).

If the world threatens to disintegrate into chaos, and saviors from above suddenly appear in the skies above our cities, do not believe salvation is at hand- the saucers only offer slavery. Do not be deceived.

"Earth is just a people farm" - Jimi Hendrix


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