Wednesday, October 31, 2007

About 20% of all restaurants in America are just fronts for illegal drug money laundering.
If all the narco dollars were removed from the economy, the stock market would collapse (over a trillion dollars in the US every year are generated from illegal drug sales)

Our highest elected officials are deeply involved in illegal drug dealing- the Department of Housing and Urban development (HUD) being a primary vehicle for the money laundering-if you have drug profits, what is the best way to launder the money? You buy real estate, and this involves credit- this is where HUD comes in. HUD is a giant slush fund and criminal racket involving the heads of the Justice department, the Treasury, and the Oval office. Foreign drug lords dictate who heads these departments.

The Vietnam war, and the current wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have a drug (opium and hashish) motive.
(Remember, this has been going on a long time- FDR's grandfather earned a fortune smuggling opium in to China during the 'Opium Wars' in the mid 19th cenury).

Every so often, a plane that belongs to, or very recently belonged to, the US government, crashes or is captured with several tons of cocaine on board. (More later)

Oliver North, with Bush 1's and probably Reagan's consent, oversaw a complex arms and drugs operation involving deals with the Ayatollah, where we gave them weapons, then took the cash and funded a drug pipeline from the Contra-controlled areas of Central America into the US. The death squads received military assistance in return, while highly placed politicos in America raked in the cash, while our children died from drug abuse.

It is possible that Oliver North personally sabotaged the Iranian embassy hostage rescue attempt that Carter desperately launched in 1980-the rescue helicopters landed far within Iranian territory en route, to re-supply. A sandstorm whipped up, and the craft subsequently crashed, dooming the hostages to several more months of captivity. The filters on-board the helicopters failed, and the engines clogged up with sand. Oliver North was on the ground in Iran at the staging point, and the filters were probably punctured with a bayonet. Oliver North may have done this, due to his allegiance to the Reagan team- if Carter had successfully rescued the embassy hostages, he may have been re-elected.
It is rumored that the rescue would have involved staging a spectacular UFO type event, to dazzle the surrounding populace. (The CIA once had plans to simulate the return of Jesus Christ before the Cuban people, to sow confusion and unseat Castro from power).


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